Positive Thursday: Dream Big Live Bigger

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Live Bigger

Last week in my post, Positive Thursday: The Importance of Living Daily Dreams, I blogged about the importance of not only pursuing your lifelong dreams, but also mini daily dreams. The dreams you can start living  today like being happy, building faith, thinking positively, working hard and staying strong.

These daily dreams will help make the journey of achieving your big dreams easier and ultimately happier.

The 8 Women Dream website is designed to allow you as readers to read about eight of our journeys while pursuing our dreams, but the website is also here as a catalyst to inspire YOU to pursue your own dreams.

I am excited to hear about your dreamy adventures sometime soon. I wanted to share with you today something that’s affected me personally this week.

I’ve learned that sometimes pursuing and chasing and working toward your dream is a huge task that takes a ton of patience and hard work. Lately, I’ve been consumed by researching life coaching certification courses and countless job applications. It’s been overwhelming and chaotic and a lot more work than I ever planned on.

One thing I’ve realized lately is that although these dreams are important, they are not the “end all.”

It’s VITAL for us to focus on living, not just dreaming. In no way, shape or form does this mean you shouldn’t be chasing your dreams and future goals. What I mean is that we were created to LIVE to our full potential.

We were made to shine; to enjoy life; to appreciate life right where we are at. In the process of pursuing your dreams, try not to lose sight of what you are actually living for.

I love how the above picture states: “Dream big. Live bigger.”

We all have the potential to achieve our dreams. I know you can do it! But, we also have the potential right this moment to live a full life of happiness and peace; a life of purpose.

Like I said, keep me updated on your big dreams. I’m your #1 cheerleader, seriously! But don’t lose sight of living life to the fullest, every day, all day.

Life is made to live it up; big time.

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  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    I Love it! Dreaming big and living bigger. We have to take action in order to make it work. Mini dreams and actions were everywhere this week. If you want to talk about coaching – and I’ll speak for Jayne – we’d be happy to tell you about our experience…Thank you for such a great positive way to look at Thursdays Andi! xox Rem

  • Lisa

    Andi, I just love this quote: “We all have the potential to achieve our dreams. I know you can do it! But, we also have the potential RIGHT THIS MOMENT to live a full life of happiness and peace; a life of purpose.”

    Yes, yes, YES! I love the idea of “mini-dreams” daily – brilliant – and focus daily on how to have a wonderful life, right now, while also working on those big shining dreams far off in the future.

    You have such beautiful energy ~ just love your enthusiasm ~ consider ME to be YOUR biggest cheerleader too as you go after all your dreams! Here to cheer you on!


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  • Yes I agree, dreaming takes balance and there are times you are very into working on your dream and other times where you need to take a break from it. What’s important is that you always come back to it.

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    I know Remy and Jayne will have some great advice on this.