Your Product Launch Will Not Be An Overnight Success

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You hear the stories. Products the made $100,000 or 1 million dollars in a launch. The last thing they talk about is the journey they went through to get to that successful launch. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Darren Rowse of shares the reality behind successful product launches.

Darren talks about launching his travel photography book on his Digital Photography School blog.

The book sold about 5,000 copies in the first week and a half during the launch period and hit the 6 figure launch mark. A significant amount of money.

As a launch event it was really quote profound, powerful and fun to be involved with. But that launch was built on the back of 41/2 years of other stuff. It only succeeded because i had put in 4 1/2 years of work on that particular blog, and 2 years before that of blogging about photography on another blog – so it adds up to 61/2 years of work.

No product launch is an overnight success

There are several foundational things you need to be working on as a blogger. You hear about the 6 and 7 figure launches and you think you can never do that but the reality is that you can if  you look at it as a journey.

Everyday over the last 8 years on my blogs, I have put out content and have tried to make that content the most useful content that I can. That for me is the most basic thing that will take you closer to that big launch. keep adding content to your blog – whether it be in video, podcast, posts, tweets – add content daily to the web in different ways.

Build relationships

Everyday you have the opportunity to get closer to that big launch by getting to know someone else on the web – a potential reader, another blogger, or just someone who is interested in the same kind of stuff that you are on Twitter. You never know where those relationships will take you. You never whether that one reader will lead to thousands of other readers, you may find someone you can collaborate with on future projects. Seek out those online relationships.

Search out one other person you can connect with that you can get to know.

Build your skills

Add to your repertoire of things you can do – learn how to modify the design of your blog, master a different type of social media, maybe its around . Learn something new to better understand and add to your knowledge base.

Add to your brand. Think about doing little things like tweaking the design, and really thinking through what your brand stands for.

Build your list

Another one of the foundations is building my list. Adding new people who subscribe to your blog and finding new ways to do that. Yes, its something that you need to set up and kind of let run to some degree, but its a day-by-day thing. Everyday as you add to your list, whether they are Twitter followers, RSS subscribers, or email subscribers, as you grow your network your influence grows and your potential to have bigger impact and bigger launch

The point is to get you to think about what you can do today and tomorrow that will get you closer to your ultimate goals.

Set yourself some tasks this week, just little things;

  • blog posts you can write
  • skills you can learn
  • people you can interact with
  • features you can add to your blog

Its great to have the big product launch in the back of your mind, but in the front of your mind needs to be the daily activities that will take you closer to that.

Watch the video by Darren Rowse “What they Don’t Tell You About Successful Product Launches”

What’s on your list to build up your product launch foundation this week?


Heather’s dream is to have multiple streams of income, starting with launching an e-commerce website that showcases her couture jewelry, which are crafted by her. You can find Heather online at For Your Adornment and Twitter And Beyond Dot Com. She also teaches Social Media tactics for business, besides being CEO of her own web design company. Heather’s post day is Friday.

  • John Anderson Pauline Brailey

    Truly helpful cheers, I’m sure your trusty audience might just want a lot more writing similar to this carry on the great work.

  • Tom Tips Enamorar

    Hello and thanks for the info, is good to know it, Ill be reading your blog…

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  • Yeah great point here, as this is the side that most marketers such as myself wh have never lauched a product before don’t see. Very insightful, and very informative thanks for sharing this with us.

  • I just love this blogs design. Is it WordPress?

  • Rayne

    When I was a NYTimes business reporter every “overnight success” I interviewed had a backstory of years – if not decades – of struggle. That’s why everyone says do what you love, because you better love it. It’s the only way to stick with it!

  • Don’t believe in fairy-tales, so I don’t have this problem with product launches. I buy solid products from solid people who don’t make up lavish stories to sell their products. I like that Darren is honest about the years leading up to his success.

    Too many people believe everything they read. The more hype and the more unreal the headlines seem, the more they fall for it. I believe it’s because it says what they want to hear.

  • I love this video … your write-up … and his advice.

    I especially like how he outlines the number of years it has taken him. It is also to be noted that when he started blogging he was at the beginning of the blogging trend. There is a saying on market success that goes something like, “In this world, you have to be first, best, or different.” Problogger was one of the first, his blog was one of the best on how to blog, and he is different.

    Part of Darren’s success isn’t just the number of years, it’s also that he was one of the first bloggers out there posting every day. He is part of that original blogging group online.

    He told me that it would take a minimum of three years to begin to see traction on a blog (and this was over 3 years ago). I think his number could be be higher now because of the shear volume of new information being launched online every day.

    You have to plan financially for the long haul and stick with the commitment — even when it is boring you to tears.

    Such a great post to refer to over and over. Thanks for this!


  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Jayne and I are taking this approach, thanks to your insights and posts…trust me, its very very very challenging! but we know the little steps we need to take to get the bigger steps and results to appear….it just takes patience, tenacity and lots of ‘I want that!”
    xox thanks for the great post series. Rem