A Travel Dream Takes Flight

Dream takes Flight

Good morning, dreamers, meet your travel dreamer and video blogger, who will capture the trials and triumphs of launching a travel business.

I’m thrilled to be dreaming with seven other amazing women and the ever-popular you this year! There’s no telling what travel dreams we can accomplish if we stick together.

I know this post is about me, but if you are a travel dreamer, career transformer or thinking about changing jobs, we’d love to hear your story. Please share in the comments section. Don’t be shy! Let your dreams to take flight, too.

So speaking of sharing dreams, I’ll start this time but you go next, promise?

My Current Dream

My dream centers around travel, wellness and adventure. Just like every other person out there, I love to travel. Although, it never happened that much after studying abroad in college because I dedicated days off and weekends to the corporate ladder. Not that there is a whole lot wrong with that, but my dream then felt fake.

My “talk” was that of a world traveling dreamer. My “walk” was that of a workaholic. Bit of a disconnect, as you can see. But back up a few steps to the early 90s and my childhood dream was to work as a writer.

My First Dream

Not any writer, but a creative director who wrote copy for the ads and commercials. I didn’t know how the world really worked then, but in my mind, the creative director spewed words of brilliance that someone transcribed into promotional gold.

I stayed pretty faithful to that path.

Marketing competitions in high school, college degree in advertising and a copywriting job out school in Chicago. At the time, that was my dream–a high-rise office on Michigan Ave. that overlooked Lake Michigan and a desk filled with ads.

I stared out the window and thought,

“Yeah, this is cool and all, but I always dreamed of living in San Francisco.”

What happened next?

A transfer to San Francisco.

“Yeah, the job and San Fran is great and all, but what do I really want to do with my life?”

As these contemplative quarter-life crisis questions crept into my head, so did some health problems that no ripe mid-twentysomething should face.

Life changes and dreams change with your current situation. I quit jobs, studied nutrition, reversed my health issues, became a certified holistic health coach and dreamed a new dream:

“To help people get well and get them out into the world by starting a wellness travel business.”

I’m not sure exactly where it will go, but you have a front-row seat to its creation. With each passing year, with dreams sitting on the shelf unaccomplished, I realize more and more that there’s no better time than now to do all that you can while you can.

My missed vacations, girls’ nights or weekends are long gone. But we can all proceed to move forward differently each day in the direction of a dream. Besides, it’s OK if everything doesn’t go according to plan.

For your inaugural video post, here’s a brief promotional trailer for what’s to come this year on your Monday travel dreamer posts –

“A new dreamer on her fearless attempt to capture a dream that’s bigger than herself.

Can a Midwestern girl take on the world?

Follow her.”

What will your promotional dream trailer say about you this year?

Oh, and don’t forget to share your travel dreamer and career change stories.



Katie dreams to complete her career transformation from corporate copywriter to world traveling health coach. In one year she’ll document the launch of her wellness travel business, Real World Wellness, on 8 Women Dream. Follow her progress–or procrastinations–every Monday.

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  • Nancy

    Amazing video Katie, I will be following and sending positive thoughts.

  • Lisa

    LOVE IT! What an amazing dream. Here to support you in realizing it, and who knows, maybe we’ll collaborate on some projects too :) (since I am by nature a world-traveling dreamer and a life coach myself, too…). Let’s brainstorm!

    Love from India!

    p.s. love the way your journey has unfolded so organically and am excited to see what comes next for you! <3

    • Katie Eigel, Travel & Wellness coach

      I will gladly take your support. I see you as a trailblazer in the path I want to pursue.

      As for collaboration, yes, yes and yes!! It’s in the cards, for sure :)

      I love following your dream, too!


    Katie….great blog, dreams are reachable!!!you have proved that with all your accomplishments! look forward to updates

  • Katie

    Thank you all for encouraging me on my first post! It’s so great to be dreaming amongst great support.

    Cath-I like your promotional visual! P.S. You have an amazing life already, no need for your son to push :)

    Mary-Glad you stopped by to see the start of the journey. Please share yours, too. We have a few dreamers here who have also wrote books and are in the process of writing books.

    Remy-Funny story, the first trip is the year’s Bay to Breakers! But you know what’s better than that … the fact that we should plan a photography retreat in your neck of the woods. You lead, I’ll plan and promote!

    Heather-I’m glad you liked the video. I’m still an amateur in the craft, so bear with me. I appreciate your support and look forward to giving you mine, as well.

    Great Monday so far!

  • Heather

    Katie – congrats on a great first post and fantastic video!

    Looking forward to your dream taking flight and helping you along the way.

    – Heather

  • Remy G

    after watching your intro video last night, i said to Cath, “We should all be so brave.” How FUN, and great to have you as a part of the Dream Team.

    My video would be of me standing in a room full of people, all with cameras in their hands – getting ready to walk in a million directions! When you take your first trip, let me know if you need a photographer to tag along to capture it. I’d be honored!

    xox Rem

  • Awesome, I look forward to following your journey. You are an inspiration! As an old soccer coach always said “Go Big, or Go Home!” You must have been listening.

  • Catherine Hughes, Editor & Chief

    The video is so cute that it has me wanting more. What a way to start your dream year! My promotional video will show a mom with her son behind her pushing her to get a life – lol. I look forward to sharing an amazing year with you.

    Great post.