How I Have I Can Do It Things

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This may sound really silly, but I have a collection of things I keep around to remind myself that “I Can Do It!”  They truly help.  Here’s a sampling:

Old, worn out pair of riding boots.  My past trainer, Kathy Meyer, gave these to me.  She wore them when she rode competitively.  I ride in them every once in awhile when I need a reminder that I Can Ride.

Red, Hawaiian print, floppy hat:  This is my float hat.  I wear it during deco week at the Pasadena Rose Parade Float when I’m in charge of 100 people, organizing the work for the day, answering questions, solving problems, and making sure everything is going along smoothly.  I put it on as I walk down to the deco site from the car in the morning and all my introverted, shyness disappears.

“See, you can handle the morning calendar.”:  This is a note I keep in my wallet.  When I was a law clerk at the District Attorney’s office, I asked an attorney for a single case to argue.  He handed me all of the cases for that morning.  I was terrified but, with him helping me (sort of), I got through it.  He wrote me that note at the end.

My Grandmother’s watch:  My Mom recently gave me the watch my Grandmother wore every day.  It reminds me of all the people in my family who came before me, all the people who love and support me, as well as the future generations I need to be an example for.

Does anyone else have a similar collection of things?

Update on Nikki (my horse) and I:  We’ve had a good week.  I’ve done well at making riding more of a priority and the consistency is really paying off.  I called my trainer to set up a lesson and am waiting to hear back from him.  I’m thinking our first show of the season should be on June 7.  And, with that, I need to go ride before my kids get home!


(Danelle left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 and is still working  on her dream is to become an accomplished equestrian)

  • Catherine

    You are so going down the road of what I have for us on Sunday. I read two favorite old books that are highlighted, and marked up and I urn tot hem whenever I need to be reminded of who I am. I can almost quote from them, but something about reading them, touching them looking at all the marks that comforts me.