Royal Wedding Hangover is Best Cured With Mac and Cheese Pizza

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Now that Kate Middleton, future Princess Catherine, and Prince William have exchanged vows at their fabulously royal wedding, what’s next for the world’s favorite couple? (Twins, I hope!)

Or, more importantly, what’s next for the 2 billion of us who waited for this fairy-tale wedding and hung on to every moment of its broadcast? What do we have to look forward to next?

Roual Wedding hangover - kiss me kate beer

Photo: Castle Rock Brewery released this brew just in time to cure a royal wedding hangover.

You can view all the British Monarchy’s wedding flickr stream here.

A video by T-Moblie from their Life’s for Sharing campaign

What comes after you slim down to a 23-inch waist, marry your prince charming and become the most stunning bride in front of 1/3 of the world?

For Kate Middleton, and the rest of us, we are entering the phase I call the royal wedding hangover.

The headache after the party.

The temporary paralysis that can only be cured by a couch and greasy take-out.

The proverbial low that follows life’s highest highs. The sophomore slump.

The moment we return from a vacation that forever changed our worldly perspective to realize we are stuck in a gray cubicle for the rest of our lives.

One moment we are on top of the world …

royal wedding hangoverMe dancing on a stage celebrating a big dream come true.

… and it’s intoxicating.

Before you know it, the dream ends. It’s 3 a.m. And the Mac’n’Cheese pizza begins to postpone the inevitable reality that’s hours away. Come Monday, it’s back to real life–or being a housewife for Kate Middleton.

royal wedding hangover mac and cheese pizzaI’m drunk and so is the photographer who cut my face out.

The bigger the dream achieved, the harder the royal wedding hangover.

Granted we all didn’t embark on a royal wedding this weekend, but we have something in our lives that qualifies as a pinnacle of achievement.

Finishing school. Having children. Falling in love. Getting a promotion. Finding a job. Moving to a new city. Completing a book.

After we invest so much of our lives into going after our biggest dreams, how long do we savor it? How long does the “high” last?

One of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott explains it like this:

I’d been wanting to be a successful author my whole life. But when I finally did it, I was like a greyhound catching the mechanical rabbit she’d been chasing all her life — metal, wrapped up in cloth. It wasn’t alive; it had no spirit. It was fake. Fake doesn’t feed anything. Only spirit feeds spirit, in the same way only your own blood type can sustain you. It had nothing that could slake the lifelong thirst I had for a little immediacy, and connection.

That said, I offer a Vevue Cliquot mimosa relief equivalent in this quote from another favorite author, Julia Cameron:

We have successfully accomplished our dream and now that dream, so long our companion, must give way to different dreams. There is excitement and loss in this eventuality. My dignity requires that I face both feelings, that I accept the “win” of a project brought to fruition and the loss of a long-cherished goal.

So Kate Middleton, Prince William, as you go on to lead a “normal life,” I wish you both the best happily ever after and shortest royal wedding hangover.

As for you and me, how do we deal with a royal dream hangover sans the perks of being royalty?



  • Thurton

    Mac pizza!!! haha!! now I have seen everything!!!

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    LOVE mac and cheese pizza! best hangover remedy is bean and cheese buritos form taco bell, and regular pepsi in a cup with lots of ice thru a straw. YUM. Maybe i’ll have to have a hang over just to eat that!

    Great post. rem

  • Lol wow looks like they had a blast! Royal wedding hangover lmbo!!! Mac and Cheese to funny Lol!!!

  • LOL @ Jayne on the Mac and Cheese pizza!

    I don’t know about the wedding hangover. I was on a blissful high for about a year after I got married. The first month felt like pure magic and I loved being on our honeymoon. I liked being able to call my husband “my husband” and I enjoyed hearing “my wife”.

    I was glad that the wedding part was over and those festivities were done. You are so completely exhausted and sick of your wedding by the time the big day comes, and even though you may have the time of your life at your reception, it was more fun opening the gifts and setting up our home together.

    I loved how we planned our weekends and our future and even though I didn’t marry the right guy, for a while he felt like the right guy, and it was so much fun. I highly recommend it — even if I won’t do it again. lol.

    The only hangover I had was after the bachelorette’s party and after my ex and I drank a bottle of cheap wine in this one-horse town where our car broke down on our honeymoon. We had to wait for the part to be delivered to the little one-horse hotel and the owners felt sorry for us and gave us this bottle of wine for our honeymoon. We hopped on our mountain bikes and rode out into the desert and sat and drank the wine.

    I didn’t even feel the ride back to the hotel lol.

    Maybe we needed some Mac and Cheese pizza!


  • Katie

    Ah, the Mac’n’Cheese pizza is a pre- and post-hangover delight. Count on the good folks of Wisconsin and Chicago to join forces and create such a delicacy. Ian’s Pizza is the creator that I am aware of.

  • Jayne Speich, Financial Assistance

    Katie, you had me at mac and cheese pizza. Wow, when did they invent THAT? And how did I miss it? Many’s the time I might have resorted to it, if I’d known it existed…

    thanks for the inspiration, which I am archiving until my next “morning after.”