Success Interview With Former Top Chef Contestant Andrea Beaman: 2 of 2

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Welcome to the second part of my Andrea Beaman interview.

Here we will learn the obstacles that are associated with anyone’s recipe for success. And you’ll also gain the inspiration to push right through them to achieve your big dream.

Success from Former Top Chef ContestantWhat have been the biggest challenges you have had to face?

The biggest challenges I’ve had to face have been my own voice that tells me that I’m not good enough. Anytime I’m faced with something, it’s me. I have to look at myself, it’s either that I’m going to do it or I’m not going to do it. I’m the only one that can stop me. My thoughts about myself, my feelings about myself, who I think I am or what I think I am, what I think I am capable of.

If I limit myself or have a limited perspective of who I am or what I am capable of, then I’ll always stop myself from moving forward. But, if I open my possibilities and I become limitless like the universe, then I can do anything.

Really, the biggest challenge is getting rid of that small voice that is very loud. It says, “You’re not good enough, you can’t do it, who are you to do anything like that? You’re not an expert, you’re not a professional, blah, blah, blah.”

This labeling and this programming and all this stuff is nonsense. I know today that it is nonsense. Back then, I would believe it, “Oh, yeah, I can’t do that, who am I kidding? I’m not good enough. I don’t have the right credentials.”

I think credentials are a stick in the mud. They will stop you from doing anything. Then I always think about the doctors who diagnosed me had credentials up the wazoo. The doctors who told me that I can not heal this condition, that I had to radiate, that I can not do this and I can not do that. These were the people with high credentials from some of the best schools in the country. And what did they know? I always think about that. I always think what is going on in our society is that it’s all about programming and following this norm. It’s really limiting and small. I think we are limitless and gigantic when we let ourselves be.

I heard you speak at a conference and you said that the more we squash that voice by taking action on the other voice, the quieter the negative voice becomes.

Absolutely! And, that voice is still here today. And, I choose to listen to the stronger part. It’s me now that says yes you can do anything. The tiny voice is still there even though it’s much quieter than the second voice. It’s still there and it might be there for the rest of my life. I don’t know, but I know that I can choose to listen to it or not listen to it.

It’s like that old American Indian tale where the young Indian says to the old great grandfather, he was talking about his anger and he said, “You know I have this anger that lives inside of me. I don’t know how to squash it.”

The grandfather said, “The anger is like a wolf. You have these two wolves living inside of you. One is anger and one is peace. Whichever one you feed is the one that will survive.”

Again, we have these two voices inside of us. Which one do we feed? The one we feed is the one that survives. I’ve been choosing for the past ten years to feed the one that is the higher calling and the bigger version of myself, the unlimited possibilities. The take-a-risk dare.

What advice do you think is especially important for women to hear when it comes to going for their dreams?

Especially for women, I tell them don’t listen to that voice that says you’re not good enough, you’re small, you can’t do this–you’re a woman. Definitely trust their intuition, trust their inner guidance. Women are highly intuitive, so tap into that innate wisdom. Everybody has it. Women have always been known to have a sixth sense. We have to start to be guided by our intuition and sixth sense.

I think we all went astray when the patriarch came into power with a very male-dominated energy. It was almost the destruction of the woman. I think the feminine really needs to pull her power back. We have to make balance. There really needs to be balance in this world. It’s not about women going to war. It’s not about women pushing the red button, you know what I mean? It’s more the softness, the feminine, we have to take our power back in a big way.

And, I always think about cooking. So many women have moved out of the kitchen and they went into the workplace and they think that’s the better place. I can tell you that it’s not!

When women are home in the kitchen and purchasing the ingredients and cooking for their families, they have so much power they don’t even realize it. They have the power to control the health and wellbeing of their family.

How do you stay on track with achieving your goals?

I wake up every morning with a passion, with a desire to be here in the world while I’m here, and to be here very powerfully. To keep myself on track, I do the things that make me feel good. On a daily basis, I’ll either do one of three things when I wake up, I will either:

  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Stretch and do yoga

Or I’ll do all three when I have time, I will certainly do all three.

I try to meditate on a daily basis. I want to say that six out of the seven days I wake up, and I meditate. Even when I don’t want to sit there, I get still and I get quiet.

I exercise on a daily basis because it makes me feel good. I eat well as often as possible. So I try to do most often the things I love and the things that make me feel good. That helps me to stay on track, because if I’m feeling good and looking good, it helps me to stay focused.

Ok, here I am in the world. I’m looking good. I’m feeling good. Let’s go! Let’s get this thing accomplished!

I also don’t like to leave things unfinished. If I start something, I like to finish it. If it’s unfinished, I get uncomfortable. I don’t like to leave things straggling. I don’t like to leave things hanging. For the past ten years, I go to bed at night and there is not a dish in my sink. I can’t! I will wake up in the middle of the night if there is a fork in the sink.

I’m telling you, I was one of the sloppiest people I knew! It used to kill my mother; she would cry when she walked into my room. She’d say, “Ann, this place looks like a bomb exploded in it.” And it did! She was right. I had dishes underneath my bed for weeks. I can’t even imagine that I used to live that way.

I know today that if I start something, I have to finish it. If I start a dinner on the stove, I have to finish it by doing the dishes. I can’t leave them for an hour, or a half hour, I have to finish things. If I wake up the next morning and there are dishes in the sink, I’m already in a negative way. You know, I’m already carrying over excess baggage from the day before. It helps me to have more energy.

Looking back on your journey so far, is there anything you would have done differently?

No. There’s nothing I would have done differently, because even the things I totally screwed up, were learning lessons for me.

If I stay too long in a relationship, the lesson for me is you have to nip it in the bud or you can’t be with that type of person anymore–set the boundaries. So anything I did that I thought wasn’t such a good idea, I learned from.

So, I can’t say that there is anything I would have done over again. Everything I have done, whether it positively or negatively affected me, has brought me where I am today.

And where I am today is alive, healthy, feeling beautiful in my heart and soul and loving life to the fullest. I don’t think I would change anything.

Even the experience I had with my mother, you know, being with my mother at the end of her life when she was on her deathbed. She’s not here today, and that was a harrowing experience for me as a child, I was like 23 years old.

When I was 24, she finally died, but even having that experience when I look back and reflect on it, you know, having that time with my mother helped me to know her more intimately on a level I never knew. I never knew her, I only knew her as my mom when I was growing up. As I got to know her in her dying days, I was like, “Oh my god, this is one of the most beautiful people I ever met in my life.”

I got to see a part of her soul that I never had access to before. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention because she was healthy all the other times. Even things like that, I am grateful for. The bad stuff, the positive stuff, it’s real helped me to become aware and love life more deeply.

What do you dream about now?

That’s interesting. I don’t even know. I don’t dream about too much stuff because dreams seem so far away and I’m really living my life as fully as possible right now.

It’s the simple things, like today’s my birthday (Feb. 16) and I was with my boyfriend today and we had gone for a double massage at a Chinese/Japanese health institute. They had a cold water bath and a hot water bath. It was so invigorating.

My boyfriend said to me,

“One day when we have enough money, we’re going to have a hot- and-cold bath.” I said, “Yes! When we get our place we’re going to have a hot-and-cold bath and we’re also going to have a gym inside our compound or whatever it is!”

The little things that make me happy, I’m already living them. I’m in a great relationship. I love my job. I’m happy to be alive. I have my health. I have my family. I love my nephews to death. I don’t have so much in the ways of dreams, it’s more like I keep living this reality and it keeps getting better and better and better.

I would like to sincerely thank Andrea Beaman for taking the time to share her story with me, inspire me and remind me that I am safe in the universe–and so are you.

What’s most tasty to you about Andrea Beaman’s recipe for success?



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