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How are you when it comes to celebrating your own dream accomplishments?

I have to admit, it was tough getting started. The voices in my head were on high volume:

  • “You’re not a blogger!”
  • “You’ re not a good photographer!”
  • “You are a complete impostor!”

It got easier to embrace successes through the year – but it seemed as though all the progress  I’ve made has been overshadowed the mistakes and miss steps I’ve had.

When I mentioned that to our leader Cath this week, we both laughed – asking each other,

“Why is it so hard to acknowledge all that we’ve done to make our dreams come true? It’s so easy to see what we DON’T do – what’s so hard about a pat on the back when things go well?”

So I considered a possibility – that the emotion of fear in dreaming for ourselves is stronger than the enjoyment we get from our dream accomplishments.

Fear is stronger than joy.  Is that true?

As I got started with the dreaming process, fear was high and it made me do crazy things, like second guess my passion, remain hypercritical of my images, take feedback very personally
and resist risk and the unknown.

But as I gain momentum – my confidence builds.  Fear shows up in less extreme and debilitating ways.  When opportunities come up now, my instant reaction is “what if”- versus before, when my initial reaction was “I don’t think I’m ready.”

So it’s a year into my dream – these are some of the “dream related” things I’ve done on my path to becoming a recognized photographer:

  • I’ve entered numerous local and national photo contests
  • I’ve had public showings of my work at a local salon, and I currently have 2 images hanging in an art show in San Francisco.
  • I participated in my first Art Fair in April of this year.
  • I attended a day long seminar on studio lighting to further my technical knowledge
  • I became a Varsity Pix Official School Photographer
  • I started a popular photo MeetUp Group
  • I was a second shooter at a wedding ceremony and reception

I’m starting to realize that at some point, after taking a series of small, non sexy but related steps
I accomplished what I set out to do – and without fanfare or much attention and realization, I can say I did it!

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work.

  • L Ann Cox

    I stumbled on to this site while doing research for my graphic design class (at 54 back in school).

    I’m beginning a journey – not yet to a dream – but to give myself permission to have one. I’ve always done what is expected by others standards and suffocated my desires (didn’t make it to dreams) in the process. Ironically, last evening at a friends house, An actual dream may have sprouted.

    About a year ago, I impulsively bought myself a small digital camera – it sat in the drawer until last Feb when I spotted a flier for a new photo group forming in my hometown (pop 4500). Since the organizer was someone I knew (the local pizza delivery guy & friend of my son’s) I stepped out and decided to try…discovered I’m pretty good a seeing what others miss (or don’t notice). Best of all, there’s no one telling me you can’t…you shouldn’t…

    Back to last evening: I had popped in on my friend to take some fall garden shots and she asked the question, “When are you going to enter a contest or display your work?”

    I can’t… I shouldn’t…

    This morning I was still asking myself… found this site… Remy’s post…

    Conclusion: I can… I should…

    Thanks Remy!

    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      L Ann!
      You are and you will!

      Following dreams is JUST like what happened to you….and to me. You start today, practicing, shooting, having fun, challenging yourself, sharing your images…and a year later, after all those little steps, you will be knee deep in your photography, wondering what is next….if that is what you want.

      Please share them if you’d like, I love garden shots…something I would like to practice more for sure.

      here is the link to the photo group I am in, we just went out to a state park yesterday and we’re seeing some pretty cool images posted from the members.
      we have all different levels of photographers, from wicked pros who are amazing, to people with point and shoot cameras who are amazing. No competition, no insecurities…its’ so much fun!


      thanks for taking the time to post a note.


  • Congratulations on your one year anniversary and all you have accomplished in the past year! I love having you as a part of 8 Women Dream and your constant advice from a business consultant’s view point. You have seen me through so much – always there with a different way of viewing situations – always keeping me in the game.

    Again, congratulations on your 52nd post! It’s a small book . . .


    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      you are amazing, Cath. Thanks for bringing me in last year, when I was floundering around trying to define myself. I think I’m on my way… xo Rem

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