5 Black Friday Dream Advice

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Black Friday Dream Advice - Stay Warm

The term “Black Friday” — the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season- started in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season.

“Black” refers to stores moving from out of  the “red” and into the “black.”  From a loss to a profit.

Based on consumer trends this year, it appears as though this could be a very important shopping day for many businesses.

For this week’s post I’ve asked a few of our dreamers on the 8 Women Dream Team to share their thoughts and suggestions on how to approach Black Friday with our own spin on dreaming through the holiday season.

1.  Shop for something that will bring you closer to your dream – Catherine

Whether it’s a dream board, a journal for your writing, a calendar where you schedule monthly goals to complete, a hair style for your new dream – find something that makes you feel like next year is going to be your year to dream big.

2.  Entrepreneurs – Get your own merchandise out there now! – Heather

You entrepreneurial tip for Black Friday (or its online counterpart — Cyber Monday) — get your stuff out there!  Post, plan, burn the midnight oil, but take it from me, it is HUGE mistake to miss the holiday shopping season. Learn from my mistakes and get that marketing done.  Do you have a product that can be personalized? Now is the time to let everyone know.

3.  When it comes to special gifts, remember yourself – Veronica

Why not visit a nice lingerie department and invest in your own dating dreams?  To successfully date at any age, self esteem is essential.  How we present ourselves and how we feel about ourselves inside and out is incredibly important. Maybe its time to invest in some special undergarments – for instance, visualize how you feel when you are wearing large unattractive white panties or a bra that has lost its ability to be supportive.  Now visualize how you feel when you are adorned in a black lace demi-bra and matching thong, or a beautiful silk slip and camisole. When you feel beautiful,  it shows.

4.  Rest up, do some dreaming and shop on “Small Business Saturday” instead. – Rayne

Instead of running around like a consumer with my head cut off on Black Friday I plan to use that day to map out the homestretch of my dream and what it will look like as we head into 2011. Then I’ll do my shopping on Small Business Saturday and support the small retailers on my town’s main boulevard. Times are tough for dreamers AND small business owners and I like the idea of helping them out with my holiday shopping and skipping the chain craziness and concentrating on my passions.

5.  Watch out for the real deals – Remy

This is the day for big discounts.  If you are shopping for cameras and photography equipment make sure to compare the deals.  Sometimes buying camera bundles – like camera body, a basic lens, bag, batteries and chargers all in one box – seem like a good deal. But with a little more research and patience you may find those items separately for much less.  Gifts for the wannabe photographer at any age are photography books, flash cards, filters, cool bags and tripods. Of course, a gift card from your local small business camera store is always a great gift!

And as you start to decorate your Christmas tree, write your dream on a little piece of paper and tie it on the tree – a reminder through the season that next year — will be your dream year!

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Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    Remy – thanks for collecting these tips! I totally avoided the shopping insanity myself and am putting stuff online to sell instead.

    Happy crazy holidays – Heather

  • I completed two items today towards my big dream and now have a house full of teenagers. They went to the mall today and watched everyone.

    “Man, some of those women are crazy!” they mumbled as they fell into my living room. I asked them about their big dreams and they all said, “no more school!”


  • Hey Remy, great idea to collect ideas from the dreamers today – sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! (As someone who opts out of Black Friday entirely! ;)

    Rayne I loved your idea of staying home and working on dreams today and then shopping on Small Business Saturday… I love supporting small businesses as well and truth be told, am allergic to malls ;) (have never liked malls!). So I may just do that…

    Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday! Thanks and love Remy and see you on Wednesdays here!


  • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

    Bruce, were you even awake at 5am? lol The only reason I was up that early was that I went to be at 845 last night. it was a bummer. :) Happy Holidays to you and your Family Bruce! xox Rem

  • Bruce

    Great thoughts for a usually distracted day! My daughter started work at 5AM :)