How I Break My 8 Habits of Depression

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hand me down blues
Depression can get in the way of achieving your big dreams.

My dream is to be a published writer and this week I have started breaking away from my bad habits of depression that keep me from moving forward.

This is the good news.

The bad news is that I haven’t written enough to submit to any contests or publishers.

The lack of writing, or doing anything else for that matter, is the result of allowing not just one but all of the old bad habits of depression to take over my life.

These habits increase feelings of depression until eventually you can’t do anything but sit and cry.

8 Bad Habits of Depression to Break

Bad Habit 1 – Lock yourself in your house.  You may hate your house and want out but you think you are too tired to go anywhere.

Breaking the Habit 1Get out and do something.  Anything.  If you are at a loss for something to do try splitting up your weekly errands and do one each day. Once you get out you will feel better and have more energy for the rest of that day.

Bad Habit 2 – Don’t socialize with anyone. This means you don’t keep your appointments or plans with friends canceling any way you can.  You lie if you have to just so you don’t have to see anyone.

Breaking the Habit – Yes this is by far one of the hardest habit to break when you are heading toward the darkness, but it is the most important.  Sequestering yourself will only give those horrible thoughts more power over you. While talking to someone you don’t know can be helpful, you don’t have to go to large parties where you will only want to duck your head and run out the door. Meet a friend for coffee or visit with your neighbor or join a group trying to follow their dreams.

Bad Habit 3 – Ignore your disease and/or your doctor.  Yep, that’s right just forget all about the things that are actually making you sick because that will help. Right?

Breaking the Habit If you have Thyroid Disease (or any disease for that matter) talk to your doctor about your medication.  It may be time to re-evaluate your dosage. Read up on your disease by buying a book or searching the Internet.  At, there is a thyroid advocate site called written by Mary Shomon.  It has information and a forum for support.  Also, talk to your friends who have the same disease.  

Odds are pretty high that you know at least one person suffering from thyroid disease or depression.  Why we are reluctant to talk about our illness to other sufferers is beyond me, but it really does help to know you are not alone — and you are not crazy.  The Internet is full of people just like you and me.  Google “depression” or your illness and hook-up with people who understand what you are feeling.

Bad Habit 4 – Don’t participate in any kind of exercise.  Find the most comfortable spot to sit or lay in your house and don’t move unless it is to eat or go to the bathroom.  Make sure you have the phone and remote right next to you so you don’t have to get up for anything non-essential.

Breaking the Habit Go for a walk.  It is OK if all you can manage is to get to the end of your block and back.  What is important is to move.  The fresh air and sunshine will also help tremendously.  You may also find that you can get a little of Breaking the Habit 1 in if any of your neighbors are out.  But if getting out your front door, moving your body and talking to your neighbor all at once is too much it is OK to just wave to your neighbor if they say hi.

Bad Habit 5 – You think too much.  Over-analyze everything you have ever said or done until you reach that point where you know no one wants to talk to you anyway.  You now believe everyone you have ever known thinks you are rude or condescending or maybe just stupid.

Breaking the Habit Stop It! Just stop thinking about all of those things you said at the last dinner party, or gathering you attended.  No one else is thinking about it — just you.  In fact, no one else even remembers you said or did — nor do they care.  They do care about you.  They do not care about what you obsess over.  Meditation is a great cure for this, even if you can only site with your eyes closed for 5 minutes.  If you don’t know how to meditate, search meditation on YouTube where there are hundreds and thousands of guided meditations.

Bad Habit 6 – Keep everything you are feeling to yourself.  Don’t tell anyone else because they may think you are crazy.  Or worse they will think you are making it up.  Besides, you can handle it all by yourself and you don’t want to burden anyone else with your problems.

Breaking the Habit Talk to someone about how you are feeling.  This is different than socializing. This is letting someone in on those crazy thoughts you are having.  You are not crazy.  Sometimes just telling someone else is all it takes to snap you out of it.  If you can’t talk to someone then journal your feelings.  Get them out of your head and on to paper.

Bad Habit 7 – Eat until you think you will pop and then finish off whatever is left.  It doesn’t matter if it is ice cream, brownies, pasta or rice just make sure you eat enough to make you feel better.

Breaking the Habit We all do this when we are depressed.  I am not sure where we got the idea that eating will fix everything, but it doesn’t.  The only things over-eating accomplishes are heart burn and making your jeans feel like they shrank, thus leading you back to all of the other bad habits.  When you reach for that doughnut ask yourself, “If I eat this now will I still feel better tomorrow?”  

Try and distract yourself by brushing your teeth, painting your nails, giving yourself an egg-white facial, or drinking two glasses of water before you dive in to eat.  Do something healthy before you open your mouth for that sweet treat.

Bad Habit 8 – Whatever you do, for God’s sake don’t ask for help.  You don’t want anyone to think you are too weak to handle your own problems.  Everyone you know is too busy in their own lives to care about you.

Breaking the Habit Your friends and family love you and they want to help you.  It is true that all of them may not understand what you are going through, but they still want to help.  Let them.  Allow them the privilege of supporting you through your rough times.  They want to do this for you just as you would want to for them.

In a nutshell, staying at home and staring at the same walls will not help you.  If you are in the right frame of mind staring at the same walls may lead to new paint and wall hangings and possibly a fresh outlook.

For more information about (or help with depression) please visit The National Institute of Mental Health website.

What habits do you need to break that are getting in the way of your dreams?


Dawnda’s dream was to get some piece of writing published.  She left the 8 Women Dream group in 2009 to focus on finding full-time employment.  In 2011 she had her thyroid completely removed.

  • Dawnda

    Thank you Nancy. I appreciate the comment and the new site for information on thyroid disease. So far I like it tremendously!

  • Nancy

    Hi. Came across your post and loved the ideas! I have a brother that finally published and I’ll bet you’ll make it too.

    By the way, as far as thyroid disease, I and lots of other patients found a site that is even better than the It’s a thyroid patient site stuffed with GOOD information, called Stop the Thyroid Madness. I hope you like it as much as I did.

  • I love this post. I love it because we share the same disease and I told you once that I would grab your hand and never let go unless you made me. I know I have told you HOW many times I have been here too. I, the exercise queen have not exercised for a year … and I am miserable without dancing. I need to make some other changes in my life too.

    I am so happy you’re back and the posts above for the ladies reflect the basic part of my dream: that we are all a support team for each other. When someone is down we will all be there … or here.

    I can’t think of a better, more fun person to be there for.


  • Veronica


  • Kim

    I think the hardest thing to do is make yourself get out of the house sometimes! Soon as you force yourself to do something, you always feel better. I made myself go back to school and it was the best thing I ever did! And it was scary and hard!! Make baby steps.

    Danelle, really want to have a meeting at your house! Sounds amazing. Just don’t make us clean the poop;)

  • Wendy Brayton

    I can relate with the seven steps of depression. Especially isolation and overeating and over thinking….

    I have a book called Taking the Leap. It is geared for artists but there is a part I think you would appreciate. The author talks about her experience as an undergraduate student where she would not get her assignments in on time to a teacher she really admired. The teacher was once asked how does one know if they are a “true” artist. He responded “An artist can’t stop himself. He really has no choice about it”.

    The author was mortified. She realized she spent more time running away from art then doing. Then one day she understood. What her teacher was talking about was obsession. “It didn’t matter whether I was actually making art or not, because if I was not making art, I was torturing myself about not making art. I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t have a choice about it. So my choice wasn’t whether or not to be an artist, but whether to be an artist who worked or one who didn’t.”

    So congratulations! Your a writer! I hope you feel better. Wendy

  • Dawnda – This is a great, great post. Thank you!! I love all your ideas for how to break bad habits. They’re all simple ideas that are easy to put into practice.

    I’ve been thinking – all of you who need exercise should come to my house. There are stalls to clean, a big garden to weed, or you can just walk the vineyard!