6 Ways The San Francisco Giants Dream Big

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Giants Big Dream Team pitcher Tim Lincecum photo by R Gervais, effects by R Mabry

At the start of every professional baseball season, all 30 teams have the same Big Dream — to play on the national stage and win the World Series.

This year, The San Francisco Giants are one of those teams.

But their winning season was hardly an obvious bet. Their path to the championship was long, tiring and unpredictable. As a fan, it was torture.

To make the playoffs they had to win their very last game against their big rivals.

They’ve struggled throughout the entire season, fighting against their player’s age, lack of playing experience, and maybe the biggest obstacle of all — the baseball reporters and experts who have not “bought in” to The Magic of Giants Baseball.

That doesn’t seem to bother any of them all that much.

As a fan, I’ve seen the team go from underdogs to possible world champions in a matter of eight months.

Watching games and listening to press conferences, here’s what noticed about the underlying success of their dream team:

1. They make plans.

Baseball games can look pretty haphazard and unscripted — almost like they just go out there and leave it all to chance. But hardly anything this team does is unintentional. There are game plans, back up plans, and contingency plans for when the original plans don’t execute right.

2. They make a bunch of little gains and keep the big picture in mind.

Each game is important, but its obvious they’ve embodied the cliche “we’ll just play them one game at at time “ They paced themselves, knowing it’s a long season. That patience has made the difference — because they are now in the World Series.

3. They push themselves to get better throughout the season.

They’ve set personal and team goals for improvement. Hitters work to build strength . Pitchers focus on finesse. Defensive players develop endurance. When they improve personally, the team is more productive.

4. They take days off to rest physically and mentally. 

They understand the importance of rest and repair, and how it makes them stronger. Many of the players are friends off the field as well, and their support and camaraderie shows up at game time.

5. They make errors and get over it.

Let’s face it. Mistakes happen. And in baseball, there can be lots of errors. The veteran players have made it a point to help the newer guys learn from their mistakes, shake it off, and keep playing. Leadership of team and of self plays a HUGE role in this being successful.

6. They practice to make progress.

As with any thing we want to master, we have to build skills and best practices, and do them over and over until they become routine. Pitcher Tim Lincecum is our 2 time CY young award winner at age 26. He contributes his success to his pre and post game regimens, something he’s practiced since his little league days.



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  • I’m rooting for giants this year. I hope they win the championship. Im gonna get a giants premier jacket tomorrow. I can’t wait till I get it

  • The Giants are truly the embodiment of what it means to dream big. The most important thing you saw was making errors and overcoming them. The Giants did not let them stop their dreams, and believe me, they made a lot of them (it was a struggle to watch the offense at the beginning of the year). However, they kept dreaming and pulled through. They are destined to repeat next year I believe! I BELIEVE!

    • Remy G

      63 Days. Pitchers and catchers. Believe! Thanks for your note.

  • Dr. Marcos Michelotti

    I am a BIG fan of the Giants! It was a GREAT baseball season. I will remember it my whole life. Nice job. Like your photo.

    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      Thank you Doctor! It was a great season, and off-season moves are proving to be interesting so far! Go Giants.

  • Dorothy Langley

    Hard to believe that the San Fran Giants won the Series. Good for them! How long has it been their last title? 60 years?

    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      about that Dorothy. As my parents say “They’ve waited my entire lifetime for this to happen!”
      Thanks for your comments. Rem

  • Despite the fact that you are encouraging people to believe in this team over my Texas Rnagers, I love this post. Your eye for photo composition and your coaching insight is merging to enhance your voice as a writer. This is really good stuff.

    Here are more thoughts on your post:


    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      Hey NOT FAIR! there’s no crying in baseball. Thank you, kind friend for words. I’ve experienced many coaching moments in conversations with you as well. Although you have odd taste in baseball heroes we’ll be friends for many lifetimes. Good luck to you and your Rangers today. I am afraid, however, that you are all goin down! Love to you xoxo Rem

      • Keep on dreaming about winning today. LOL

        • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative


          • Yes, the real series begins today. Now there have to be two more games, at the least. We wil see who wins today…and what that will mean for the next day. Good luck…just hopefully not as good as ours. LOL

  • Laurie

    Go Giants…I love how psyched everyone is. It’s great when a teams dream inspires people. Everywhere I go, people are talking about the Giants.
    Nice post Remy
    Later, L

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  • Also consider what Bruce Bochy says is the number one reason the Giants are so successful, “We have such a diversity of contributions from everybody . .” and team owner Larry Baer says, “They play 100 percent for each other and that’s really the mark of this team,”

    When I watch the games with my ex-jock, ex-husband he consistently says, “The mark of a great team is that they play for each other, they sacrifice for the good of the team, they care deeply for each other – there is not one selfish person playing for their own glory.”

    It reminds me of 8 Women Dream, each person helping another, either by Heather hosting the site and carrying us, me running around cleaning up behind us, you coaching everyone, Laurie always showing up and making us laugh, Toni for coming in and providing some big days, for Lisa always promoting us and cheering us on, for Veronica for staying in the game as long as she has, and Rayne for her journalism guidance.

    I’d sure like us to win in the World Series of Dreaming . . .

    Go Giants!


    • Remy G

      i would LOVE to play at the world series of dreaming! Thanks for the suggestion and the fixes on my posts! xox Rem