How To Move From Dream Problem to Dream Solution

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cat hiding under coverMy dream is to change the way I think about myself, my body image and greet the next phase of my life with open arms and a happy outlook. Since becoming involved with 8 Women Dream, I have set out everyday to accomplish this goal.

Anytime problems come up in your dream life, it is time to get into solution mode – even if you want to cover your head and go back to bed. Who else wants to cover their head and go back to bed?

Sorry – can’t do that!

How do you move from dream problem to dream solution?

1. Write down the problem and everything about it that bothers you – get it out of your head. Write down your biggest fear and then write down the polar opposite.

2. Accept full responsibility for what is happening. This is what I teach my clients all the time.

3. Write down as many solutions as you can think of – you may even need to ask for help from a trusted friend, family or a trusted person in your community.

4. Create a ritual that helps change your outlook. Meditate and release the problem, go to a submit a prayer site online and submit your problem to be prayed on by strangers, take the problem worksheet with all your negatives and burn them in your fireplace, or bbq and imagine releasing the problem into the universe for the perfect solution.

5. Focus on what you do want – not on what you don’t want. Get some sleep. Take good care of yourself. Do loving self rituals that support you while you are going through a rough patch in life.

Remember that negative circumstance are an opportunity to grow. One of the best ways to solve a negative situation is to release it and let it go. Work on a creative part of your dream, or let it go for a bit and do something artistic like paint, draw, garden, bake, or anything that brings you pleasure.

What are you dealing with in life this week?

Keep smiling. Remember that God loves you.


Veronica completed two dreams with 8 Women Dream and left the group in December 2010 an accomplished dreamer.

  • Jenny

    I was hoping you would post some photos from your trip! I love the Trattoria Pallottino Via Isole delle Stinche near Santa Croce and the Enoteca Fuori Porta wine bar in Florence. Did you get to any of these places even tho you were sick? The soups at Cibreino Piazza Ghiberti would have fixed you right with some gelato from Vivolis!!

  • Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!
    Have a nice day

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    I think you are going to come out of this time with a new-found strength and determination. Maybe 8 Women dream came along just in time to help you through this stage and upwards to the next plateau.