Dream Books: What Is on Your Summer Reading List?

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Arizona summer - What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Snow on the mountains in late May.

Last week, northern Arizona experienced hail and snow almost every day, so I am more than ready for steady summer sunshine to be the blanket I curl up to and read with this summer.

So enough about crummy weather already, let’s bring on the books.

What having you been wanting and waiting to read this summer?

I don’t know about you, but I usually try to go with a theme for summer reading. Sometimes it’s Oprah’s book club picks, sometimes it’s fiction, sometimes it’s subject based, like health and wellness book.

This summer, however, will be different. This summer, I will read books that are intended to induce soul searching.

Not exactly a self-help book festival, but rather a chance to read the wisdom of others who can help guide me towards my dream–or help me define/redefine it in the first place.

In addition to the reading, I am also looking forward to taking my books with me on the open road. Now that I live in Arizona and the southwestern part of the country, I am so enthralled by this place–and I want to share it with you.

Red rock in sedona arizona a great place to read a bookSedona, AZ, this last weekend.

I’ll be updating you on southwestern travels and hitting the open road and mother road, Route 66, as much as I can.

So what books will be accompanying my travels and soul searching this summer?

summer reading books

My summer reading list

1. Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live

Martha is one of Oprah Magazine’s life coaches. This uber-accomplished, yet easy-to-digest author teaches you step-by-step how to live up to your life’s potential with lots of exercises, examples and inspiration.

2. Undecided: How to Ditch the Endless Quest for Perfect and Find the Career-and Life-That’s Right for You

This mother-daughter duo have probably penned the book most women have been seeking. They discuss the unsurmountable pressures today’s women face in having to find the perfect career path and how to breakthrough it.

3. Find Your Dream (Find Your Dream, Set Your Path, Change Your Life)

The incredible woman who started this blog also found time to write down her best dream wisdom. When I told her I was stuck with my own dream, she so kindly suggested I read this book. You should, too.

4. Indestructible Success: Creativity, Leadership and The Art of Small Business

Seth is my former health coach. His new book is all about how to execute a purposeful, productive and fulfilling vocation in your life.

Now it’s your turn–What summer reading books will you be taking to the pool, beach or backyard patio with you?


  • Our team got to come up with our own favorite books for the summer and I love seeing others posts as well! Great choices!

    If you’re interested in seeing out choices, you can view them here: http://www.w2wlink.com/Articles/Summer-Reading-Recommendations-Women-artid528.aspx

  • Varn

    This is one of the best blogs I have ever seen! I want to read Cutting For Stone, by Abraham Verghese this summer.

  • Karen

    I’m here to get ideas from what are on other’s lists. So far I’m reading some of Oprah’s recommendations which I’ve been stockpiling forever including Beautiful Boy and a new self-published book called Jon & Kate Plus Eight: “Reality” TV & the Selling of the Gosselins, a serious look at the impact of reality TV on the Gosselin family and how unreal it really is. I don’t usually read self-published books but this one’s supposed to be very good. I’m also teaching our daughter to start her own summer reading list this year!

  • Right now? Wanderlust and Happiness.

    I am liking Jayne’s suggestion tho . . .


  • I read so many business and industry related books throughout the year, I am always looking for something to read that is purely for fun… since nothing is headed to bookstores from my favorite author Stephen King until fall, I’ll be looking for another fictional outlet.

    Thanks for the great list! – H

  • i may have to read seths book~! and maybe next summer, Jayne and I will have one to add to your list! :) xox Remy

  • Katie

    Thanks, Jayne! I love your book suggestion. It really sounds amazing. I will have to bump that more to the top of my list.
    Sometimes there is nothing better than a summer day with nothing to do than read a book–especially in sunny Sonoma :)

  • Jayne Speich, Financial Assistance

    Hi Katie – now THIS is a post after my own heart. I am a passionate reader, summer or any other time! I highly recommend this book: Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution, by Derrick Jensen. I could not put it down all weekend! It’s about how the most important thing we can learn to be is ourselves, and how reading and writing with the intention of becoming more like ourselves rather than to please others can be transformative. He also has some strong opinions about schooling in this country. As I have two school-aged children, reading this part of the book made me sit down and cry, literally. I hate that I have to push my teenager to get up and go to school so he can learn to “fit in” and be like everyone else so he grows up to be a good little worker. No wonder he’s disaffected! Don’t let me get started (too late). Anyway, hope you will report on your reading, a couple of those books sound great!