The Best 20 Stories On Living Your Dream Life By 8 Women Dream

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Catherine Hughes

Director of the 8 Women Dream Project at 8 Women Dream
Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams. She is a published author, a freelance writer, and a guide for those who want their dreams to come true online. Catherine would someday like to be invited to speak at TED about her observations about her 8WD project inviting women to take a chance on their dreams. Wine was required... Catherine posts on Sunday evenings and fills in dream stories as needed. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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How to find your dream

Sometimes, to be truly happy, you have to follow your dreams.

But what do you do if you don’t know what your dream really is? Surprisingly enough, this is a common problem, and many people go through much of their life without discovering their passion, feeling unfulfilled and miserable — wishing they’d somehow become brave enough just to …

If this is you, don’t despair. What follows is a list of our 20 best stories on 8 Women Dream to help you take that first step on the road to living your dreams.

The Best 20 Stories On Living Your Dream Life By 8 Women Dream

On getting started …

1.  Dreamers Be Brave And Define Your Dream

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to write a book. I used to carry around leather bound classics hoping I’d impress my teachers and schoolmates. I wanted them to think that I understood Dickens and Twain when I was EIGHT. I could always imagine my name on a best-seller list. But for writing what? When I defined my dream topic for my first book — toxic mothers and how to survive them — I was poised to pursue my dream… [Read more…]

2.  When Realizing Big Dreams: Feeling It is Key

The world is full of challenges and obstacles to our dreams, and in order to push past them, we have to believe we can. As Don said, you have to get beyond the “no’s.” And these include the “no’s” in your own mind. If you have a vision, but don’t really believe in it fully yet, or don’t trust in your own ability to accomplish the dream ~ if you cannot see and feel yourself accomplishing it ~ it can be challenging to get it off the ground… [Read more…]

3.  5 Warning Signs It Is Time To Find Your Dream

Whatever your story, I see signs everywhere people like you aren’t living their dreams. Yes, there really are signs. You may not see them, but I do. I see them in your behaviors . . . because I’ve been there too. Sometimes I think we can be so blind to the signs, we believe the life we are living is the way it has to be…[Read more…]

4. The Top 8 Ways to Start Living Your Dream

I have studied habits of people who successfully dream big dreams. In the past three years I have discovered that you need to become tenacious, resilient, determined, brave, smart and tough to achieve your dream. Dreaming a big dream isn’t easy – nor always fun. This is what I have found out about dreaming bigger dreams … [Read more]

When dreaming gets hard …

5.  9 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Dream Big Dreams

It is said that to do something well you must enjoy it. Doing what you love, and going after a big dream, is well, more complicated. How do we trust what we are going after will be something in the end that we really want? How do we know it’s the right dream? And why is is so hard for some of us to find out what it is we dream of doing…? …[Read more…]

6.  Free Download: Dream Inventory Checklist

One of the key things I’ve learned in the past year is that your dreams won’t go far if you do not have clearly defined, measurable goals and deadlines. It’s like saying you want to travel the French Champagne region in a day with no road map, no time-frame of when places close and un peu Francias. You won’t get far.  But good thing you have the Dream Inventory and the Set Your Dream Goals Worksheet on your side… [Read more …]

7. 2 Iron-Clad Commandments for Personal Finance Success

Many modern money management programs come with all kinds of bells and whistles and virtually automate all your financial tasks for you. Not YNAB. There’s a philosophy behind YNAB, embodied in four rules. I’m just going to talk about two of them today — the two that hit home with me most strongly. In fact, I’m going to call these two rules commandments.. [Read more…]

8. Want Dream Success And Happiness: Join or Start a Group

It’s should come as no surprise that social interaction in the form of joining a group can be one of the most important contributors to our happiness and dream success. According to research by Daniel Kahneman, Alan B. Krueger, and others, the daily activities most closely associated with happiness are social–having sex, socializing after work, and having dinner with friends. Joining a group that meets just once a month produces the same increase in happiness as doubling your income … [Read more …]

Staying in the game …

9.  Keep The Faith That The Universe Will Deliver On Your Dreams

Faith plus action equals miracles, so often, because we are in motion, doing the work, and we are keeping the faith that the universe will support us in living our dreams. When we operate from this space, we allow space for miracles in our lives, because we believe in the possibility of it… [Read more…]

10.  How To Find Time To Work on Your Dream

One the hardest parts about dreaming is finding the time to work on your dream. There is usually more than one way to get a certain task done. It doesn’t matter what the task is, if it needs to get done we as wives, mothers, women find the time and energy. Unless the task is related to bettering ourselves (mentally, physically or intelligently) to take us one step closer to our dreams — then all bets are off… [Read more …]

11.  How to Turn Up the Heat on Your Frozen Dreams

Have you ever been frozen or stuck on your dream path? In thinking about it, what I’ve realized is that sometimes we can get so close to it — we want so much for our dreams to happen- we lose our ability to be objective and see situations clearly for what they are — and that can get in our way of knowing simply what next steps to take… [Read more…]

12.  7 Strategies for Dreaming Big Dreams

On my path of dreaming big dreams to become a Top Photographer, I read a lot of business books. This year I took on Bob Scotts’ 52 week Business Development Challenge – and in reading today, I came across a great quote, “Your business is like a child, so protect it at all costs. We have a responsibility to the business — like a child, it needs to be nurtured and protected.”  If you think about it, a similar statement could be spoken to us dreamers, too … [Read more…]

Finding dream inspiration …

13.  Who Wants To Make A Million Dollars?

What is your million dollar idea? I keep notebooks filled with ideas for products and new technology. Having the time to implement them and knowing which one to work on are my biggest issues. I have received some great advice about making a million dollars and I’ve compiled most of them below for you to review… [Read more…]

14.  The Top 48 Most Motivational and Inspirational Web Sites

Where do you get your inspiration? The terms motivation and inspiration can mean different things to different people. The sites represent a comprehensive list of web sites where we can find inspiration or motivation to help keep us moving toward our dreams… [Read more…]

15.  Top 8 Books To Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

As your resident serial entrepreneur (read: I don’t sleep) I want to share the pile of books that I am reading my way through in my ongoing quest for what makes my business ventures work. There are a ton of books out there — some good, some great, and some I’d wished I’d never picked up. What makes a good business book in my opinion? Here is the criteria that keeps me turning pages … [Read more…]

16.  Positive Thursday: 8 Things You Are Not

You are not your job, your family, your relationships, your material possessions, others’ perceptions, your past, your success, your body. You are of value completely outside of these eight aspects of life. And you are loved and worthy right where you are at… [Read more…]

Living the dream …

17.  Tips From India: How To Make This Year A Year of Miracles

Delhi, India is everything I imagined it would be, and more: a jewel, with its magnificent temples, mosques and forts; colorful and loud, with its crowded, dusty streets; and full of soul, like its people, dark eyes shining back at me as I walk full of awe through the carnival that is a Delhi marketplace or street… [Read more…]

18. Hawaii Dream: When Pele Speaks – I Listen

In Hawaii I visited a really ritzy hotel in Kona for a luxurious massage. I was seduced by an ad in the in-flight magazine. Who could resist? It had everything: the lush setting, the koa wood lockers, and a private cabana deep in a leafy oasis. It was a sunny day with a soft breeze. The thatched cabana had open windows all around and a fan spinning lazily above … [Read more]

19.  8 Women Dream Run The Bay To Breakers And Survive

Many of the dreamers weren’t sure if this was something they could accomplish in their lives. Age, illness and injuries worried some and right up to the day of the event no one shared their deepest fears that they might not be able to make it to the end of the bay To Breakers … [Read more…]

20. How To Live The Dream And Travel The World

Most travel dreams or travel journeys that people live out seem impossible to achieve, and it seems as though the dreamers are people you would never encounter in real life. That’s why I’m infatuated with this one–it’s real people who I know, who left real jobs to seek out a real adventure in a really awesome car. The difference between dreaming and reality is doing… [Read more …]

Are you living your dream life? Do you have a dream story you’d like to share to inspire others to start living their dreams? Email us at eightwomendream(at) and we’ll feature you in a future dream story.


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  • Thanks for the reminder of some great posts! Amazing list…

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  • Lisa Powell, Author & Serial Traveler

    Love this Cath!!! Such a great reminder about how inspiring you all are. :) Hope this list inspires many others to be in action on living their dreams…

    Love you, fearless leader! <3


  • Great List Cath. I bet it took a while to compile. xo Rem

  • Katie Eigel, Travel & Wellness coach

    What a great list! Thank you for putting this together as an amazing reference to check in with :)