Positive Thursday: Some Dreams Require Celebration

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Graduating from college

Happy (extra) positive Thursday!

Today, June 16, marks a celebration day for me! Before I explain more, how has your week been going? We are inching toward the weekend and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who is a little bit excited about it! This week and today in particular is a celebration of dreams being accomplished.

Will you celebrate with me?

Let me clarify how this celebratory post and this day of festivities works exactly. Today, here and now, I want you to think about what you have accomplished in the past six months and this past year. Each and every one of you has come so far from that point in your life and you are continuing to press forward. We are each pursuing the future and our dreams, and that in and of itself, calls for a celebration.

My celebration is two-fold. I had the opportunity to go home last weekend and walk in my college graduation ceremony. As you probably know if you keep up with my blog posts, I graduated college early and moved across the country to start a job. It was a HUGE treat and true blessing to fly back home last Wednesday evening and spend a few days celebrating graduation weekend with my college best friends.

Most of my friends were packing up their college homes and finally hitting reality that it was our last few days and nights in our paradise of a college town, Athens. For me, all of these tasks and all of these feelings were forced to come a little early with my decision to move.

It was very hard to jump-start my dream and make “the rest of my life” happen a little sooner than I thought – but a very good move for me. I really felt for my friends who were overwhelmed with feelings of graduating and leaving – it is an indescribable, strange feeling to leave a place of comfort, happiness and pure bliss and embark on the unknown.

Instead of being overwhelmed with these emotions and bits of sadness during my visit, it was jam-packed with joy and celebration.

I was just SO excited to see everyone, to have one last “hurrah!” together, to spend a ridiculously fast 48 hours with friends that turned to family. Today, I’m looking back on my weekend and smiling at the celebrations.

Not only did I graduate college with a strong degree, I left with a fantastic set of friends, thousands of lessons learned and more experiences, stories and memories than I’d ever dream possible.

More importantly, I left college genuinely better and happier than I came into the four years previously.

I’m celebrating friendships, life milestones, growth.

Today, June 16, also marks another celebration. One year ago today, I started my personal blog, Polish My Crown. I’ve dabbled in blogs previously, but never had a blog that truly reflected my voice and personal thoughts.

With my personal blog, I’ve been able to share with others words of encouragement and inspiration. Little do readers know how much I’m learning from everything I’ve posted. My life is an absolute winding road of adventures and experiences – both good and bad – and I’ve learned to accept all with a smile and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

I totally appreciate you celebrating my blog’s first birthday and checking it out today – let me know what you think!

I’m celebrating finally finding my voice, using my experiences to challenge and motivate others, life.

Six months ago, I started blogging with 8 Women Dream, and have only seen the blessings pour into my life. I am so thankful for the community of women (and some men!) who inspire and encourage me to live my life in the best way possible – and to keep pursuing my dreams. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Here’s a toast to celebrating our dreams! Even if we haven’t accomplished everything on our “dream to-do list”, it’s important to take time to celebrate and appreciate just how far you’ve come. I am faaaaaar from completing all the dreams I’ve set out to do this year – but I am proud and happy to check a few off my list. Even more, I’m proud to be living out my dreams each and every day.

I’m reminded of a fabulous quote: “Celebrate we will; for life is short but sweet for certain.”

I’m celebrating dreaming and living.

I’m celebrating life’s sweetness.

Until next positive Thursday, xo!

xoxo – Andi

Andrea TaggertAndrea’s dream is to graduate college from Ohio University in spring 2011, to find a job that allows her to utilize her public relations education and skills; to launch her own personal website www.polish-my-crown.com; and to become a certified life coach and motivational speaker. Andrea’s post day is Thursday.

  • mary p

    We should celebrate accomplishments! The fact that a goal has been set, a plan has been established and a result has been achieved is no easy task. The fact that a goal has been achieved means not only that it was important enough to dedicate time to, but also that a substantial amount of energy and commitment were invested in producing the result. That means it deserves some recognition!

    This is really a terrific website.


  • lynn

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my exciting news!!! I just got assistance to help me choose a college and a major and qualify for two grants to go back to school. Since I graduated and went straight into working full-time, I didn’t know where to start or even if I would get into college after five years, so for anyone reading that is in the same boat, rest assured that college can be for everyone!! Dreams do come true!!!!!

  • Congratulations! You look beautiful and happy.

    You are quite the amazing dreamer and everyone should visit Polish My Crown and further see what a bright ray of sunlight you are!

    We love having you write with us! Positive Thursdays are great!


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  • Congrats girl! My niece also graduated early but chose not to walk with her class. I think she missed out on a wonderful experience. So glad to hear you had a great time with your travels.

    Happy celebrations – H

  • Rayne

    Congratulations you little college graduate, you! I’d guess in about 3 years you’ll be funning
    a small country, or something equally fun and challenging. And you’ll be wearing the cutest
    accessories doing so!