5 Inspiring TED Talks For Entrepreneurs

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As one of the premier gatherings of people that focus on “ideas worth spreading”, TED (Technology Education Design) always has inspiration for entrepreneurs.

I am constantly on the lookout for stories to help keep my entrepreneurial spark alive. If a story reveals a new perspective on business, or is told by a favorite author, then all the better.

Here are my 5 Inspiring TED Talks For Entrepreneurs.

1. Be Bizarre, Not Boring

2. Question Motivations

3. Give Your Customers a Choice

4. Rethink Copyright

5. Embrace the Irrational and the Childish

What is your favorite inspirational TED talk? Share the TED Talk title in the comments and why you love it.


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  • Arina Nikitina

    I just love TED talks, I compiled my favorites list at arinanikitina.com/best-of-ted-top-41-inspirational-ted-talks.html

  • sara

    Do you drive a BMW by any chance? ;-)

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    any time seth godin speaks I learn something about business and leadership – he’s awesome! Great list! xox Rem