Why Your Dreams Are Worth Being Center Stage

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When was the last time you put yourself on the center stage of your dreams?

Did you start 2011 with your list of dreams to be accomplished this year?  I pulled my list out yesterday – in somewhat of a semi-panic – thinking that a whole month has gone by and feeling  that maybe I was already ‘behind’.

But I’m not behind. I’m actually surprised at what I’ve already done. I committed to the approach of small incremental steps towards bigger goals…breaking things down and crossing them off – such a departure from ‘the old dreamer me.”

But somehow, slow and steady seems to be winning the race.  I’m intrigued.


1. On my dream of outlining a book about photography by 7-31-2011:

Got a great referral to someone who has a ton of expertise in self publishing and promoting.   I’ve talked with him about my ideas, he’s given me some quotes and now the next step is to just commit to the process – deciding on layouts, size, and photos. There is nothing in the way of moving ahead with that dream. Except me.

2. On my dream of shooting a national sporting event by 12-11-2011:

I emailed someone Action Sports International, and got this response:
Good news. We reviewed your application and supporting materials and have accepted your application to become a member of the ASI photography team as a level 1 photographer at the rate of $30 an hour.
I emailed someone at USARugby and got this response:

Our national championships might be a good opportunity for you.  I’ve attached an application to attend the USA Sevens this February, but it might be pretty tight getting into that one as we’ve got (photographers) from all over the world trying to get in.  Can’t hurt to try though.
Have I made that next call on either of these?

No.  They are all right there, stalled – waiting for me to just do it.

So what’s my problem?

I used to measure my worth by being the person behind the scenes  in a mostly thankless, unseen supporting role – helping the person “on stage” to get it done.

I did it at work – managing coaches in working with our clients.  I mentored my employees to become self-motivating, and it created a thriving, collaborative work environment and incredible results.  Making them front and center was essential in validating their efforts as individuals and team players.

I do it at home – single parent of a teenager. I spend a lot of time and energy investing in his academic and extracurricular success. I want to help him get what he wants, whatever that means.  Period.  Most days its a thankless, balls-out slugfest.  Shining the spotlight on him helps develop his self confidence and trust in his own abilities.

I do it in relationships – as a sister, daughter, best friend, mentor, neighbor – I seek out ways to make it happen for others even before finding opportunities to make it happen for myself. Most of my personal happiness centered around others being successful, knowing that in some way my support helped them get what they wanted.

The reason I loved “being behind the scenes” is because it is an anonymous, fast paced, live in the unknown, mistake-making playground – and no one gets to see behind the curtain unless I say it’s OK.

I’m the right hand man.  The trusted adviser. The Go-To Girl – I’m it.

But following my own dreams puts me front and center in my own life.  Center stage.  I cant hide. It’s me and my dreams – that’s it.

So now I think what’s stopping me is my lack of trust and experience in being on my own stage, with my own dreams and goals.  Totally exposed and out in front – and the kicker  – looking for others who can support me in getting what I want.  I’m no longer behind the curtain.

I didn’t think in a million years that I would get here.  To a place in my life where I’m fighting for the front.  To be seen, create impact and to make a difference – and I am starting to believe I can do it.

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

  • Remy G

    Kelly, thanks so much for your comments and insights. Its like you and my life coach were cut from the same cloth. He was trying to get me to see that same point…and i got it. Still not my automatic perspective but i’m sure I’ll there. (So I guess I could have included my answers and his followup to complete the exchange….and its good.)

    I did make the calls and filled out the application for the 7’s championship. The book guy is next.

    Thank you again for your comment. We love having your voice here on 8wd. xox Rem

  • Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

    Worthy, unworthy, deserving…. These are all concepts that waste our time and energy. In my opinion, none of us is “deserving” or “worthy” of anything. To me, that smacks of something we simply have coming and don’t have to earn. I’m probably looking at it from a very different angle than you, but whenever I hear these terms used I recall a conversation I overheard where two friends were discussing an upcoming vacation. It’s amazing what you can learn in the McDonald’s Playplace. One friend was saying that she couldn’t afford the vacation and that she was buried in debt. Her friend’s response was to use the credit card that still had some room on in, because she “deserved” the vacation. This conversation was an epiphany and it brought home for me how many people feel about what they “deserve”.
    Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. For you: worthy or unworthy – WHO CARES! It’s your dream and it excites you. Go for it and revel in it.

    I applaud you having the guts to make the calls for shooting the national sporting event. Often, if you just put yourself out there, good things will happen. I had a similar experience. When I went to my first National Speakers Association Convention I also put in a proposal to do a breakout session. My NC speaker friends were aghast. A number of them came up to me saying that they had always wanted to speak at the convention. A couple of my friends had applied numerous times, but the rest had never even taken the step of putting in an application. They thought that they weren’t “worthy”. In my naivety I put myself out there to speak on something that I, as a newbie, thought would have value for other speakers – storytelling.

    Now – call back on those opportunities.

  • Katie

    What a relief to read! Great post, Remy. I have a serious case of stage fright.
    Time to put yourself in, coach.

    • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

      Nice to know I’m n- alone, Katie! xox Rem

  • I read this post through two or three times and then it dawned on me…you are talking about making a transformative leap from manager to LEADER! A true leader cannot lead from behind the curtain. A leader steps out in front of the curtain! I am excited for you and also inspired by this bold step you are taking.


    • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

      Thank you Jayne. I am constantly inspired by you as well. How you think and how you create amazes me! thank you for your support and insights. xoxo Rem

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Such a great visual, Dane. I will make the calls today. xox Rem

  • Dana

    This is fabulous Rem. And so scary too – you are brave to fight to be the center of your dreams. Make those calls and start the ball rolling and I am certain you will find yourself swimming in success until you get pruny!

  • Catherine

    Self-imposed roadblocks are the hardest to deal with because we have to be completely honest with ourselves — not an easy thing to do! The roadblock that gets in my way is self-care and putting my needs first above anything else – that’s a real tough one for me. I can see the center stage coming and I realize it will be more important than ever to take care of myself.

    How exciting for you – your posts are very popular – you go girl ;-)


    • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

      If exciting means “in the unknown constantly” then yeah! Thanks for the pep talk. xox Rem