Positive Thursday: 8 Things You Are Not

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You are not your job by tumblr

This week, I want to dive right in and chat about something that’s been on my mind lately.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this week because

a. I think it’s easier to really understand these lessons in list format and

b. I need to start packing for a work retreat.

8 Things You Are Not

1. You are not your job.
Girlfriends, you’ve all heard it before. I completely emphasize working hard and doing the best you can. Be dedicated to your job. But you need to remember, your life is not your job. Find balance between your work and “life.” I know way too many people who value their job and work over so many other aspects of life and they are honestly miserable and sad.

2. You are not your parents/family/etc.
It’s important to be an individual. I’ve learned this especially moving away from home. I am so thankful for the way I’ve been raised and the environment I grew up in, but as an adult, it’s important to live my own life. Don’t live to only please your parents or family. Value their opinion, but make sure to be your individual, beautiful self.

3. You are not your relationships.
Ahh, this one is a good one. Whether you are dating, engaged or married, it’s so nice to have someone there for you – loving you. I want to encourage you to embrace the relationship, but not place all your hope and dependence on one person. In fact, don’t place it all in another person at all. People, inevitably, will always let you down at one point or another, and as much as you love someone, remember — they are a person too.

4. You are not your clothes/house/possessions.
One little life motto I live by is this: “You came into the world with nothing and will leave with nothing.” I enjoy nice things too (you probably know about my slight shopping addiction . . .) but don’t let that be all-encompassing. Your life has more meaning and substance than the brand of jeans you’re wearing or the type of car you drive. You have more value than any of these material possessions.

5. You are not others’ preconceived ideas about you.
Often times, it’s easy to get caught up in what you think people are saying about you. In reality, they might not even be saying them about you. Quit worrying what people think. “I’m too quiet/loud/weird/awkward/blah blah blah.” Enough! Stop giving into the voices in your head telling you that people are always whispering about you. And even if they are, keep your head held high and walk with confidence because you know better.

6. You are not your past.
This one hits particularly close to home because I’ve had a tendency to beat myself up for my past mistakes. The “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” if you will. I could have done this different, I should have done this instead, I would have done ___ if ____. Sister, it’s over. Whether it happened ten years ago or ten minutes ago, you can’t change what happened. What you can change is how you react to it and how you continue living life in a different manner.

7. You are not your achievements/success.
Often we fear failure, but what is even scarier is when we hit success. Just because you get that dream job or “had your big break” does not mean you are better than anyone else. I’m not discounting the hard work and dedication that went into your success, but it’s important to have perspective on this! You are not defined by your achievements (or failures!)

8. You are not your body.
I would like to meet ONE woman who has NEVER ONCE had a negative thought about her body. Seriously, one! At some point or another, we all are self-conscious about what we look like. Do these jeans make my love handles look fat? Do you think ____ will like me if I wear THIS swimsuit? How does my cleavage look? As ridiculous as it feels to type out these questions, I’m being real with you. You are worth SO much more than your outward appearance and physical body. You are of value – despite what the media tells you the perfect size and shape is.

you are not by tumblr

RISE ABOVE these eight myths, beautiful friends!

You are not your job, your family, your relationships, your material possessions, others’ perceptions, your past, your success, your body. You are of value completely outside of these eight aspects of life.

And you are loved and worthy right where you are at.


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  • Damn Andi… you mean I have to be deep? Thanks for a wonderful reminder! – H

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    very cool. I am sure there are more than 8 but these ones are great!!! xo Rem

  • Lovely post. Very inspirational.