Positive Thursday: 80 Things to be Thankful for

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80 things to be thankful for

Good morning friends! Hope you’ve enjoyed your week!

Last week in my post, ‘Positive Thursday: Turning Little Things to Big Things’ I blogged about turning little things into big dreams and not letting discouragements and disappointments make the best of you. The post read:

Although we all have days or weeks or months, it’s nothing something we are stuck in.

This position does not have to be permanent. Rather than convincing yourself everything is absolutely okay and perfect, accept where you are at and start small.

Start being truly amazed at things that most people don’t even notice then you will truly realize how insanely wildly blessed you are.

People often ask me how I maintain an overall positive attitude. And appreciating these little things in life is the key for me.

By starting small and noticing and loving the small things – it makes other things seem so beyond extraordinary.

Last week’s post inspired me to share with you something I do weekly on my personal blog called Thursday Thankful List.

Writing these weekly posts reminds me to sit down and really look back and actively appreciate little things (and big!) that made life a little sweeter, a little better and a little more inspiring.

80 Things to be Thankful for

  1. Recognizing blessings over luck
  2. Absolute silliness
  3. Sleeping in a hotel bed
  4. Vegan curry
  5. When days fly by
  6. Surrounding yourself with positive, intelligent and inspiring people
  7. Heated blanket
  8. Making plans for the future
  9. Memorizing the words to a song
  10. Breakfast in bed
  11. Resilience
  12. Answered prayers
  13. Parents who support you through thick and thin
  14. Learning from past mistakes
  15. Bubble baths
  16. Green grass
  17. Tall mountains
  18. Sangria
  19. Focusing on the beautiful and abundant things in life
  20. Going to bed without an alarm
  21. Sunrise
  22. Sunset
  23. Remembering to be happy RIGHT here, RIGHT now
  24. When choosing to stay up late with good friends is more important than a good nights sleep
  25. Puppies
  26. Naps during rainy days
  27. Texts from random people
  28. Coffee with flavored creamer
  29. A healthy body
  30. Encouraging others
  31. When rainy days turn sunny
  32. Homemade meals (preferably with friends!)
  33. Picking out the perfect dress for a special occasion
  34. Reunions
  35. Laughing so hard you cry
  36. Letting all your emotions out and being okay with it!
  37. Elephants
  38. Being strong
  39. Long walks
  40. Contagious joy
  41. Skylines
  42. Ferry rides
  43. Toughening up when times get hard or you’re going through an issue
  44. Craft projects
  45. IKEA
  46. Dressing each day based on your mood
  47. When people around you are in a fantastic mood
  48. Going to a restaurant for the first time
  49. Hard work
  50. Viewing life as an amazing experience
  51. Painting my nails
  52. Wisdom
  53. Strong leaders
  54. Pinterest
  55. Random acts of kindness
  56. Being barefoot
  57. Art museums
  58. Meeting new people
  59. Living life adventurously
  60. Choosing to listen rather than just speak
  61. Surprises
  62. Finding old pictures
  63. The smell of freshly cut grass
  64. Anticipation
  65. Booking a plane ticket
  66. Unexpected generosity
  67. Learning and growing
  68. When things fall into place
  69. Bright orange flowers
  70. Forgiveness
  71. Getting to know new people
  72. Inspiration
  73. Decorating a new home
  74. Choosing to live extraordinarily
  75. Waking up feeling refreshed
  76. Strawberries from the farmers market
  77. Digging through your Inbox
  78. Inspiring blogs
  79. Radical self-love
  80. Being grateful

Today may not feel like the absolute best day of your life. I honestly don’t know what you’re going through or where you’re at in life – but taking five minutes a day or blocking out time every week to sit down and count your blessings is one easy way to start building up your happiness.

Gratitude is something so important to keep in mind as we pursue our dreams – and in our day-to-day lives. One of my favorite quotes is this: Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

Girl swinging out over the city

What are some “little things” you are thankful for today?


  • sana

    Your writing always puts a smile on my face, :) Loved reading”80 Things to be Thankful for” I’m thankful m learning and growing :)Sooo inspiring :))))

  • Your writings are sooooo inspiring!!! I look forward to reading them every Thursday!!! G

  • I am thankful for my cat.

  • Congratulations on exceeding your achievements! This is one of those things to be celebrated.

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  • Rebecca Landa

    I have been checking out your stories on 8 Women Dream and it’s clever stuff. I especially like this one. I am thankful for this post today!

  • I like “Absolute silliness”.

    I am grateful for –

    A healthy son
    A loving family
    Friends who make me go hiking
    Dancing to music
    Hot coffee
    8 Women Dream
    Singing in the shower
    4th of July weekend
    My birthday
    Old friends
    New friends
    Honey bees
    Farmers market

    Great list and a wonderful reminder to “stop and smell the roses and be grateful”!