8 Best Places For a Great Dream First Date

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how to date men bookI am the dreamer who dreams of finding “the guy” after the age of 50. If we spend to much time online we will think no one dates past the age of 29. But I think there are more of us out there who are dating in the second part of our lives. One of the problems I see is that many of us don’t know where to go on a first date – especially if we meet that person online.

Here is my 8 Best Places For a Great Dream First Date

1. Your local coffee place.
There is something comforting about meeting someone in a coffee place and returning there to chat across a table with your special coffee blends.

2. A local walk.
Is there a nice park or a historical housing district that you can walk and talk through. Nothing screams better low pressure than a walk through a place you both love.

3. A diner or local burger joint.
I am not talking chain burger places here. Nothing better than sharing your favorite burger at a place your mother took you when you were three.

4. A Sunday local brunch.
Especially if there is a ball game and it is storming outside. There is nothing more fun than meeting up Sunday morning, having a great late breakfast and watching sports on a wide screen television.

5. The local museum.
President Obama and the first lady met in a museum – need I say more?’

6. Mini golf.
What makes this a great first date is the friendly competition, amusing conversation, and the ability to learn more about each other.

7. Go on a picnic.
Obviously you need to prepare a picnic basket filled with food and your favorite drinks. One of the past dreamers liked to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pair it with a great wine and take china. She thought it was fun to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on china, sitting on a blanket and drinking wine from a china cup.

8. Attend a farmers market or flea market.
This is probably something new for you both and it offers new experiences, or simply enjoying a variety of fresh produce and test your tastes.

Enjoy yourself on your first dates, no matter what happens. If you’re fun to be around, you can’t help but make a great first impression that leads to a second date. Don’t wait too long to call – don’t play any games. Be completely honest and try some new fun ways to date.

What brave first dates have you tried recently?


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  • Laurie

    I think the first date should be a cup of coffee. You will know if you want more time after that. It’s an easy out if there’s no chemistry. Hi V, hope you are feeling better.
    Blessings, Laurie

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    I need to go on a date with my husband… I’ll take a day at the beach or hanging at a coffee shop anytime. Thanks!

    – Heather

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  • I love walking around San Francisco for a date – North Beach area is my favorite. Or taking the ferry to Angel Island and spending a few hours walking around (Sept – Oct though so you don’t freeze).

    Ideal first date would be a coffee place for me, but I like the idea of doing something I love and just becoming friends with someone without the pressure of all the dating.

    My college bf and I used to meet to run track and after several months he asked me to go to lunch with him. I forget how the conversation went but suddenly I asked, “Is this a date, or just lunch?” And he said, “Why in the hell do you think I’ve been showing up to run here with you 2 nights a week? I already run in the morning and I work for UPS which requires I run all day . . . of course I am asking you on a date.”

    Stunned, I said “Oh!” then thought about it and started laughing – of course I agreed to the lunch. We were together for my 20s. That was such an easier way to date!


  • Rayne

    I like your list, too. My first date with my now husband was to see a Dorothea Lange photo exhibit in S.F. then we rode motocycles over to the Mission for burritos at this
    stand up and eat sidewalk thingie. It was fun to be in a serious museum, the over to a colorful neighborhood with lots of people watching opportunities. So, I’d say – if you can – mix it up a bit. That way you each get to see each other in diverse environments. Hey, in our beautiful Sonoma County that’s easy and fun to do. Great post!

    • Veronica

      I would say you must have really liked him. :-) So glad that date worked out for you.
      Find one for me will you?

  • Rod


    Good to have you back~!

    I have done a first date on the golf range. It is nice, kinda casual, time to chat and yet hitting a ball now and then eases the tension, If things go well you can hit a few balls and then head to the course restaurant for lunch or a drink. Of course you both need to be golfers for this one.

    I like your list.


    • Veronica

      I wouldn’t say I am actually back, I got home at midnight so sick…..and unfortunately woke late this morning…still sick.

      Thanks for the golf idea, what if we don’t like each other upon meeting? Do we have to do 9 holes or eighteen?

      • Rod

        Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.

        The golf idea – only do the driving range, not the course. Doing the range gives you time and an escape… lol… If the range works the 2nd or 3rd date can be 9 holes.

        Get better~!

  • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

    local non chain coffee house was good. I like to go somewhere where I can bring my camera, we can gawk at scenery and enjoy the outdoors. Great list! xox Rem

    • Veronica

      Great idea….thanks.