Self Care for Dreamers: Spring Detox

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It’s great to be back from a little break. I don’t know about you, but I could use a spring detox.

Last week, I moved from Chicago to …

… Arizona.

And last year at this very same time, I moved out of San Francisco.

As I unpack my boxes for the hundredth time, start my new journey–yet again–and de-clutter my life, I want to refocus on my health. (I did sign up for a 12K next month I need to complete.)

Let’s start fresh and make room for new possibilities with a spring detox for the mind, body and soul.

You might not have moved to three cities in the last year and went back to school to learn a completely new trade, but that doesn’t matter. You’ve made changes, stumbles and advancements in the last year that are worth reflecting upon.

You, too, are worthy of a detox.

I know the word the “detox” can be scary. We all have our own notion of it.

Barely-edible blender meals.Spicy lemonade concoctions. Diet pills. Or calorie-restritions beyond the point of starvation. (Which, by the way, should dip no lower than 1500 calories for women.)

What I’m suggesting is a different kind of spring detox.

One that addresses stress, lack of inspiration and our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).

In my health coaching practice, I have lead a lot of detoxes. In my health coaching training, I also tried a lot of detoxes on myself a la Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me. How else could I advise people unless I found out how detoxes worked on myself?

I did the crazy ones so you don’t have to. The best part is that I can pull the best parts from each detox to provide a safe and effective one-size-fits-most detox.

Detox Your Body

  • Go gluten free, dairy free or both. Most people are sensitive to both and they don’t even know it. Eliminate it for 1-2 weeks and reintroduce it to see how you feel. Instead of bread, focus on eating brown rice or quinoa.
  • Eat more raw (uncooked) veggies, like our dreamer Lisa.
  • Swap out your sugars. Substitute them and artificial sweeteners for low-on-the-glycemic-index agave nectar.
  • Start your day with a hot water with juice from 1/2 lemon squeezed in. (Ancient Indian method for cleansing your liver, upping your vitamin C–happy Vitamin C Day, btw–and curbing sweet cravings.)

Detox Your Mind

  • Check e-mail 1-3 times/day, as opposed to 30.
  • Anytime you get stuck or procrastinate, write down why and let the answer surface.
  • Try to meditate. Scared? Search for guided meditations. I promise this is not too “new-agey.”

Detox Your Soul

  • Send someone a letter, not an e-mail, telling them how much you appreciate them.
  • Spend time each night journaling 10 things you are grateful for.

As the sun sets on me in the Southwest, I hope the dawn brings you and me a new day filled with limitless possibility. Be up for it. Be ready for it. And be healthy for it.

How will you detox yourself this spring?

P.S. If you want more detox guidance or advice, I am happy to help!



Katie dreams to complete her career transformation from corporate copywriter to world traveling health coach. In one year she’ll document the launch of her wellness travel business, Real World Wellness, on 8 Women Dream. Follow her progress–or procrastinations–every Monday.

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  • Katie Eigel, Travel & Wellness coach

    Lisa! You just let me know and I am ready to prep you with detox advice! Thank you for the well wishes ;)

  • Lisa

    Katie I’d actually LOVE detox advice… I have always wanted to try one, and have never actually done it. Of course I’m doing the raw vegan thing now, and that’s been a great “health experiment” so far. I would love your thoughts/suggestions on the detoxes you have had the most success with over the years.

    And CONGRATS on your move and good luck unpacking!


  • Katie Eigel, Travel & Wellness coach

    Great, Cath! I know, without a doubt, that you will allow renewal and rebirth to happen this spring. Make more room for bigger ideas!

  • Love this and it’s timely as I come out of the winter and open my windows and let all the fresh air in. Rebirth and renewal are wonderful if we get out of our own way and allow them to happen.