How to Travel Like a Duchess: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Trip

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For the past several days, the Royal Trip included stops to some of the poshest and poorest places in North America–from polished polo fields and north Atlantic coastal islands to L.A.’s Skid Row.

While the Royal Trip might have concluded, the travel hot spots the Royals patronized are still open and ready for your arrival.

Before I recap Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Trip, I must say I am still riding high from their royal wedding dream. (If you are feeling nostalgic for that April day, you can read my Kate Middleton Stole My Royal Wedding Dream post, or watch the T-Mobile video below.)

So now, back to the travel piece.

If you can afford to travel with your personal hairstylist, perfect your own make-up and pack in 40 day-to-night wardrobe changes for a trip, then you are well on your way to traveling like Kate Middleton royalty.

How to Travel Like a Duchess–Kate Middleton Style

Step One: Plan the Canadian Trip of a Lifetime with stops that include the following places:

–  Gatineau, Quebec
–  Montreal
–  Quebec City
–  Charlottetown & Summerside Prince Edward Islan
–  Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

2. Step Two: Step off a jet plane in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada wearing a gorgeous navy lace Erdem dress to match your ridiculously amazing sapphire engagement ring.

Step 3: Fashion your own fascinator for celebrating Canada Day in Canada.

Step 4: Choose a horse-drawn carriage and a row boat as preferred methods of transportation on Prince Edward Island.

Step 5: Manage to pull off the “cowgirl” look no matter where in the world you are, especially Calgary.

Step 6: Head to LA-LA land (Los Angeles) wearing American designer Diane Von Furstenberg

Step 7: Watch your husband win a polo match in Santa Barbara.

Step 8: After meeting America’s favorite celebrities at the BAFTA event, take time to see the not-so-glizty side of life and support an inner-city nonprofit school in Skid Row.

A true duchess knows it’s not all polo matches and Jimmy Choos all the time.

With the royal title comes social responsibility–a good reminder to us all, even if we don’t have the Windsor name or the Harry Winstons, chances are we still have more than the majority of the world.

Much like the Royal Trip, travel should take you places the camera can’t capture. Travel should take your perspective into new directions to remind you that whether you are a duchess or from downtown Los Angeles, we all inhabitants this world together.

Again, Kate Middleton, HRH Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, you inspire to take my dreams and my travel itineraries further.

How do you travel like a duchess?


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  • Horse drawn carriage… my favorite method of transportation! Thanks for the recap and videos – H

  • Katie

    Cath–you always have the BEST ideas! I love it. Someday, someday …

  • What a great post and so much work – bless your heart.

    Personally, I think you should start a travel site and book trips for people who want to go where the Prince and Princess go, or shop where she shops, etc since you are so passionate about them and travel.

    It would be adorable…

    There I go dreaming big dreams again!


  • Katie

    Nice, Remy. I sure do envy her life–and her flawless, flowing hair that’s perfect in pictures.

  • not many women can pull off the cowgirl thing. Shes beautiful! Love the photos and the videos. What a great life. xo Rem