Make A List When You Cannot Do Your Riding Dream

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Remember that I am the girl with the equestrian dreams and it has rained nearly four inches at my house over the last few days. Four inches! This is May, isn’t it? So, with four inches of rain, my arena has turned back into a mud swamp. This means no riding, no lunging, no horses turned out.

I’m panicking. This is going to put a huge dent in my plan for June 7 being our first horse show of the season. But, as I was lying in bed last night, awake, at 3:30 in the morning having had way, way too much coffee, I came up with a list of things I can do to maintain work on my dream.

Here it is:

1. Get your horse out and groom him. Allowing your horse to stand without being handled at all will just make getting back on track that much harder. This is particularly true for my horse. So, clean up his bridle path, pull his mane, practice braiding.

2. Clean tack. If you’re like me, this is a chore that I don’t mind doing but just don’t seem to have time for.

3. Make your horse a yummy, hot, bran mash and then hang out with him while he eats it.

4. Bake your horse some homemade horse cookies. “The Original Book of Horse Treats” by June Evers has recipes.

5. Catch up on horse-related reading. Got a stack of horse magazines you haven’t opened? Now’s the perfect time. Grab a chair in the barn, a cup of hot coffee, read, and watch the rain.

6. Stay in shape. Go to the gym or exercise in your living room if you have to. Keep those abs, arms, and legs toned!

Just because you can’t ride, doesn’t mean you can’t work on your relationship with your horse. The stronger your relationship, the better your riding will be because you and your horse will be working as partners towards the same goal. I’ve certainly found that to be true.

Here’s a little uplifting video to help you if you have obstacles being thrown at your dream –

Make your list, get back up and plan to get back in the saddle of your dream.


Danelle left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 and is still working on her dream is to become an accomplished equestrian

  • Kim

    We’d love to see you with your horse!

  • Kim

    There’s always Zumba Catherine:)

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    Here I am suppose to be helping by being the motivator and I need to get in shape – let alone stay in shape.

    That’s the thing when one becomes very ill and recovers, it’s hard to get back into the rhythm of working out. I miss my dance classes. I miss hiking. I keep thinking about how much you do in your life, especially with two small children and all your animals.

    This week … I am walking. Even though I don’t have a horse, I can honor step number 6!