How To Help Others Find Their Dreams

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Sometimes we have to put our dreams on hold and lend a hand to make sure that the other people we care about have a way to bring their visions to life, too.

During the past year, my mom has decided that she wants to write a book. I am thrilled for her, and have agreed to help her go after her dream. My mom has endured a life of chronic pain.

She was born with a hip condition where her hips were misaligned outside of her hip sockets.

Nowadays, doctors can easily detect and treat this at birth. But back in the 50s when my mom was born, no such quick-fix existed.

My mom’s dream is to capture her struggles, surgeries and recoveries into a personal story, much like a memoir.

Two of our dreamers, Rayne and Lisa are in the process of writing their own books. This is so admirable, and I pointed my mom in their direction.

Everyone has a story that only they can tell to the world. What we think is our most intimate experiences are truly universal.

Why We Should Help Others With Their Dreams

  • When our dreams become stuck for whatever reason, like mine at the moment, it is nice to know that we don’t constantly have to be striving for something bigger than ourselves.
  • We can take a step back and open up to the dreams of those around us. In the bigger picture of things, our quality of life improves when we enhance the lives of those around us.
  • Have you asked your friends or family members what their dreams are?
  • If so, what are you doing to help them along on their journeys?

How We Can Help Others Find Their Dreams

1. Ask them what their current and long-term life dream is. Just listen here. Don’t interject or judge.

2. Offer Up Your Advice and Help. Be positive and let them know you are there to help, even if just to listen.

3. Connect them to someone you know who is living that same dream. If you know someone personally, great, but this could even be connecting them with someone well known in field that they can research.

4. Check in with them. This can be causal or structured, just drop them a line from time to time to see where they are.

5. Encourage them to share their dream with even more people. This way, they will widen the network of people who can help them.

What can you do to help bring someone’s dream to life?



  • Katie

    Hi, Michelle!
    We’re glad you found us! Let us know what inspiration we can provide to you, and feel free to share your short-term or long-term dream inspiration, if you like.

  • Very nice blog post. I just stumbled upon this site searching for inspiration and want to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing and reading the posts. What great inspiration you all are.

  • Michael Strutz

    The most difficult thing for people to understand is that when you help someone, you actually gain the most out of the experience, and that one should be grateful that they are in a position to be able to help others, rather than one in which they are in need of help.

    • Katie Eigel, Travel & Wellness coach

      Well said, Michael! Thank you for the comment. My mom thanks me all the time for helping her, but really, I am the grateful one in the situation.

  • Did you know that there are 6 phases in the being-stuck process? Neither did !, but here they are and see if anything sounds familiar –

    Phase 1 – The arrival of a crisis, or big change we feel we aren’t in control of.
    Phase 2 – The old ways are not working anymore and we start to feel emotionally stuck.
    Phase 3 – We begin to face the situation with new eyes and new ears.
    Phase 4 – We begin to listen better and to be open to a new type of information.
    Phase 5 – We gain new insight into our own patterns.
    Phase 6 – We take action (begin attending school, set up a home office, unpack all our moving boxes . . .etc).

    This wisdom is thanks to a Dr. Timothy Butler and his book, “Getting Unstuck”
    He has some exercises for getting unstuck on his website at

    And Remy has it right — getting stuck is part of the process — and you may get stuck more than once!


  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Great idea to help others when we get stuck…Being stuck is a part of the process, Katie…dont worry! You’ll get unstuck. Now that you are settled, let’s talk again…looking forward to the updates to your dream… oxo Rem