8 Dream Gifts For The Workaholic Entrepreneur

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Dream Gifts For The Workaholic

Just a few of my favorite entrepreneurial things

Entrepreneurs are often mistaken as workaholics. We may all need a little couch time to manage the stress, a coupon for therapy may spoil the joy of Christmas morning. How about a gift that can enhance your workday, or offer a welcome break?

8 dream gifts for the entrepreneur in your life:

1. Addicted to your iPhone?

Buy Scosche Dual USB Car Charger for the New iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod, MP3 Players and More

Consider accessories as a great gift – a new case or travel charger. An iTunes gift certificate can be used for apps too. You’d be amazed how many helpful apps there are available for organization or project management.

2. Know a traveler?Buy USB FlexLight - Flexible neck  from ThinkGeek

If mobile work is a necessity, even on a dark plane, check out the USB Flexlight. It offers just enough light for your keyboard and gets power from the USB.

No batteries needed!

3. Money does grow on trees!

Buy Funny Corporate Business Gift Idea - 4" Traditional Asian Lucky Coin Good Wishes Money Tree
Need a little wealth and good fortune? Feng Shui masters suggest a money tree can deliver. Great gift for any occasion, a tree with lucky Chinese coins instead of leaves.

Traditionally given as a gesture of encouragement for a new venture, or prosperity in general.

If nothing else, it can add a little humor to the office.

4. Family reminders.

You may be stuck in the office, but a reminder of who you are working so hard for is always welcome. Help them share
Buy Kodak Easyshare D1025 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame
their beautiful pictures and stirring memories with a personal touch. The real Kodak moment happens when you share.

Digital frames can support multitudes of photos and are easy to update with any flash drive.

Add new images in just three steps–insert your memory card, copy pictures to the frame, then remove the card so you can take more pictures.

That way you can keep track of how old the kids are!

5. Entrepreneurial support for womenBuy Entrepreneur.

Business magazines have a lot to say about success… mostly about men. For a female success focus, offer a subscription to Enterprising Women Magazine aimed at career women.

Entrepreneur magazine is for businesses owners, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends and strategies.

6. The pen is mightier . . .

Buy the Montblanc Meisterstuck Classic Ballpoint Pen
A beautiful balanced pen does make the workday flow. No matter how digital our lives become, we still need to write notes, sign checks, and markup copy edits.

I have always loved the Mont Blanc… and they have several options.

This is the classic Montblanc pen that is seen, heard, as in the sounds of silence, and in shirt pockets all over!

7. Business can be a gamble. . .

Buy Decision Dice: Your every questions answered (Book-in-a-Box)
Those pesky business decisions – buy/sell/hold – can slow you down. Leave a few up to chance and roll the Decision Dice!

Fun and easy to use, DECISION DICE will amaze you with its accuracy. Throw all three dice for a yes/no answer or for general guidance – total up your score and consult the book for the solution. If your question is more specific, choose the die that is relevant to your issue and throw it onto the casting board.

However tricky your question, the dice can find the answer!

8. Massage your stress awayBuy omedics SBM-200H Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat

A good massage can undo all that stress from hunching over a keyboard, commuting for hours, and cradling phones. Those knots in their back can be worked out in about an hour.

Want to make sure they get a massage?

Choose a spa close to their office or buy them a massage cushion for their desk chair.

The next best thing to support for an entrepreneurs long hours is a tool to help them manage it better.

What dream gift do you have for that borderline workaholic in your life?

Happy shopping!

~ Heather

  • Oooooh I think I need to invest in a Money Tree! ;) I love it! I would love to study more Feng Shui to bring more abundance, peace and calm into my home and life. May add that to the 2011 goals list.

    Thanks for a great list and fun post!

    Happy holidays beautiful!


    • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

      I am totally picking up the Money Tree. I’ll have to set up a reminder to water it though… my track record with plants isn’t good.

      Happy New Year! – H

  • Remy G

    Borderline Workaholic? yea. I like to make tough decisions with my magic 8 ball. I’ll have to look into the dice – I like massage gift certificates or anything that gets me to stop and relax a bit. Merry Christmas to you! thanks for the list. Rem

    • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

      I love the Magic 8 ball :) and we will have to look into that massage!

      Happy New Year – H