How To Stop Accumulating Clutter and Re-Start Your Dream

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Image by Bill Longshaw @ FreeDigitalPhotos.netAre you afraid to take the necessary steps to change your life to achieve your dream?  If you find that you are unable to take the next step, then it might be time to set your dream aside and look at your surroundings.

Are you bringing other distractions into your home instead of working on your dream?

Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of living in a harmonious relationship with one’s surroundings, addresses clutter accumulation as being a major factor as to whether or not there is maximum harmony and flow in one’s life.

The energy of clutter is profoundly stagnant and by having that “dead” energy around us on a constant basis brings our energy down even though we may not be consciously aware of it.

This translates into our lives not flowing as effortlessly as it potentially could be.

It’s hard to avoid the trap of accumulating more clutter.

Junk mail, catalogs, and magazines that we subscribe to but don’t have time to read arrive in the mail. We often come home with more and more “things” that seem necessary at the time of purchase.

Living in a Western society that is always promoting the belief that “more is better”, marketers are continually trying to create a need in order to get you to buy something —- a new exercise machine for a certain muscle or a patented multipurpose gadget to help you do something that you never knew you needed before you saw it.

We buy it thinking we need it, get tired of using it, put it in closets, drawers, or in the garage. When the available storage gets filled we create more storage, rent storage space or worse, just start to leave it all around. Before you know it, the clutter becomes such a part of the surroundings that it starts to blend in.

Not many people can honestly say that they like having clutter in their lives.

Bad Feng Shui or not, instinctively we know that we are better off with out it weighing us down. There are two ways to deal with the clutter in our life.

The first is to clear out the clutter we have and the second is to stop accumulating the clutter.

Lets start with the easier one first. It will not clear up the clutter that currently exists but at least it can be the first step towards being aware of what is needed to do to stop bringing in more.

To stay clutter-free is something that initially takes effort and constant awareness. However, once you develop the right habits of stopping clutter before it starts you’ll save yourself a lot of future clutter clearing.

Before you are about to purchase anything, think twice. Determine how much you actually need it and then imagine where in your house you will keep it. If it is unclear, it may be clutter that you are going to pay money for — exactly what you are trying to get rid of!

Make sure you have trash baskets all around so that when you want to throw something away it’ll be easy. When you are sorting through your mail, get rid of what needs to be thrown away as you are going through it. If you open a drawer to find something and you see clutter you could do without, start throwing it away.

Empty the trash baskets often to get the clutter out.

Get out of the habit of not putting things away when you are done with them. How many “I’m just going to put it here for now” piles do you have?

Finally, make a rule. If you bring something new home, get rid of something old.

Try starting here.  Make this the next step towards your dream.  Who knows, you may find yourself making the necessary space for your dream to unfold.


Alice InoueFeng shui and astrology consultant Alice Inoue offers private consultations that help clients create optimal balance and maximize energy flow in their lives. Her DVD “Feng Shui Demystified” is ranked #1 on

  • Hopeless Romantic

    One reason many people find feng shui confusing is that they don’t know which method to follow. With so many places within the home that might be called Kun gua, where do you place your feng shui objects?

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  • As a daughter of a hoarder I’ve fought the “pack-rat’ syndrome my whole life. We have the room for a ton of stuff, which can make it hard to clear the clutter.

    Having house guests or a party helps me keep the piles to a minimum!

    Thanks – H

  • Carmen

    I agree that having too much stuff eats up your time like crazy. Every thing you own requires some amount of care and organization. If you have too much stuff, it’s much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive to get organized. Don’t bring it home in the first place.

  • I absolutely love getting rid of things I don’t use anymore. I’m lucky (I suppose) because my place is small, therefore I don’t have a great deal of room for extra stuff. I am forced to deal with clutter. Twice a year when we re-set the clocks I use those weekends to clear out anything I haven’t used in the last 6 months.

    Maybe I should help people clear their clutter?