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What if you approached every situation in life as if the answer is already yes?

Gail Lynne GoodwinA few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to Skype with Gail Lynne Goodwin, the founder of Inspire Me Today. What a fantastic opportunity for me – as she is someone I’ve looked up to in my dream process.

I initially approached my communication with Gail via email and wanted to ask her a few questions for a blog post about her work and what inspires, motivates and encourages her.

Gail went above and beyond and offered to Skype with me on a Saturday morning. Our “interview” was the absolute opposite — but turned into a friend-to-friend chat.

The one huge lesson I learned from Gail was simply embracing YES.

I told her that one of my goals and dreams for the future is to become a certified life coach but expressed that I was too young to do it now.

She was confused and perplexed at my statement — and took me off guard when she said, “Wait…why not?” We then had an absolutely lovely conversation about how WE are often the ones who block ourselves from OUR future.

We are often the ones who are blocking ourselves from our own dreams.

This advice doesn’t just apply to my dream of being a life coach or to me in general — it’s for all of us. It’s so easy to be scared to pursue life to the fullest because we are scared people will judge us, look down on us or simply “say no” to what we are doing.

By shifting your mindset — by approaching life as if the answer was ALREADY yes — you certainly are giving yourself more opportunities and way more joy.

I’ve previously shared my love for the Brave Girls Club with you, but found it ironic that this post (below) was their daily email today. For the next 24 hours, say yes to whatever comes your way — “say yes to crazy things that have shown up that you weren’t expecting.”

Say yes to the opportunity to love unconditionally even though it’s difficult.

Say yes to the opportunity to forgive another, even if it seems impossible.

Say yes to the things that are creating resistance.

Say YES to your dreams.

dear inspiring girl

Happy Positive Thursday!


Andrea TaggertAndrea’s dream is to become a certified life coach and motivational speaker. Her personal website is www.polish-my-crown.com. Andrea’s post day is Thursday. This post was originally written on Polish My Crown.

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  • I love this, “We are often the ones who are blocking ourselves from our own dreams” because it is so true! If we would just get out of our own way,

    Asking for help is hard, but when I have the world shows up in remarkable ways.


  • Andrea Teggart

    Thank you Remy! And Rayne, you are so right and thank you for the fresh reminder – people are willing to help us and really happy to help us learn and grow. And you were one of those people for me…so THANK you for that :) xoxo

  • Rayne

    Andi, Isn’t it amazing when you say to a total stranger “this is my dream” most people drop what they’re doing to be helpful? When I was a novice newspaper writer, how many really famous folks gave me help? A whole bunch! Why? Because I think others recognize when you are going through what they had to navigate. They’re HAPPY to help! That’s why we should never hesitate to ask for help. People are LOOKING for chances to pass it on.

  • trust is powerful! great post! xox Rem