Holiday Dreams For The Singles You Know

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Holiday dreams for the single

This year I began dating again and set the dream intention of meeting a man I’d like to settle down with, but as the holidays fast approach, it’s time to remind you to think about the single people you know and how to treat us over the holiday season.

8 holiday dreams for the Singles you know

1. Have a small afternoon holiday gathering and invite every single person you know and have them invite their single friends. Think of an ice-breaker like having everyone write down their favorite wild or interesting thing they love to do and place it into a hat. Various people in turn, pick out one and read it. Individuals who have done something similar, have to site next to each other.

2. Invite us to your holiday events, but don’t make us feel like we are sad single creatures. Being single is fun. Part of the fun of being single is having a wide variety of choices of things to do and being able to go to functions without worrying about someone else. It might surprise you how much fun we have going to parties along. But if you know a cute guy . . . invite him too.

3. If you want to get us a gift, ask us what we need. We’ll tell you. You’d be surprised. One of the best gifts my single friend got was a crock pot. She had always wanted one, but never got around to buying it for herself. Another time, people gave her and amazing cutting board. She loves to cook. She loves these kinds of gifts.

4. Don’t leave us out because we are single.

5. Don’t ask us when we are getting married, when are we going to settle down or make any remarks demeaning being single. I know quite a few singles who love being single and wouldn’t have it any other way. We’d rather be single, than be lonely in a marriage. So be nice.

6. Don’t give us your leftover holiday gifts that you don’t want.

7. Attend a singles event with us for moral support.

8. Buy us a one month subscription to

8 dreams for you singles that might be feeling lonely this holiday season –

1. Volunteer. Offer to help with Toys for Tots or any local organization that needs extra help over the holidays.

2. Decorate even if you are sad – especially outside. You never know whose evening you’ll brighten just by seeing your decorations.

3. Promise to be nice to sales people and people in general when you are out. Expect crowds. Strike up a conversation – you never know who might be single of have a friend who is single.

4. Make a bucket list for all the things you are going to do for fun in 2011.

5. Offer to take your friends kids out for a few hours and give the parents a little holiday break.

6. Practice being positive – never be that single friend no one wants to invite to anything because you are such a downer. Lighten up. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t take things so personally.

7. Decide on one new positive habit you are going to begin before 2011.

8. Buy some paint and change your bedroom for 2011. Does it look like a room the opposite sex might want to spend time in? If not, change it. Enlist a friend of the opposite sex to help you decorate in a manor the opposite sex might enjoy.

And if you cannot find anything else to do – clear your clutter! Resolve to throw out, give away and discard anything you don’t need and aren’t actively using. Make room for the new in 2011 by clearing your clutter now.

And plan on going after that dream that scares you the most – because that’s the dream you are suppose to be living.


Veronica rotated off 8 Women Dream in December of 2010 after successfully completing 2 dreams.

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    I have more single friends now than 20 years ago… and I love it! Thanks for the holiday single reminders.

    Enjoy the ride while you look for that perfect New Years Eve kiss :) – Heather

  • Veronica

    Consider it done.

  • I think you should set a goal of kissing one man before midnight of 2010 – one that interests you.

    No pressure –


    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      I like the way Cath thinks. No relatives allowed! I love your lists for both singles and those who know us singles. Thanks for the mention of “don’t leave us out cause we are single” – i try to make my couple friends as comfy as possible by not throwing it in their face that they are ‘not single.” lol

      xox Rem