Keep The Faith That The Universe Will Deliver On Your Dreams

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Lisa is a freelance writer, consultant and life coach. She has her BA in English and Creative Writing from Princeton and her MPA from Harvard. Lisa recently finished the first draft of her book manuscript, Burning Down the House. Her dream is to publish this first book and teach the world how to discover their hidden joy. Her post day is Tuesday.
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The fabric of my sari was like the sky at twilight meeting the sky at midnight, as one blue faded into another. The sequins sewn by hand onto the night blue glittered like stars.

I felt like I was wrapping myself in the universe.

My spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti‘s mom Shashi and Aunt Nilum were there to help me wrap it around me. We were all in Bareilly, India for Nithya’s cousin wedding, and I was the family’s guest.

Wearing a sari takes some practice, apparently, and they knew just how to drape and fold and pleat the fabric like a fan at the waistband so that this giant rectangular swath of silk was somehow transformed into an elegant evening dress.

Miraculous! I’ll never forget my first experience wearing a sari, or attending an Indian wedding…

Another Scene in the Book!

Last week I dove back into writing new scenes for my book manuscript, Burning Down the House, and the wearing-the-sari scene was the first one I felt inspired to write. Last year, when I finished the first draft of this giant 459-page manuscript, I hadn’t traveled to India yet.

When I returned from my travels in January, I wanted to let the tranformational experiences I’d had in India soak in for a while. I wanted time to process it all. I wasn’t ready to return to the book quite yet, and didn’t know yet exactly how the India stories would factor into it.

I knew the manuscript needed a lot of editing, and some structural revisions. I’d been noodling over how to restructure the book to best tell this story. Yet I’d let a few months pass without making major progress in the writing or editing, and I knew that to achieve my dream of completing a polished manuscript this year, and sending it out to agents, I needed to be in motion.

It was definitely time to write again, and what called me to was telling India stories.

It felt good last week to write a new scene in the book again, knowing I was making progress. And the universe rewarded me for taking action by introducing me to someone who can hopefully be a support and guide as I move forward with the manuscript.

Writing the Sari Scene

I was writing the sari scene at Flavour Cafe, a neighborhood cafe just two blocks from my house where I often camp out in Little Italy in Troy, New York. The barristas there and the owner, Charlie, are supersweet, and they let me camp out at the table in the window or on the plump L-shaped couch for hours while I work.

I’d exchanged pleasantries when I first entered the cafe with a man who was sitting at a table by the wall across the room from me. He’d been kind enough to hand me my keys, after I left them by the coffee dispensers when I was selecting my coffee flavor of the day from amongst the dozen or so options.

“Are these yours, miss?” he’d asked.

I liked him right away because he said “Miss” and not “Ma’am” and I have never been able to see myself as a “Ma’am” (it sounds so matronly! and I still feel like a kid half the time!).

We each clicked away on our keyboards for a while as I worked on the sari scene and he did whatever he was doing, both of us clacking away, in our own little worlds.

Introduced By A Manuscript

Before he left the cafe, the mysterious friendly stranger in the black shirt, jeans and glasses with the wavy hair wandered over to me. He pointed to the massive manuscript on my table.

“What’s this?” he asked.

I told him it was my book manuscript, and we chatted about that. Turns out that he is also a memoir writer, working on his own book now, and that he teaches creative writing at St. Rose, a local college in Albany, near Troy.

I’ve held the intention since moving back to Troy from San Francisco to launch a writers’ group to read each other’s work, and provide support and constructive criticism.

Daniel and I, this professor and writer, agreed to launch a monthly writers’ group so we could help each other get our memoirs finished, and cheer each other on along the journey.

The Universe Delivers

The Universe Delivers

I love it how the universe always delivers just what I need when I need it, as it did in this case. I felt like I’d been rewarded because after a few months in which I wasn’t making much progress in writing my manuscript, I finally camped out in a cafe for an afternoon to write.

Just so happens that the day I camped out there this memoir writer sat across the room from me, and Daniel and I ended up forming our writer’s group ~ all because of serendipitous timing and a misplaced set of keys!

This to me is synchronicity, and it’s another example of how when we take action in the direction of our dreams, the universe often rewards us, and meets us more than halfway.

Dreams Coming True In Amazing Ways

My coaching clients have stories like this. When they have moved in the direction of their dreams, amazing things have happened.

One committed to writing down a lifelong dream finally that she had been shy about speaking out loud, or committing to. It seemed too big and far away . How would she ever do it?

Two weeks later, through a serendipitous connection, she had landed her first book contract to illustrate a children’s book. Neither of us could have imagined it would click into place that quickly.

Another friend who is also a coach, with whom I trade life-coaching services, said that once she took some action steps to market her own business again, she received unsolicited emails from former clients asking her to submit a proposal the very next day.

I find this so often, that when we move towards our dreams, the universe rewards us by providing something unexpected and wonderful that contributes to them. I think it is nudging us along, giving us the encouragement we need to keep going.

Take one step in the direction of your dreams, and the universe will often take two in your direction to meet you.

Expecting the Best

All of this reminds me of a quote that I have always loved:

Expect miracles, because you are one.

Maybe to some, bumping into another author and essayist who is completing his own memoir, and wants to join a writers’ group, would seem like a small thing, a mere coincidence. To me however it is a minor miracle and just another reminder of how the universe seems to orchestrate things with perfect timing when we believe and are in pursuit of our dreams.

Somehow, we meet just the person we need to meet at the right moment to move our dreams forward. Somehow, money shows up or a client shows up or circumstances align in such a way that things just click into place.

A friend offers to forward our book proposal to their agent. Someone loans us a book that helps crystallize a key idea for our writing. We bump into a neighbor who knows a great editor. All three of these scenarios have happened to me, by the way.

I realize that these moments may seem rare, and that we can’t just conjure them up. It requires a certain degree of faith, moving forward, and operating from a space of trust.

But to me, that is what living our dreams is all about. We have a vision and although we cannot guarantee that we can realize it, we keep moving forward, inch by inch, with great faith.

Faith plus action equals miracles, so often, because we are in motion, doing the work, and we are keeping the faith that the universe will support us in living our dreams. When we operate from this space, we allow space for miracles in our lives, because we believe in the possibility of it.

Move Forward With Great Faith!

Completing this next draft of my book manuscript still feels daunting to me at times. Which is why I’m so grateful to have the support of the team here at 8womendream, everyone reading this, and now my newly formed writers’ group which will launch soon.

What dream for your life calls to you most right now? Can you take a small action step or two this way, trusting the universe to meet you? Hold the faith in your vision and keep moving forward! Good luck!



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  • Hmmmm Daniel. I like that name. I am glad you are back at your book. It was probably like delivering your own baby and after a much-needed rest you are back at it again. I am glad to hear it. I have to figure out my next step too . . .

    I should be meditating more. It brings serendipity rushing in every time.

    You are the perfect person to run a writing group!


  • “Somehow, we meet just the person we need to meet at the right moment to move our dreams forward.”

    I am totally in line with this idea – and congrats on the new writing group!

    – H