9 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Aspiring Top Photographer

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In case you haven’t noticed – it’s holiday shopping crunch time. Only a few shopping days left. If you are still on the hunt for something to put under the tree for the aspiring dream photographer you know, here are my recommendations.

9 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Aspiring Top Photographer –

1. Upgrade their camera bag

This is a critical accessory for any photographer. You could surprise them with either a larger storage type bag to house everything — the camera, extra lenses, flash cards, chargers and cords, filters – so they can keep everything in one place; or a travel bag to carry the essentials if they are vacationing or heading out on a shoot.

When possible, make sure the bag is weather proof or resistant.

Intense heat or moisture can be a camera’s worst enemy.

2. Invest in editing software

Most digital cameras come with their own brand of beginner editing software.

This tool lets the photographer play with contrast, colors, size, cropping, black and white, sepia — some even have special effects like creative borders and signature lines.

For the more advanced aspiring photographer in your life, you may want to invest in something like Adobe Lightroom, which lets you purchase a basic version, and then as they learn more they can buy upgrades or specific effects that they want.

3. Arrange for trainings or workshops

If your aspiring photographer wants to kick it up a notch, learning the features and benefits of camera equipment and getting practice in out in the field is a must.

Why not arrange for an online class, all day seminar or a weekend workshop to help them hone their skills. Kelby trainings is a popular choice, as they have something for every level of photographer.

If you want to really wow them, how about a travel photography workshop sponsored by National Geographic?

If you are going to practice, why not be somewhere wonderful — right?

4. Buy them a PPA Membership

Practical and possibly un-sexy, yes, but this may be something your photographer may not invest in themselves.

Being a part of the Professional Photographers Association gives them discounts on equipment, printing, even legal, insurance and business development advice.

The yearly membership also includes a monthly magazine and discounts to the incredibly popular annual PPA Conference.

5. Find an inspirational book

Always a great last minute gift idea. There are tons of “how-to” books for digital camera shooting — and if you know what brand of camera they use it makes it even more personal.

You know your aspiring photographer – do they love travel, music, animals, sports?

Getting a book that showcases their love of something like that will be a fantastic find and a creative resource as well.

6. Select necessary accessories

Flash cards, lens cloths and batteries make great stocking -stuffers. Filters, reflectors and flash units will help them take their skills to the next level. Card readers and mono/tripods are always fan favorites, too.

If you are worried about getting the right ‘brand’, take your best guess to have something under the tree – and save the receipt just in case. Going to the local camera store is never a problem for aspiring top photographers, trust me!

7. Choose special albums and frames

Photographers seem to be the last people who get around to having a display of their own work – hanging photos or creating books of images that they think are special to them. Find an album or wall frame to showcase some of your aspiring photographer’s best work.

8. Buy a gift certificate to a favorite vendor

Also a fan favorite! If you just cant decide on that special gift, no need to worry. Your local camera store will have gift certificates for equipment, image processing and accessories – and they will be happy to help you with a certificate for any dollar amount.

9. Choose a good photography book

If you have friends or family members that need support in finding their dreams look for an inspirational book by someone who has made it in photography.

What are your favorite last minute gift ideas?

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    Got to love a good photography gift list! Love the ideas – thanks!

    – H

    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      Hope Santa was good to you guys too! xo Rem

  • Remy am just so proud of all you’ve accomplished in 2010 and looking forward to watching you make more BIG dreams come true in 2011 – happy to be here witnessing the journey with you! You’re awesome :)

    Here’s to supporting each other in living more BIG dreams in 2011 – and of course, I hope Santa delivered all the items on your wish-list ;)


    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      Lisa, thank you for your support and incredible energy this year. I cant wait to learn about your 2011 dreams, and help you in any way I can to accomplish them. Have a great time in India. xox Rem

  • I have been thinking of Lightroom also. Tell me more about it Remy. Merry Christmas and a wish for a big year coming up where your dreams come true.


    • Remy G

      Hi Maggie. I”m just learning it myself. For many years, I just used the software that came with my Olympus dSLR in 2006. Do you shoot in RAW format? that is important to do with Lightroom, and I have a hard time getting used to that – If you go on line there are some times a “free trial offer” for a couple of weeks to download it, and give it a try. I’d encourage anyone to do that first. cause it’s a nice investment of a couple hundred bucks based on the version you get.
      Thank you so much for your incredible support this year, here and in other ways! I am anxious to read about your dreams for 2011 and look forward to hearing about your journey. Merry Christmas to you! Rem

  • Remy G

    Merry Christmas Bruce! Rem

  • Bruce

    Thanks for mentioning Lightroom specifically – it got me looking at it more, not that I need another item for my Christmas list :)

    Nice, thought-provoking list! Thanks for sharing the dreaming…

  • Is this your Christmas list?


    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      yep. lol in no particular order – thanks for the note. xox Rem