Positive Thursday: The Importance of Living Daily Dreams

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I hope your week has been full of passion and purpose. I wanted to address something that I didn’t mention in my 8WD bio or in previous posts and that’s the importance of living daily dreams. It’s so easy to view dreams as far-fetched ideas we have for the future, or a vision we have in the back of our head.

But what mini daily dreams?

I’m no expert, but I am highly convinced that mini dreams, or daily goals, lead to an overall more positive outlook on life, which in turn make it easier to pursue your larger dreams.

Webster’s Online Dictionary has several definitions for “dream” but not one saying that dreams are for “the future.” One definition I enjoyed was this: a strongly desired goal or purpose.

It’s simple, it’s sweet. It’s what dreaming IS. Some of these strongly desired dreams can be implemented today and start with you. I like to use the word purpose because many of us go through our entire lives not knowing what our true purpose is.

Instead of focusing on finding your purpose in the future, would it be so bad to desire to have purpose today?

Based on the definition, you can be living your dream right now. You can be living to your full potential, to your full purpose today. The image above is one that shares a few daily mini dreams you can start living out right now. These are dreams you can make happen right now, and can translate into a life full of daily dreams.

Today I want to chat briefly about 5 mini dreams I think would be beneficial to start TODAY, right now.

Being happy, building faith, thinking positively, working hard, staying strong.

  • Being happy: I’m choosing to start being happy and joyful right now. This is often a New Years Resolution people have; to be happier this year…but being happy is mindset you have to make a conscious make every day.
  • Building faith: Again, many people dream of having a deeper and more intimate spiritual state. Rather than make this a lofty, “in the future” goal, start building your faith and spiritual health right now.
  • Thinking positively: Your attitude and outlook on life completely correlates future circumstances. If you are constantly thinking negatively and putting yourself down, you will just be running in circles. Thinking positively in every situation is a vital mini dream to work on right now to make pursuing your larger dreams even easier (and more fun!)
  • Working hard: I’m sure you know the importance of hard work and dedication when pursuing and completely our dreams. Working hard is something to start doing right now; a mini dream and lifestyle goal that will make achieving your future dreams easier and just your life overall.
  • Staying strong: Unfortunately, I don’t know most of you, but I’m going to take a guess that your life hasn’t been all fun and games. We all have had ups and downs and times of struggle, but a mini dream to accomplish is so focus on absolutely staying and standing strong despite circumstances.

I’m so proud of you for pursuing your big dream for the future. Keep it up!

But don’t forget to take the time to work on some mini dreams that will make life happier, healthier and make achieving dreams that much more successful.

XO —Andi

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  • Catherine Hughes, Editor & Chief

    I love this and I especially like “Instead of focusing on finding your purpose in the future, would it be so bad to desire to have purpose today?” Such a great way to look at life.

    Sometimes my purpose for the day is just to enjoy some time sitting next to my teenage son as he does his homework. I’ll be reading and studying something about Internet marketing, SEO or blogging and occasionally he will look up from his work and have short bursts of conversation with me. These moments are rare as he moves into becoming the man he is meant to be, and I see that in just a few short years now he will be off living his life. I know I will look back on these times and cherish them a lifetime. Sometimes our purpose for the day is to count our blessings as they appear in our lives before they are gone.

    Hugs, Cath

  • Remy Gervais, Top Photographer

    Fantastic and thoughtful post, Andi. I think I can get stuck sometimes in always looking ahead. I started my “faith” strengthening last night, believe it or not – spare the details, I asked opinions of and advice from someone I’ll knight my “spiritual mentor.” It was an incredible conversation and very timely. I like the idea of mini in the moment dreams! thanks! I like Thursdays now! xox Rem