Positive Thursday: What Are You Overwhelmed By?

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positive thursday stop worrying

Happy Positive Thursday dreamers!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week. If I could describe my week in one word, I would choose overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like that word gets a bad reputation? People immediately think of “overwhelmed” as stressed, worried, upset, but I like to view overwhelmed in another way.

You know I like to share definitions in my posts, so here is the actual definition of overwhelmed:

  • to load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything
  • to overcome completely in mind or feeling

So what’s the reason I am feeling overwhelmed? Well, I am coming super-close to achieving one of my dreams. I was recently offered a job at a digital public relations firm in San Francisco and have accepted the job!

Like you can see on my 8 Women Dream Bio page, one of my life goals/dreams has been to “to find a job that allows me to utilize my public relations education and skills.” And this is that opportunity.

This Midwest gal is packing her bags and heading to the West Coast to start a new life, to start a new job, to start a new dream. And this is why I’m overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with feelings of excitement, joy, nervousness and craziness.

When I tell people I’m overwhelmed, they automatically think that’s a bad thing. I prefer to look at being overwhelmed as a healthy and happy thing. I’m overwhelmed with blessings. I’m overwhelmed I’m overwhelmed with opportunities.

I’m overwhelmed with a full and purposeful life.

Instead of feeling stressed or worried about my new opportunities, new life experiences and new job, I am choosing to feel blessed. Rather than be worried that I don’t have an apartment in the city yet, I am feeling blessed that a beautiful fellow dreamer, Rayne, is offering me a room in her house for a few weeks.

Rather than being stressed about the upcoming whirlwind weeks as I transition from college to “the real world”, I am feeling blessed to have a job. To be offered a job in this economy. To be in the position to continue learning and growing both professionally and personally.

In last week’s post, Identity: Who Am I Now And Who Do I Want To Be I wrote about identity. I explained,

“Your early 20s is the time you are refining the young man or woman you were created to be! Keep your head held high and continue pursuing the future confidently while enjoying the moments you are in.”

This week, I am channeling this mindset and this thought process. I am beyond excited, nervous, and overwhelmed for my future. I am also beyond happy that I can soak up my last few weeks of college with the best friends I’ve ever met.

Like the image above states, “Stop worrying and live!”

I am not overwhelmed with worry. I am overwhelmed with life!

May today be the day be the day you choose to be overwhelmed with joy and happiness and excitement for life, rather than overwhelmed by worry and stress. Keep me updated on your journeys and dreams; thank you for constantly supporting me!

What dreams have you achieved lately? What ones are you close to completing?

Until next positive Thursday

XO —Andi

Andrea TaggertAndrea’s dream is to graduate college from Ohio University in spring 2011, to find a job that allows her to utilize her public relations education and skills; to launch her own personal website www.polish-my-crown.com; and to become a certified life coach and motivational speaker.

  • Lolli

    Interesting column. I am going to spend more time reading about this

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  • I can’t wait to welcome you to California! You will have a bunch of support out here. I am so excited for you. I agree that overwhelm is all in our heads… I like the way you look at it!

  • Lisa

    CONGRATS Andie!!! I’m soooo excited for you and just know you will love SF too. It’s such a fantastic city!

    I loved this: “I’m overwhelmed with blessings. I’m overwhelmed I’m overwhelmed with opportunities.”

    And this: “I am not overwhelmed with worry. I am overwhelmed with life!”

    Amen girlfriend! Love that. What a beautiful way to put a new spin on a word/concept that you’re right gets a bad rap.

    Enjoy this time! And I’m so excited to be a support to you in any way that I can as you make this transition.


  • Rayne

    As someone who has been feeling extremely overwhelmed lately, I really appreciated your post. I’m overwhelmed by STUFF not problems. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Remy G

    Congratulations Andi! And welcome to the great state of California! :) So looking forward to meeting you, and supporting you any way we can on your dream path…So wise, for someone so young in years….xox Rem

  • Very exciting news! I think it is amazing that when we started this dream journey you were writing to me from NY on break from school — who would have ever thought that you would end up coming to SF and living near the bulk of dreamers!

    I also want to introduce you to my niece — you are both close in age and she is between her junior and senior year of college.

    Dreaming big dreams causes many wonderful things to happen in our lives if we are willing to face the fear, do the hard work and take small steps every day.