The Case For Falling In Love With Our Dreams

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This week I’ve been reading and reviewing The Case for Falling in Love –  a book written by Mari Ruti, PhD.  Although it isn’t directly written about photographers, I can certainly link the idea of falling in love with another person to falling and staying in love with our dreams.

A whole chapter could focus on Addario, for instance – focused on a woman in love, driven to live her passion every day.

In chapter 7 of her book, Ruti holds possibility of what it would be like to Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.  She takes a few pages in this chapter to refute the familiar saying, “love is blind.”

She writes,

I think that love is actually unusually clear-sighted and perceptive.  It makes us keenly observant.  Everything (about our lover) stirs our curiosity.  We become inquisitive and eager to explore. When we are truly enchanted it’s hard for us to look away.  And the more intimate we get, the more we are granted the privileged of seeing what others don’t have access to.  Love may rob us of all kinds of basic skills, such as the ability to stay focused, but it definitely does not strike us blind.

So I started thinking….When I am in love,

I feel alive and thriving.

I am tireless.

I feel creative and driven to stay true to myself.

I hold possibilities for everything I do – taking risks I normally wouldn’t take.

I feel complete – knowing I am a part of something bigger than myself.

Ruti is right.  When I am in love, everything before me is clear – not ‘blinding’ at all.

So what about falling in love with our own dreams?

The way we see when we are in love lifts us above the morass of our mundane concerns; we are able to gain a glimpse of the more inspired realms of human life. We are able to find the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work

  • Rem – thanks for the reminder that we have to connect to our dreams… along with everything else!

    Great post – H

    • thanks Heather. Hope you are having an actual weekend! xo rem

  • You are right, Kathy. And recently, what I’ve realized is that if you start to question love for something or some one, you start to look at everything in that way. Photography, education, man, family – funny how it can all get co-mingled like that! xox Rem

  • Kathy Lingo

    Excellent, Remy! Loved it! And you are right, falling in love with our dreams should be every bit as consuming as falling in love with a man–and probably we need to fall in love with ourselves as well!