How To Find Your Dream and Reinvent Yourself

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Catherine Hughes

Director of the 8 Women Dream Project at 8 Women Dream
Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams. She is a published author, a freelance writer, and a guide for those who want their dreams to come true online. Catherine would someday like to be invited to speak at TED about her observations about her 8WD project inviting women to take a chance on their dreams. Wine was required... Catherine posts on Sunday evenings and fills in dream stories as needed. If you aren't sure how to comment on this story, click here.

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Viewing Your Life From A New Perspective
Page 6 excerpt from . . .
Find Your Dream:5 Simple Steps For Figuring Out What You Want To Do Next With Your Life!

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” – Carl Sandburg

Do you have a reason to get out of the bed in the morning?

Do you look forward to your day?

Does your life have meaning?

Are you passionate about your work?

Do you know what you want to do next with you life?

If you answered no to most of these questions, then this is the e-book for you. I am going to show you how to find your dream, your passion and your life’s purpose.

Don’t believe me?

That’s okay, just read along anyway.

The 8 Women Dream Project was formed in 2008 to explore the art of finding, then living our dreams. I am not talking the type of dreaming we do in bed at night, but the kind of dreaming we did all the time when we were kids.

“Some day I am going to be a pilot . . . ”
“Someday I am going to run with the giraffes in Africa . . . ”
“Someday I am going to be a fashion designer . . .”

Do you remember what you loved doing when you played outside, or when no one was watching? Did you grow up to do something similar? Maybe you were lucky enough to be one of those adults who pursued your childhood dream, only to find it wasn’t as wonderful as you thought it was going to be.

It left you wondering what’s next –

  • Where do I go from here?
  • How do I find my passion for life?
  • I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

Where To Start

The first step in finding your dream and reclaiming your lost purpose is to find the things you are passionate about. Discovering your passion is the first step towards exploring your dream. Trust me, no matter where you are in life, or how sad your circumstances might be, there are things you love to do.

Finding what you are passionate about can bring a special purpose to your life. I am not talking about a personal relationship, even though they can bring on the same feelings of passion and purpose. Placing all your hopes on to one person eventually becomes a burden to the person on the receiving end of those hopes – what if they don’t live up to your expectations?

Or they leave you?

It’s better to find something you love doing (that isn’t a person) and pursue a life based on this passion. Why? Because it’s good for you! Okay, maybe I am channeling my mother a bit, but . . .

A new study found that people who reported a greater level of purpose in life were less likely to die or have Alzheimers, as compared to people with a lower level of purpose. “It can be anything from wanting to accomplish a goal in life, to achieving something in a volunteer organization, to as little as reading a series of books,” says study author Dr. Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychologist and assistant professor of behavioral sciences at Rush University Medical Center.

Finding your passion is one of the most important stepping stones to happiness, because it provides a foundation of fulfillment, even when other areas of our lives change. It can carry you through divorce, sickness and other tragedies.

The only problem is that no one can do this for you. You must uncover what fuels your passion on your own. It is up to you to find out what you are passionate about, and quite often, it isn’t what you think it is. Websters dictionary describes passion as, “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.”

But Catherine, I don’t think about life that way.


Lets say you loved a particular sport in high school and dreamed of being a professional athlete. You are now 50, so you know it’s not possible to be a professional athlete (in this particular sport) at your age, so how does your passion for once wanting to be a professional athlete have anything to do with finding your dream – or resurrecting it – even though in theory it is now impossible to achieve?

Because there is valuable information in your past dream — there’s important data in the experience of what you loved doing. There’s something intrinsic about your dream past, which can provide you with input on how to live the sweet part of your former dream in your life now.

It’s true.

You are about to become a detective to your own life. You are going to explore all the things you have loved, and still love doing. Trust me, when I tell you there is hidden information in exploring what you love. I want you to examine this exploration like a stranger just getting to know you for the first time.

Use the worksheets provided in this e-book to research a new dream which will add life to your days, passion to your discussions, and becomes a driving force to your life.

Dreaming can change your world . . .

I believe this with all my heart.

What’s important to note as you do the exercises in my e-book that you look at the things you loved doing that gave (or give) you energy, where you don’t notice the passing of time, where you get lost in yourself. These are the experiences I’m talking about in this e-book. Finding your dream doesn’t come to you overnight, but by exploring those experiences where you go to another place in your mind – are lost there for hours – and you wonder where the time went. When you are finished with this thing you love doing, you don’t feel drained. It is also something that people have told you that you are good at, or admired your ability in this area.

This is the place where your dream life lives.

Do you know what experiences you get lost to in your life? Do you remember them? Wouldn’t right now be a good time to begin exploring what they are? So what are you waiting for?

Come on! Get on the dream train!


  • Dear Catherine,

    I must first of all say, “Thank You”, for this E-Book. I could also say it is helpful, instructionally sound and simple, concise yet thoughtful and while cathardic sometimes emotionally stretching. What I will say is, above all things, if it’s true that we like to talk about ourselves, I find that your book made me talk about myself to the one person that could actually make my dreams come true…ME! After I spent some very high quality with ME doing the worksheets and thinking, and feeling, I then took my dreams to God. I feel better than I have about “possibilities”, and ME, than I have in a good long time:)

    Blessings to you,


  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    Whoo hoo! Congrats on getting this first book launched – Heather

  • Mariska Smith

    I love the book so far Catherine!!! I’m working through the first worksheet & it has brought up some questions for me that I need to spend time answering. I’ll let you know more of my thoughts as I continue!! People should buy this! Best 2.99 I’ve spent in a while! thanks!!! -M

  • Soooo beautifully written Cath and soooo inspiring! <3 No wonder you are our Fearless Leader girlfriend! it is because YOU ROCK! <3

    I can't wait to read the WHOLE book… I just loved this quote about passion: “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.”

    Yes, yes, yes… I find that I am living ALL of my childhood dreams to some degree, maybe not as I originally envisioned them but in ways that are even better for me now… It's fascinating to see how the childhood passions come back to haunt us and how satisfying it is to ACT on them… So much FUN!

    Now I LOVE getting up in the morning to work on the goals for my day.. Wasn't alway the case…

    And I'm SO grateful to be a part of this dream team which has made dreams come true for me already <3

    Love, love, love! <3

    • We are grateful to have you be a part of this and encouraging us all with your constant upbeat feedback. Every dreamer around the world should have you on their team.

      You are an inspiration to just go for it.



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  • Laurie

    This is the way I raised my kids and it’s not easy to buck the system. I was going to flunk
    History in the 11th grade. Mr. Villa Lovos called me in and said, something like “what the hell can I do to get you through this?” I said “let me make a Thanksgiving dinner for the class and write about that experience.” He said “fabulous, do it!” I passed and I never forgot him. Years later when my son was struggeling horribly in High School, I helped him work on any alternative we could find. it was not about academics, he was beyond his peer group. When he found Mesa High, we went together for an interview. We walked in and the first thing I saw was a pencil scetch of Mr. Villa Lovos on the wall. When I asked Eli, one of the two incredible teachers running Mesa, about the picture, he said “yes, that is Mr. Villa Lovos, he started the school.” once again, my gut values, my intuition, whatever IT is
    Was on track.
    Sometimes life is so grand!
    Here’s to following your dream!
    Love, L

    • What a great story, but then knowing you, it doesn’t surprise me. It has taken me a long time to realize all of this and now I want to scream it to the world. We should just listen to you ;-)


  • Thank you!

    I love this video of him and what he says about himself and confrontation – how he hates it – and I thought OMG – that’s me!! And it’s true – I’ve been that way all my life. And what did I love doing as a kid? Organizing women to do something fun and creative.

    Sometimes pushing for your dream is exhausting, then you rest, meditate and see a video like that from Marcus and are thrilled to be doing something about “playing to our strengths.”

    Doing a task that makes us feel alive and invigorated is playing to our strengths; doing a task that makes us feel drained and exhausted is playing to our weaknesses – and it is a weakness – even if we are good at it. It’s the how it makes us feel at the end of the day that tells us if we are on the right track.

    It’s like suddenly it is calling from everywhere” Get your dream on!


  • Remy G

    Cath, what an incredible post.

    And adding Marcus’s clip – when he talks about his 5 year old son, and his craving for competition and order – and whatever our tendencies are- how we need to channel those for our strengths. so true.

    So many myths, so many thoughts about what to pay attention to as adults. Your ebook is going to do alot for those of us who want to figure out those strengths, those things that may have gotten lost in us from childhood…finding them, and living them…

    great post! xox Rem

    oh, and he’s hotter in person if you can believe that :).