Positive Thursday: 8 Reasons to Enjoy Your Life Today

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8 Reasons to enjoy your life

Happy positive Thursday dreamers!

I hope you’ve had an exciting and positive week. My week has been emotional; both happy and sad. In my post last week, What Are You Overwhelmed By?, I discussed how and why being overwhelmed isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can be overwhelmed with goodness, blessings and joy.

In spite of being overwhelmed with nerves, we can be overwhelmed with love.

This week, rather than even think about the future, I want to just focus on right now. It’s my last week of college. Eek! I told you last week how excited I am about what the near future holds with my move to California and new job. I also told you how excited I am to live it up and soak it up as I wrap up my four years of college whirlwind.

I wouldn’t be where am today if it weren’t for yesterday. I won’t be where I will be tomorrow without today.

I’m adopting a new mantra: “Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

This is why I’ve compiled 8 Reasons to Enjoy Your Life Today –

1. You are doing great things.

Regardless of where you are sitting right now, you are doing something important with your life. You are impacting someone and you have already done so much. Stay cheerful and optimistic about who you are, what you’ve done and where you are going.

2. There are people who love and support you.

People care about you. Anytime you feel upset, remember how many people love you and are cheering for you! Anytime you feel anxious or freaking out about pursuing your future and your dreams, remember how many people love you right where you are at right now.

3. You have opportunities to grow.

Today is the day to embrace that you can constantly be refining who you are. You can always be growing personally and professionally. This doesn’t mean achieving you dream overnight — it just means taking life one day at a time and constantly trying to get better with each one.

4. The longer you wait to enjoy life, the more you lose in the long run.

Sometimes when you are stressing about your dreams or future, it’s essential to just sit back and breathe. Take a chew on this: the longer you wait to actually enjoy and soak up life, the less time you have to enjoy it.

5. Extra stress keeps you from moving forward.

I live by a sweet saying that runs through my mind almost daily: too blessed to be stressed. We have so much to be grateful for let stress overwhelm us. We have too many beautiful things to be grateful for to worry about the bad things.

6. Life is an adventure.

Life doesn’t have to be one big struggle. What if we viewed life as an exciting adventure rather than a battle uphill. Rather than view life as a battle uphill, why not instead run down the hill sprinting?

7. You have control of your own life.

No one is telling you what to do. No one is forcing you to do something or go somewhere. You have the power to decide how you view your life, you have the control to do what you want to do. Now all you have to do is go for it.

8. Unexpected moments and disasters can be the just what you need.

Sometimes, we just have bad days. It’s inevitable, but just when you think you can’t crack a smile or laugh-something absolutely ridiculous comes along to keep you rolling on the floor.

Case in point: My friend and I were bummed after a rough group project and being bombarded with tasks to do and were walking down the escalator to grab a quick dinner. My friend was wearing a fabulous floor-length maxi skirt and as we stepped off the escalator, she was stuck.

Her skirt was caught in the escalator steps for a full minute until a random stranger came up to rip her skirt out of the escalator. You can’t script moments like this. And I wouldn’t pass up these moments for the world. Today, and the very moment we are in, is an gift.

And a beautiful one at that!

Make today beautiful, positive and enjoyable. I only shared a few reasons to soak up today, live it up in the moment you are in and appreciate how far you’ve come, where you’re heading and the precise moment you’re in. I’m here to cheer for you.

Until next positive Thursday

XO —Andi

Andrea TaggertAndrea’s dream is to graduate college from Ohio University in spring 2011, to find a job that allows her to utilize her public relations education and skills; to launch her own personal website www.polish-my-crown.com; and to become a certified life coach and motivational speaker.

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  • Michael Strutz

    Great, but you forgot one: we woke up alive today.

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Unexpected stuff is great, I agree! Keep breathing, girl! you are almost here….congratulations on your final week of school…live in those moments for sure…life is about to get incredibly different…xox Rem

  • I love number 8 — “Unexpected moments and disasters can be the just what you need”. This is so true. My friend KB always says that if you resist moving along your life, life will come along and shove you forward. She says it’s better to meditate, visualize and try to steer as much of your life as you can. Some of my biggest disasters have changed my life for the better!