Pursue Your Dreams: What are You Waiting For?

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pursue your dreams

There are so many things on my to-do list, so many things I hope to accomplish, so many things I want to happen in the future. I’m assuming most of you have hopes and dreams for your future, whether big or small, that you would like to see happen as well.

Why is it so easy to “see” what I want to happen, yet a much harder task to actually make these dreams a reality?

What is the hold up?

I’ve caught myself living life in neutral; too nervous to move forward and do something great; and this is a mindset or lifestyle I don’t want to stay in. Have you ever felt this way? We all need to approaching new opportunities and dreams by focusing why and how we can succeed, rather than focusing on ways or reasons we MIGHT fail.

Often I feel that felt the one thing holding me back from pursuing my dreams confidently is often the fear of failure.

Well, NO MORE!

I am done thinking like this and done overanalyzing the potential of failure. Unfortunately, I think the fear of failure affects everyone of every age and lifestyle. The possibility of failure is not something that just sticks with you when you’re 22 and in college like me. With every great opportunity that anyone of any age has, there is alway a risk and a potential for failure.

I’ve learned from personal experience and from other people’s experiences that a willingness to fail is often a prerequisite for success.

Pursue your dreams. Do what you love.

Being scared of “what might happen” won’t get you closer to your dreams, it will only keep you right where you started. We need to embrace potential “fails” in order to pursue our dreams wholeheartedly. Friend, it’s time to let go of the fear of failure and start living life fearlessly to pursue your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

XO —Andi

Andrea TaggertAndrea’s dream is to graduate college from Ohio University in spring 2011, to find a job that allows her to utilize her public relations education and skills; to launch her own personal website www.polish-my-crown.com; and to become a certified life coach and motivational speaker.

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  • Vasavi

    Dear Andrea,

    This is such an inspiring blog. I often ask myself “What am I waiting for?” I remember the time when I was a young child thinking I could do or BE anything and anyone I wanted to be. Where did all those dreams go? Or, why is it that I choose to think small? I loved this blog post because it really made me want to get back my child-like qualities: Where the outcome didnt matter, and nothing could get in my way of getting what I want. Thank you for that!


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  • Hey Andi – great post and welcome to full-time dreaming! You’ll go far…

    – H

  • Hi Andrea, welcome to the Dream Team, from the other new kid. Now get out of my head ;>) Yesterday I watched season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy instead of pursuing my dreams. But this morning I ran across this quote from business author Brian Tracy: “Your ability to divert your attention from activities of lower value to activities of higher value is central to everything you accomplish in life.” Doesn’t THAT just make you stop and think!


  • I was just having a conversation about fear yesterday and what it means:

    FEAR = F-alse. E-vidence. A-ppearing R-eal

    It’s amazing the subtle ways in which we get in our own way. I promised myself I would walk at least 30 minutes everyday, and I’ve only done it 4 times since the beginning of the year. Now granted, I was very sick for two weeks, but now that i am better, it’s hard to motivate myself to do what’s best for my health.

    We love having you here!


  • Remy G

    Excellent support and insight from a young woman wise beyond her years. So glad you are on the Dream Team! Now get out there and start failing to succeed! :) You will go far. xoxo Rem

    • Andrea

      Thanks Remy! I’m so glad u liked the post and really appreciate your positive words and encouragement :) I’m so blessed to work with u ladies!!