Spring Training for Your Dream

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Spring Training for Your Dream - image by dream photographer Remy Gervais

This week, I am in Arizona taking in some baseball spring training for the first time. As these baseball pros take the field and master the crafts of their lifelong dreams, it got me to thinking … how am I spring training for my dream?

Even in the off-season of a baseball player’s career, it’s the daily training, strengthening repetitions and spring training games in blistering heat that keep them in top shape.

So, what do you do to strengthen your dream in the off-season?

Do you and your dream attend a form of spring training?

As you know, my big dream is to one day own a travel and wellness business. I’m well aware that this will not happen overnight or possibly not for a few years. I’m OK with that. What I do know is that I can take small steps now to lead up to that big dream–spring training, if you will.

Right now, my small step towards the big dream is to plan a trip to run the 100th Anniversary race of Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

It fulfills my travel requirement and my wellness requirement to do something healthy for the mind, body or spirit. And it just happens to be one of the craziest 12K races around.

Spring Training for Your Dream: Running the Bay to Breakers

On May 15, 2011, the Bay to Breakers race will start in downtown San Francisco, close to the “bay.”

The race then climbs and up down the hills of San Francisco for about seven miles before emptying out by the “breakers” of the Pacific Ocean–with a few fun pit stops along the way.

Bay to Breakers is just as much a race as it is a celebration of San Francisco’s eclectic neighborhoods and fun-loving residents.

In a little way for me, running this race and traveling there with my friends is a dream come true.

It’s small in comparison to the big dreams I hope to achieve one day, but I’m a firm believer in celebrating small victories. This race for me will strengthen my dream muscles to prepare me for the bigger challenges of the future. It’s the things I take time to do every day that will make me a valuable player in the end.

Spring Training for Your Dream: Participants in the Bay To Breakers

My “Spring Training” Schedule for My Dream:

  • Daily Running
  • Lodging and Activity Planning for the Trip
  • Healthier Diet for Better Run Time
  • Costume Brainstorming
  • Networking with Former Bay to Breakers Races for Tips

My schedule isn’t exactly a million sets and reps of conditioning, but I have to fit this into an already-booked, everyday life, just like you and your dream.

Spring Training for Your Dream: Giants at Spring Training by Remy gervais

As your favorite baseball team starts training this spring to make the World Series, what are you doing right now to spring train for your big dream?


* Photos of the Bay to Breakers were provided courtesy of my designer and photographer friend, Nate Yates.

  • Last year the Bay to Breakers was a blast! We survived mile by mile – and your spring training plan looks great.

    Can’t wait to hear about the race – and see you out here!

  • Katie

    Remy-Of course I should have asked you for B2B shots!! Where was my head at?! I will have to brace myself for the naked people. I see a lot of over-bundled people in my neck of the woods, but I’m up for the experience!

    Lisa-Yahoo for your spring training tasks–the book and the website! Big congrats to you! I hope to see you at B2B, if not this year, then sometime soon.

    Cath-Thanks for the costume idea! I was thinking maybe I could wear an 8WD shirt? I can’t wait to meet! We will talk close to the date.

  • I thought I put in my two cents here already! lol

    Knee pads, anti-inflammatory pain relief. Snacks for every three miles. Water. Yes, there will be naked people, you won’t care.

    Costumes . . . hmmm. They say one should give a 10-Carat Diamond on a 100th anniversary. Can you make yourself a diamond?

    We are planning to come see you, and if Lisa is here we should all go somewhere after if you are up to it. . . a good Irish bar near there would be fun.

    I loved it last year.


  • Lisa

    I LOVE Bay2Breakers! Who knows, maybe I’ll make it out there for it this year as well… 100th Anniversary… didn’t know that! Honestly I’ve always walked it and just enjoyed all the crazy costumes ;) (running has never been my “sport” ;) that’s dancing, weight-lifting etc.). Not sure yet if I’ll challenge myself to run but maybe this could be the first year for that… Either way would be fun to be there for sure!

    I do just *love* the idea of spring-training for your dream. That rocks! :) Hafta think about how I can do that right now with my dream of finishing and publishing my book, and “officially” launching my successful life-coaching business (it’s already up and going, just need the Website up and to offer more programs and bring on more clients!).

    Have fun with it! You go girl! :)


    p.s. and have fun and good luck apartment shopping! :)

  • Remy G

    Ah, you should have asked me for my photos of the bay to breakers from LAST year. Be ready for naked. Trust me. the shock wears off about mile 2. Watch for flying tortillas at the starting line. Hope to meet you when you are here that weekend! xxo Rem