Kate Middleton Stole My Royal Wedding Dream

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Kate Middleton Stole My Royal Wedding DreamPhoto: The Middleton Family via Flickr

Once upon a time in Berkshire, England, in 1982, a future queen was born to commoners. Her name was Kate Middleton. While many dream of marrying a prince, Kate will live out her big Royal Wedding dream.

Almost an exact year after Kate’s birth, this self-proclaimed princess, me, another Katherine, was born into the commoner, middle-class-life on the other side of the world.

Katie Eigel Royal Wedding DreamMe at First Communion feeling like a princess.

Buy LIFE The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton: Expanded, Commemorative Edition Kate and I both grew up excelling in many sports and academics. (However, she was again lucky enough to attend the finest schools in England, which included being classmates with Prince William.)

In 2001, Kate Middleton and Prince William began dating.

I, on the other hand, could only develop a huge crush on the prince from my other side of the world.

But if I have to lose my prince and watch my royal dream wedding happen to anyone else, I’m happy to see Kate Middleton take the cake–the multi-tiered traditional fruit cake that features 16 different blooms.

Why I Love Kate Middleton

It’s not every day I can cheer-lead for a fair-skinned, light-eyed, athletically inclined brunette who openly admitted, “I’m a bit thick in the past.”  She’s fearless; she follows her own style. (It takes a lot of guts, in my opinion, to wear so many feathers. And she wears it so well.)

kate-middleton-by Katherine Photo: CatherinePrincess

She’s a competitor. (She’s been rowing competitively to complement her pre-wedding Dukan Diet 23-inch waist! Not to mention she’s played sports her whole life. This primped princess can kick ass!)

Kate Middleton Rowing by Fantachicks and Paul GroverPhoto: Fantachicks

She parties in day-glo. (A favorite pastime of my friends, too. Life’s too short to be polished all the time. Nice to know the future queen can let loose.)

kate middleton doing dayglo by Posh24Photo: Posh24

Lastly, she shares many milestone characteristics of a typical twenty-something–she’s held multiple jobs, switched careers, and experienced the “break-up-and-make-up” cycle of love.

Any twenty-something who has ever struggled or questioned any part of their career can appreciate anyone who has done the same. Kate Middleton, now 29, attended the University of St. Andrews where she met the handsome prince and received a degree in the History of Art.
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After college, she worked briefly for the accessory-chain, Jigsaw, as an accessory buyer. It was rumored that she was going to quit to become a professional photographer, which did not end up happening.

Instead, Middleton starting working for her parent’s party supply company. Now, she’ll never have to work a day in her life, but it’s nice to the future princess jumped back and forth with career choices and felt the indecisive burden that goes along with fully experiencing your 20s.

Kate Middleton, the girl-next-door-turned-princess, is my new style icon, favorite “celebrity” and my new reason to believe in myself again. I, middle-class, Midwestern, Missourian girl-next-door, can dream bigger than my small-town roots.

Kate Middleton gives me hope. Not that I will marry the King of England one day, but hope that anyone from anywhere can live out a dream that’s bigger than themselves.

Will-and-Kate by her wedding planner Photo: HerWeddingPlanner

Who inspires your royally big dream? Who makes the impossible seem possible to you?

Did Kate Middleton steal your Royal Wedding Dreams too?

And remember…
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  • Allen Rebold

    she looks so happy in the wedding dress :-)

  • Hysterical!

  • Natasha

    I like the rowing one. Haven’t seen that image before. Makes me think she’s not half bad. She was strong enough to break up with the prince when he was misbehavin and let him go to get what she wanted. She may be stronger than we think.

  • kevin

    cute girl, but Ioathe the stupid hats. how much do those wal mart xmas ornaments she calls hats cost the english taxpayer? cut royal spending by killing the hats with bird feathers. may they rest in peace.

  • Katie

    Michael-you are too kind! I am blushing :) I have no clue why little Catholic girls dress up like brides for their first communions. I guess the church can’t teach tell early enough that they too need to marry one day and fill the world with more little girls in bride’s dresses.

    Tina-Bring on the dress! I’m sure it will inspire many weddings to come. I am hoping it’s not too over the top, as well, and something “real” women without unlimited budgets can strive for.

    Cath-Glad you like the mini-me pic! My royal wedding is a little far off, but I will keep you posted. A “wedding dreamer” is a great idea for down the road…hmm. Anyway, you don’t wish you were in your 20s anymore. The heartache, the stress, the first signs of metabolism slowing down, realizing you’re not invincible and premature grey hairs … not fun. I almost wish I was 8 years old again, like in my photo. Those were the worry-free days.

  • lol love the first communion photo. Royal dreams sigh, oh to be in your 20s . . lol. Now I just dream for quiet :-). I look forward to your own version of the royal wedding someday.

    Great post.


  • Katie

    Thanks, Andi! I’m glad you have also found inspiration from the future princess. Keep your crown polished, girl! I’m sure you, too, are inpsiring plenty.

  • Andi

    Katie-LOVE this! Although I’m a day Kate reading…it was quite the morning pick-me-up. I agree! Kate is inspiring to us normal girls and your analogies and parallels were dead-on. Thank you for this! It’s so well written an eye-opening! Xo

  • Tina C

    She is going to make for an extraordinary bride. I am looking forward to seeing her gown. I hope it looks like a real wedding gown that suits here – not a crazy designer version of what a gay man would want to wear if he were a bride!

  • Michael Strutz

    I still don’t get why young catholic girls have to dress up like brides to receive communion. I would have thought the women of the catholic church would have risen up to change that by now. You were as beautiful on your first communion as you are today. Prettier than the princess I’d say.

  • Katie

    Nice, Lisa! I love it! You can be the Troyal Queen of the Universe–someone’s gotta do it! If you can think it, you can do it! Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Lisa Powell, Author & Serial Traveler

    p.s. love all the parallels between you and the future Queen… how wild! :) My girlfriends and I who live in Troy, NY have a joke that we are “Troyalty” ;) (Troy Royalty)… I don’t see any harm in declaring yourself Princess of Wherever You Are ;) My spiritual teacher and I joke in fact that I am the Queen of the Universe. ;) (no small title, there! ;)

    Be the Queen and live your Dreams! <3


  • Lisa Powell, Author & Serial Traveler

    Loved this Katie! Yes YOU too another self-declared princess who started out as “common folk” like most of us (me included!) can live all your dreams… Loved this quote: “Not that I will marry the King of England one day, but hope that anyone from anywhere can live out a dream that’s bigger than themselves.”

    Yes, yes, yes! Here’s to that! :) Let’s keep inspiring each other and cheering each other on as we live ALL our dreams out loud here… Here for you! :)


  • Katie

    Thanks, Remy! I agree about how Kate handles the media–impressive. She’s not causing a ruckus with her behavior and doesn’t seem to be demanding attention, which only makes her appear more “normal.”

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Great photos, of course! She does seem pretty down to earth girl next door – but I’ve never heard her call her self thick…ah, there is hope for us all. I dont know how she handles the media so well. She seems so calm all the time….genuinely not scared or bothered. Great post! xox Rem