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Catherine Hughes

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Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams. She is a published author, a freelance writer, and a guide for those who want their dreams to come true online. Catherine would someday like to be invited to speak at TED about her observations about her 8WD project inviting women to take a chance on their dreams. Wine was required... Catherine posts on Sunday evenings and fills in dream stories as needed. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Thanksgiving gratitude challenge stone

The dreamers path can be difficult at times, with the ebb and flow of life, so it is important to remember this Thanksgiving season the dreams that have already come true in our lives. I can tell you that I believe Remy’s son is a dream-come-true for her; Veronica’s lovely children are dreams-come-true for her; there’s Lisa’s book, new life and travel adventures that I am pretty sure are dreams-come-true for her; and there’s Rayne’s lovely life with her husband that I bet she considers a dream-come true.

There are blessings in your life this moment that can reveal just how dream abundant your life already is. Think about it. I bet if you look around right now, there is something you see that at one time felt like a miracle when you achieved it. We just tend to forget the wonder of the positive changes that happened over the course of our lives.

So many things, like breathing, that we take for granted . . .

There was a time I thought I would not be able to have children. My ex husband and I tried for almost 5 years. The doctor told us to go away on vacation and consider a marriage that might be childless unless we planned to adopt. She told us to look at our lives and be grateful for what we had. We packed our tent trailer and embarked on a three week vacation to the great Northwest.

It was a wonderful vacation, one I still have fond memories of. I was able to show my ex husband parts of the United States that he had never been to, and I had visited when I was a child. I remember the pure bliss of fishing on a river south of Jackson Hole Wyoming, looking up at the mighty Tetons feeling so grateful for the beauty before me.

One month after this vacation, I found out I was pregnant with our son Brian.

Brian, is by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will never forget the moment I found out, or the moment I found out I was having a boy. It was an unbelievable dream-come-true. I wanted nothing more in my life. It was my biggest dream, well, he still is really.

Sometimes when I forget how blessed life can be, the times when it seems to be pinching me, I turn and look at my son and remember how desperately I wanted him in my life, and there he is *POOF* that dream-come-true.

And I pause and take it all in and and say a silent prayer of gratitude. I am so lucky.

It was Willie Nelson who said,

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.

The use of gratitude for improvement in your life can be a enjoyable process. It can change everything. First, it shifts your focus away from what is not working to what is working, second it changes your outlook, and third it brings you into the present moment.

Keeping a daily gratitude list can make you aware of just how abundant your life is right here, right now. Think about the clothes you wear, the shoes on your feet, the bed you sleep upon, your friends, your family and the water that flows freely from your kitchen sick. There’s your refrigerator, an indoor bathroom, the health of those you love. There’s the eyes you have with to read this, your fingers, your toes, your smile and your hearing.

My Thanksgiving gratitude challenge . . .

I invite you this Thanksgiving to make a list of all the things you are grateful for. You will be amazed at how long the list can get. Be grateful for your eyes, the night sky, the snow, your friends – whatever you see this Thanksgiving season. Fold it and place it in a special book on your book shelf and whenever you feel like life is kicking your butt, go pull it out, and add at least one more item to that list.

Next year, get it out and read it to your family. I promise your life will be completely transformed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your loving support in always coming here to read our blog.



  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    That is a hell of a list! Thanks for being a big part of my life and I am very grateful for all your help and support.

    Big hugs – Heather

  • Cath, yes, yes, yes to all of the above – the book and life these days and my upcoming travel adventures are ALL dreams come true…

    How beautiful to hear your story about how Brian was conceived. What a miracle and dream come true indeed! And how wonderful to share that this season, as a reminder of how much you already have – a dream-come-true.

    Love the idea of sharing gratitude lists with the family.

    Love all that you do! Happy thanksgiving beautiful!


  • We are grateful for your support and your comments Mariska.

  • Mariska Smith

    OMG I love your site!! It’s my total inspiration!!! Thank you! I am grateful for you!!

  • Veronica

    And I am grateful for you.

  • Well, you are on my list. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Cath

  • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

    My list is incredibly long. I believe it’s kept me sane, through all the “pebbles” that have appeared in the last part of this year. You are right, my son is a dream come true – good days, bad days – doesn’t matter. He’s the constant reminder of what is important, what is grounding. Great post, Cath. xox Rem