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I have no clue what’s going on with my travel dream, so it’s time you help me define my choose-your-own-adventure story.

Or choose-your-own-adventure dream.

choose your own dream adventure

In the past month, I traveled to nine destinations in 30 days. This travel dreamer is tired!  I’ve road tripped from Chicago to New Mexico with Colorado and Iowa layovers.

Partied in Denver, then skied in Vail.

adventure skiing in Vail

Sunned in Miami Beach. (Sunrise during a yoga session)

adventure on the beach in Miami

Flew to Phoenix for a few days and drove to the middle of nowhere northeast Arizona for a week. Oh, and escaped to Las Vegas for a weekend.

Perhaps the two feet of Chicago snow outside of my apartment encouraged me to choose my own adventure to fly south, west and southwest for winter. Maybe I was checking out new places to plant myself?

The snow has this weird annual affect, which causes the afflicted to question why they choose to live under a sludgy, gray blanket for most of the year.

You start to think where else in the world would be suitable for you.

But, be careful what you wish for! As the worst blizzard swept through the Midwest and other parts, I got offered the chance to move south for the winter and beyond.

In this video, I talk about:

-Being in the middle of nowhere

-Being in the middle of my choose-your-own-adventure story

-And being between two tough choices.

Can you help me decide which page I should turn to and city to move to next?

Here is the video transcription:

Hello, dreamers. Katie here.

I’m saying hello to you for what appears to be a kitchen, and it is a kitchen. The thing about this kitchen is that it is located in the middle of now here, Arizona.

Right now I am in northeast Arizona. I drove here last night in the dark, and it took about four hours from Phoenix to get here, so that should give you an idea of how truly, truly isolated I am right now.

“What am I doing here?” is a great question. I am here because my boyfriend is on a short-term mechanical engineering assignment for his company, so I’m out here visiting him.

But his job and his opportunity in this middle of nowhere place actually has a lot to do with my dream and myself because they recently offered him the chance to stay out here for another year.

So we’ll see. We’ll see. Right now I feel like I’m in the middle of my own sort of choose-your-adventure novel, and I can turn to page 16 and stay in Chicago and keep building a business there, or I can turn to page 27 and whisk myself away to the warmth of Arizona.

So if you have any words of wisdom for me, please put them in the comments section. I will read them all and reply to them all. And I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

When you hit a fork in the road, where did you go in your choose-your-own-adventure story?


Katie dreams to complete her career transformation from corporate copywriter to world traveling health coach. In one year she’ll document the launch of her wellness travel business, Real World Wellness, on 8 Women Dream. Follow her progress–or procrastinations–every Monday.

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  • Jayne Speich, Financial Assistance

    Dear Katie, way to face a choice! Pick the two most opposite climates in the country, make sure they have the two most opposite charms and challenges imaginable, and put yourself right in the middle of deciding between the two! Here is my thought. Maybe it isn’t really a choice between two things, but an opportunity to experience both? Chicago’s not going anywhere… so how about a sabbatical in Arizona? If you love it, make it two years. If you get to June and feel your skin might just fry off your body, how about changing course and heading back to the city? In other words…would a shift in perspective help you have your cake and eat it, too?

    Jayne (who spent 3 days in Phoenix once when it was 119 degrees and learned she definitely prefers the fog of the Sonoma coast to the desert southwest!!)

  • Katie

    Lisa and Carole,

    Thank you for your WONDERFUL words of wisdom!
    You gave me exactly what I needed to hear. I am closer to a decision because of you both.

    Time to sit with my heart for a while …

  • Carole

    Hi Katie

    I love Chicago. No place like Wriggley’s Field, the restaurants and the culture. I also love AZ. Great weather. Spring training, Sedona much slower life style. I have been to both places quite a few times. There would be things that would pull me to Chicago. And there would be things that would pull me to AZ.
    I would go where my heart (meaning love) took me. I figure no matter where one is in the world they can do what they really want to do (build a business, write a book, knit, read, etc). One can do it easier when they are with someone they love and who loves them.


    P.S. Chicago is only an airplane ride away.

  • Lisa

    Hey Katie ~ nice video, beauitful! :) And BTW I LOVED choose-your-own adventure books when I was a kid…

    Soooo… What page to turn to now? Well when I have a major decision to make I tend to do some freewriting/journaling around it (pros and cons)… More importantly, however, since the mind can rationalize ANY decision, I try to “feel” into it. Does the idea of moving to Arizona make me FEEL joyful, expansive? or constricted, anxious? Does the idea of staying in Chicago excite me? or feel… eh? A friend of mine who is a spiritual teacher teaches something called the “Internal Guidance System” (see which allows us to “check in” with our own inner wisdom to see how a decision or thought FEELS to us… You can check out her video there of how to do this.

    I’d meditate on it, mull it over, envision myself in both places and see what makes you feel more expanded… Then also let the Universe unfold as it will… Are you feeling “led” more to Arizona, or to staying? Letting decisions happen organically is often what life comes down to for me… I sit with it and sometimes also let the Universe “chip in”… Sometimes one path simply becomes clearly what feels “meant to be” for the moment.

    I know this all might sound a little “woo-woo” New Agey ;) but I DO believe that we have an internal sense of wisdom that is always guiding us to the right decision for our lives in any given moment.

    Or you could ask yourself the question, “What would love do in this situation?” move to Arizona? stay in Chicago?

    Of course i guess your boyfriend gets to chip in on the decision as well, hmmm ;) So see how it is all “feeling” for him as well…

    In the end ~ go with your heart and gut! (not the intellect!). Following our “intuition” ends up being the wise thing to do, every time…

    Lots of love and good luck!

  • Agh! You are so close to me! I love Arizona – esp Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon/Painted Desert areas. Love the video – I’ll have to feature it on the site when I get back home today.


    • Katie

      Thanks, Cath!

      I just got back to Chicago from Arizona, and there’s a lot to love about that part of the country, especially being closer to Cali ;)