Top 7 Strategies for Dreaming Big Dreams

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Dreaming Big Dreams: Photograph from Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff

On my path of dreaming big dreams to become a Top Photographer, I read a lot of business books.  This year I took on Bob Scotts’ 52 week Business Development Challenge – and in reading today,  I came across a great quote –

Your business is like a child, so protect it at all costs.  We have a responsibility to the business — like a child, it needs to be nurtured and protected.

If you think about it, a similar statement could be spoken to us dreamers, too –

Our big dreams are like a child – we need to protect them at all costs.  We have a responsibility to them – to nurture and protect them, so that they can grow, thrive and help sustain our incredible dream life.  – Remy Gervais

7 strategies for dreaming big dreams:

1. Give it boundaries.
When you first start out following your big dreams it may be all you can think about.  You may ignore chores, phone calls from friends, lose a lot of sleep and forget to eat. Be objective and set some real boundaries to make sure other important areas of your life are managed;  in turn, those boundaries will also stand to protect your carved out dreaming time as well.

When do you spend time working your dreams?

2. Be proud and brag about it.
Have your story ready!  Your dream is alive and kicking, and progress happens every day.  Let important people around you know what you are doing, and share your accomplishments with them.  Stand tall, smile, and finish strong.

Who is on your short list of people to involve?

3. Make sure its has everything it needs to thrive.
You wouldn’t send your kid to the first day of school with an empty backpack and no lunchbox, right?  So consider your big dream needs, and make a plan to get a hold of them.  The list may be long, but write it out anyway.

What does your dream need to thrive and survive ?

4. Every now and then, take measurements.
My house had one of those walls with the pencil marks on it — a tic mark every year to measure how tall we had grown over the summer.  It was cool to watch that line move up the wall every year, cause we were seeing real change happen.  With dreaming big dreams, measuring progress is just as critical.  You should always know where you are in relationship to where you’ve been, and where you plan to go.

How do you measure your dream growth?

5. For fun, eat dessert first.
Every once in a while, defy order.  Stir things up.  Create a little controversy.  Break routine and stretch to see things from a different perspective.  Remember, our lives and dreams should always be  “a game worth playing”.

How do you keep dreaming ‘fresh’?

6. Foster determination and tenacity.
My dad was my softball coach in high school.  When we’d stumble, trip or fall flat on our butts.  he’d yell from the dugout,  “If it’s not broken or bleeding, rub some dirt on it and keep playing”. We learned to play through pain, frustration and obstacles – And we leaned to never give up.

What other dream characteristics do you think are important to foster?

7. Strive for and expect excellence.
Your big dreams are important and special and demand your best attention.  There is no half-assing it, people.  Keep raising the bar on yourself and live up to the challenges that dreaming brings to you.  You may be surprised at how high that big dream bar goes.

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

  • Johnny K

    Hello 8 Women Dream, Nice blog with some good advice. A lot of Catherine Hughes and pep-talk content. Cool concept.

  • I love the “Eat dessert first” suggestion – so true that stirring it up and breaking out of our usual routines can shake up our lives and get us motivated to live our dreams – moving us out of our “comfort zones.” Who says it can only be done one way?

    Love your posts and love how you framed this – playing Mama to all my big dreams :)


  • Toni Schram

    Eeek, we have to be parents again?

    If you care enough about your dream, it does make sense, to use the parent card to foster and protect it!

    I’m constantly perusing entertainment magazines and websites to keep up on the latest activities in Hollywood.

    Love ya-

  • Remy G

    I like to invest a little every day as well. I have to get better about bragging, and not spoiling. Such a fine line! Great to see you yesterday. Thanks for the pizza we’ve nearly eaten it all. lol

  • I agree with this, but it’s hard being a good parent to my dreams ;-) i have a tendency to spoil them rotten.

    One thing I can do is keep up with the habit of meditating every day – it really helps a lot!

    Just like you have to feed your children daily, I also make sure that I do at least three things for my dream every day. I feed it something, whether it is fixing the SEO on an old post, tweaking the images in the media library, commenting on other blogs, or studying a new resource.

    See you tomorrow!