The Magical First Step to Greater Focus in Your Life

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The Magical First Step

Although hearing the words “Feng Shui” may evoke an aura of mystery, there’s no mystery to it at all.

Simply put, it is just basic wisdom and knowledge from China that has been honed through centuries and passed on from one generation to the next. Feng Shui’s bottom line is really just about using good common sense when it comes to your environment.


What does common sense tell you to do when you first decide that it’s time to clean?

Deal with the clutter!”

Although you may consciously not be aware of it affecting you, instinctively you know that it doesn’t serve you to have it around.

What defines clutter?

The Oxford English Dictionary states that it is “a crowded and untidy collection of things.” In Feng Shui we can further define it as anything you have that you do not use or love, anywhere you have too many things in a space that is too small, and lastly, it’s anything that is unfinished.

Take a moment and imagine that you are tied to all the things in your environment by threads of invisible energy.

If you can see how the energy threads that are tied to your clutter slows you down, you can understand how much the clutter around you is affecting you.

The first step is to get rid of everything that has no significance for you.

In doing this, you will immediately feel lighter physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s amazing. This includes getting rid of any gifts that you keep because you feel you should.

Have only things that you love, things that you use, and things that are truly wanted around you.

By taking this first step, you will begin to have a clearer focus in your life.

With too many things in too small a space, your home has a hard time breathing. There’s literally not enough air to go around. Too much of this type of clutter and your breathing becomes tighter and shallower.

The solution is to get rid of some of it, get a bigger space, or move it out of your house. Don’t do this and you’ll feel constricted and restricted in what you can do in your life.

Unfinished clutter seems like the easiest to ignore, but is especially draining because it continuously weighs on you even though it may seem that you’re successfully suppressing it. Home repairs, unfinished sewing, unanswered letters, and the overgrown garden all fall under this category.

Make a list, start completing your unfinished business and see not only your energy skyrocket but your life really start to move forward.

You may feel that you are too busy, too stressed or too overwhelmed to do anything about your clutter right now.

Believe me, the hardest part is to get started, but once you do, the process itself will start to release a lot of your energy that was previously tied up.

As you do this, you’ll really start to see the relationship between your energy, your life and your clutter. The rewards will greatly outweigh the effort you put in.

It will be uncanny how your life will begin to work so much better on every level that you’ll wonder why you never did it before!

And suddenly it is easier to focus on your big dream.


Alice InoueFeng shui and astrology consultant Alice Inoue offers private consultations that help clients create optimal balance and maximize energy flow in their lives. Her DVD “Feng Shui Demystified” is ranked #1 on Please visit her website at