Dating Successfully is Like Sampling A Box of Chocolates

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Dating Successfully is Like A Box of Chocolates

Dating Successfully is Like Sampling A Box of Chocolates . . .

What does it feel like to actually complete the act of dating? Did I say complete?

The correct phrase is more likely “accomplish the act of beginning dating.” You know, the move-forward-to-a red-blooded-live-man-directly-in-front-of-me part. The part where in order to converse with him, I have to go somewhere and actually look into his eyes.

Ladies: hold your breath.

Miracle of miracles it actually happened: I met men.

Did I choke?

I can say that I did not choke. In fact, everything went perfectly. Not only with Contestant Number 1, but it also went well with Contestant Number 2 – and (round of applause) well, it went with Contestant Number 3.

Now I know you ladies and you are all probably wondering –

  1. Were they potential future partners?
  2. Are they potential dating partners?
  3. Or perhaps the potential for a new best friend?

First things first.

  1. Meeting them went so well that I had to ask myself:
  • What have I been afraid of these last few years?
  • Why was it so difficult to believe that it would be alright to date?
  • Was I afraid I would fall in love over coffee?
  • Or shall I possibly believe that if I do open my heart, that it’s okay to get hurt AND it’s okay that (perhaps) love might not hurt this time?

This week I discovered that it is okay to take a chance on dating, my dreams and facing my fears.

And the future . . . ?

  1. I did not fall in love.
  2. The contestants did not fall in love.

This being said, I do look forward to meeting men and dating in the future. I am now completely open to whatever life has to offer.

I am sure that perfect partner is out there waiting for me. Will I meet him, maybe next month or next year. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I will stay on this dating path and continue moving forward with my dreams.

I know! I know! You want details! You want to know what was in my dating box of chocolates

Contestant Number 1

We were scheduled to meet at 9am over morning coffee. I wanted to make sure I arrived well before him, get myself coffee and find a great place for us to sit, where I could get a good view of everyone as they walked into Starbucks. Then I prayed I would be able to recognize him.

There he was – looking exactly like his photos. A little shine to his balding blond head, wrinkles in the corners of his blazing blue eyes, as he looked my way and smiled.

He was such a nice guy. So kind and complimentary. He had a good sense of humor and definitely had a great outlook on life.

As the time drew near for me to stroll down the street and meet with Contestant Number 2, I needed to wrap this up. I thanked him and let him know what a great time I had and it was nice to meet him, suggesting that he have a nice day. Did he ask to see me again? Of course. Will I be dating Contestant Number 1 anytime in the near future?

Then . . .

Contestant Number Two

After having had such a nice time with Contestant Number 1. I was barely on time for Contestant Number 2 at Peet’s Coffee Shop, just three short blocks down the street from Starbucks.

We actually entered the coffee shop at the same time. Being 6’1″ and 220 pounds, he was quite easy to spot. He was in a position as to open the door for me. We both knew immediately who the other was. We got in line together and he offered to purchase our coffee, which I accepted.

Our conversation wasn’t quite as cheerful as with Contestant Number 1. Contestant Number 2 was a much more intense person with the conversation centering on his up-and-coming divorce. People who are not divorced yet are still married – they just don’t see it.

Needless to say, I ended up falling back on my profession and counseled him, then ended the “date” with a “gotta run”.

Then . . .

Contestant Number 3

It happened. I did not recognize him. The photo online looked nothing like the man who walked into the coffee shop. Thank God he had the ability to locate me from my photo.

We all know that looks are important, but they are not my number one priority. In my book, chemistry is the most important criteria. Values, morals and ethics are next.

Honesty is everything when you are dating.

After I purchased Contestant Number 1, a white chocolate mocha and a poppy seed muffin, while he located very uncomfortable seating for us to chat. We were going to walk around the Petaluma’s Theater District but I made the decision that I wanted to get this speed date over with as soon as possible.

So I did.

I discovered that I am capable of doing this. I survived. It was an adventure. Dating can be like travel. Some places you visit are wonderful and amazing and other places are interesting but you would never want to travel there again, and some places you can’t leave fast enough. But each place gives you a story, a memory, a laugh to share with friends.

Dating is like a box of chocolates. I think I will take a little bite out of each one and decide which flavor I like best.

Now what’s in your dream box of chocolates this week?


Veronica rotated off 8 Women Dream in December of 2010 after successfully completing 2 dreams.

  • So proud of you beautiful! Love it that YOU DID IT and now are on a roll… Ready to face the world, date men and flow along with life until you and your partner find each other. You deserve the best beautiful girl!

    LOVE the image by the way. Just brilliant <3

    Keep it up! Can't wait to meet him, whenever you find your "one" – and the meantime – keep having FUN girl!


  • Mariska

    Way to go Veronica!!!!

    • Veronica

      Thanks I will take all the support I can get.

  • LOL Rod – love it!!

    Proud of both of you – facing a fear is not an easy thing to do. Congratulations! Cath

  • Rod

    Great job, I think the important part is not if you had possibilities of future dates with contestants 1 through 3 or in this case probably only number 1. The important part is ya took the step, and now the next step (future dates) will be easier.

    Want to know a secret (Shh don’t tell anyone). I put my money where my mouth is or where you suggested I put it. I followed advice from here and did go on three dates. All fun, all wonderful women. I just had date 2.5 with the same woman, my number 3 (the first date with her did not really count so I am giving it a .5). Date 2.5 however, it counted, this woman rocks!

    Glad to have you amongst us over 50 and dating! Coffee sometime..just kidding (kinda).


    • Veronica

      You are so funny. You put your money where your mouth is, that means you paid for the date, good man.
      Coffee???? Who’s buying?

  • Eek I knew number 3 didn’t go well when you bought him his coffee and muffin.

    Many men have trouble being alone, so I can see someone being out there before he’s even divorced. It’s really quite selfish if you think about it – you are not able to really get on with your life yet, but you want to suck someone new into your drama with you. In such pain probably and not able to see what he is doing.


    How brave and how dreamy of you to go conquer a fear!



  • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

    I am so thrilled for you that you took a step – my God, three steps… and all in one day. I dont think I’ve ever done that, not even in my ‘dating days’ – thank you for your willingness to be open and vulnerable thru this process, V. Hearing you say “what was I afraid of all these years” gives me hope that if and when I ever want to date again, I’ll be ok. Who’s next? xox Rem