How to Live the Dream and Publish Your Travel Writing

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Welcome back to the beginning of the week, everyone!

I know Mondays get a bad rap, but think of today as a fresh start to begin your week by doing something that you have been meaning to do.

Something that’s been on the back of your mind for a while.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been avoiding? If that’s the case, let’s attack it this week!

One thing I have been meaning to do is seek out some publications where I can submit a travel story.

Publish your travel writing

Me (and my canvas boat shoes) hard at work and daydreaming about publishing travel writings.

I guess it’s safe to say I have been avoiding this one. I know it’s a dream of mine to travel write, but, like many people, when faced with a dream, I freak out.

I start thinking:

I am not good enough.

I don’t have enough credentials.

Who am I to write about travel? I don’t travel enough.

Who’s going want to read it?

My negative voice in the back of head is not a nice person–I’m sure yours has a similar taste in word choices.

When I actually (and sadly) listen to this voice, I get nowhere. I don’t submit any stories and I stay stuck wandering around directionless towards my wannabe wanderlust dream. Not good.

But like I said earlier, this week will be different. This week, I will draft my story and find a place where I can submit it.

If you dream of seeing your travel stories in print, then follow me. Find your potential publication this week. No excuses. And no more listening to that mean person that lives in the back of your head and only speaks negativese or negativian.

Here’s 4 publications–magazines, books and websites–we can aspire to send our travel stories to:

1. Amazing Travel Stories

Win $500 in this travel writing contest, but hurry! The deadline is quickly approaching, which could actually work to your advantage. Nothing like the last minute to motivate a writer.

Amazing travel storiesPhoto: Amazing Travel

2. National Geographic Traveler

The ultimate publication prestige for any travel writer or photag. Check out their writers’ guidelines to keep this dream alive.

National Geographic TravelerLogo credit: National Geographic Traveler site

3. Wanderlust and Lipstick

Win an amazing trip to an exotic location in their WanderWomen Write Travel Writing Contest. (The next contest opens in October.)

This is one of my favorite sites. I meet the creator, Beth, at a Travel Conference in Chicago a while back. She continues to provide fresh content and offerings on her site. Check back frequently for giveaways.

Wanderlust and lipstickLogo credit: Wanderlust and Lipstick site

4. Travelers’ Tales

This publishing powerhouse offers a variety of books that you can submit to. Click the TT title above–it’ll take you to their submission page. What I like about them is their “women-only” categories for humor and the best women’s writing. Not that we have anything against our male counterparts, but sometimes it’s nice to have our own clubhouse.

Traveler's tales

Book cover from Travelers’ Tales

Even if you don’t dream of publishing your travel writing, what will you do this week to take a step closer to your dream?




  • I love this idea. I think you’d make a fine travel writer. I am still in love with your mac and cheese pizza post. You have a great sense of fun and adventure that comes across in your writing. The best part about blogging over time is that you get better and better at it.

    The same is true for writing. Rayne told me to write everyday. Her advice helped my writing and allowed me to move forward in my dreams.

    I’d read your stories, and I would have loved them when I was traveling for business and grabbing magazines for those times you are desperate to make the time go by.


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