4 Dreamstress Ways To Help Move Your Dream Along

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Braveheart women

Hey Fabulous Dreamstresses

I made that word up today. I think I did anyway. Never mind – just Googled it. It’s everywhere. Must be other chicks driving around dreaming crap up. It’s a good word and I’m a little pissed about not inventing it. I was a horrible seamstress, and I’ve only been a mistress once for a very short period of time, so from now on I am a dreamstress.

In 9th grade, my friends and I put a dress form in the closet during home-ec, then knocked on the sewing tables and yelled out through closed lips . . . “Mrs. Malckovitch, help, help, let me out!” When Mrs. Malckovitch opened the closet doors, it was just the dress form wearing jewelery and an ugly blouse with the worst darts known to man.

Darts made by me, darts that puckered and pulled. Darts that made me want to blow my brains out.

I wasn’t good at the mistress thing either, but dreaming, oh my Goddess, dreaming, anytime, anywhere, laying around the house in my underwear . . . I love to dream.

My husband on the other hand, is tired of helping me open businesses.

Recently Sister Dreamstress, (uh oh, weird new Disneyesque title for my dream girls) my friend Toni and I spent three days at the BraveHeart Rise Celebration. It was such a dream activating experience. Moment after moment of glorious insights into what it means to truly live a passionate, positive life through full-filling your dreams.

Ellie Drake hosted this amazing weekend along with a number of kick-ass, femme-stars.

Dr. Sugar Singleton was a guest speaker at Rise. She spoke openly about her suicide attempt, becoming a Dr., being a Mother, a wife, and many other aspects of being a woman driven by purpose.

She is walking, talking, living proof that if you follow your gut, step by step, your dream unfolds and continues to morph in this uncanny, blossoming way. A path with an organic knowledge that only women can divine from universal life laws mandated by our uterus’s.

Sorry, just kidding, kind of. I mean it sounds right and it just flowed out of my finger tips onto the keyboard so . . . Word Is Born. You forgot I was a rapper for a minute huh. Dr. Sugar and I had a moment, while she was signing my book. I mentioned the 5 stages of healing. She heard me. I feel like we will work together, or rather collaborate as the BraveHeart women always say.

This all sounds so cheesy , but I swear to Snoop Dogg, the female energy surrounding these up front, non-competitive women was contagious.

Here’s 4 more ways, besides reading 8womendream, to help your dream along –

1. Watch BraveHeartWomen videos at www.BraveHeartWomen.com. Really, do it.
2. Watch Dr. Sugar Videos and consider her retreat.
3. Join Club B, just for the confidence factor and besides, I’m over there.
4. Practice the 5 stages of healing everyday. It’s only one minute in each stage and incredibly healing for Mind, Body and Spirit. Check out www.nianow.com for a brief description and get started.

Let me know what you think about this recipe for dream weaving. Oh no, now I have that Gary Wright song stuck in my head. OOOOHHHHH dreeeeeam weaver . . .

Perhaps I can make it into a Rap.

Let’s stick together on this dream path. It’s a bumpy journey with mistakes to teach us how to get it right, so remember to thoroughly enjoy the freakin’ ride.

Fail Forward! ~Ellie Drake

Keep it real,


Laurie has several amazing dreams going on in her life at this time. She left 8 Women Dream in November of 2010 to work on Club B and her NIA business.

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    Laurie – thanks for sharing your experience at Braveheart. I loved the cards Toni shared at class the other day. Cath is right… just not the same with out your energy around!

    Hugs – Heather

  • Rayne

    I think of you as an ambassabadass of womens dreams. Hey, I really did make that word up and it only applies to you! Keep being a bad ass dreamer. You give us all courage.

    • Laurie

      Rayne, I love my title….ambassabadass! Yes. That may have to be a new rap.
      Thanks, Laurie

  • Toni Schram

    You know me, I make up words by the hour. I was known as the seam ripper queen and you’re so right on with the Brave Heart Rise being a dream activating experience!

    And you and Dr. Sugar definitely had a moment and I feel deep down in my bones that the two of your will collaborate in the future. I’d just like to be there and be able to take it all in.

    Let’s Get It On!


  • Hey it was the first time I heard the word Dreamstress so as far as I am concerned, you invented it! ;) Am excited for you – sounds like it was a fab, inspiring weekend… Look forward to hearing/learning more…

    YOU inspire me! <3 Love ya! <3

  • Laurie

    Thanks For those lovely comments Dream Girls!
    Perhaps it’s time for an eightwomendream rap.
    Love you guys, L

  • Remy G

    Laurie, I was an awful seamstress as well. Did i tell you that when one of my shirts looses a button, I throw it away. lol

    “She is walking, talking, living proof that if you follow your gut, step by step, your dream unfolds and continues to morph in this uncanny, blossoming way. ”

    this could be a statement written about you ya know!

    xox welcome home. Rem

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  • Fabulous Dreamstresses lol love it.

    The energy is never the same when you aren’t here. Glad your back and love hearing your stories. This is all leading us somewhere amazing – I can feel it.

    Hang on tight.