3 Online Dating Rules of Engagement

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Online Dating Rules of Engagment

I have been progressing quite nicely in my dream to begin dating, while in my later years. Overcoming, multiple levels of fear, I have taken my power back and refuse to be defeated. Shopping online is my choice today, we may progress to other avenues in later posts, but for today it is on line dating.

As I stated in last weeks post, I have joined SeniorPeopleMeet.com AND also have included a totally free site called Plentyoffish.com, yes two websites.

Last week I had difficulty with feeling sensitive to the negative feedback I received from some of these men. As a result of that sensitivity, I have had to get tough. That’s right – it is time to set some boundaries and take more action.

I have found a way to communicate – I do not respond – I simply delete. It’s working great!

Here are my Online Dating Rules of Engagement –

1. Safety First –

  • Never give out your email address, phone number, full name or date of birth. Remember girls identity theft is at an all time high.
  • After 4 full conversations on the secure dating website, if you find you are still interested, take his phone number and block yours.
  • If after having a couple of successful telephone conversations. you believe, you would like to meet him, progress to coffee.
  • Meet this potential partner in a local coffee shop, in your own home town where there are lots of people or people who know you.

2. Weed Out The Jerks –

  • The instant on line chat feature can be useful in getting to know someone, ask those questions.
  • If he looks, acts and sounds too good to be true, he probably is.
  • Chose your age preference, anyone outside of those guidelines gets instantly deleted. Make sure their out of diapers but not yet ready for depends.
  • Chose your height and body type guidelines, again anyone outside of those guidelines get deleted.
  • Do not entertain anyone who is not looking for exactly what you are looking for. Serious relationship or casual relationship. They will not change their minds.
  • Financial income something below Donald Trump, but above the guy on the corner with the sign reading “God Bless”. Do not veer off our path ladies.
  • If they get angry or rude, hit the delete button.
  • A bi-coastal relationship is not a permanent relationship.
  • Strong sexual overtures, do not suggest a man of substance.
  • If he doesn’t know how to use spell check while writing his profile = delete.

3. Photography Rules –

  • Rule number 1: ask what year the photo was taken in.
  • Rule number 2: ask them to please give you a close up photo, so you can actually see their face.
  • Rule number 3: remember sometimes a man’s personality, sense of humor and charm, far outweighs his looks.
  • Rule number 4: sometimes a man actually looks better then his photo.
  • Rule number 5: if every photo in his on line photo album is of him and his dog, chances are there will be three of you on your first date.
  • Rule number 6: Photos of possessions only, no personal photo = delete.
  • Don’t forget to use that zoom in feature, to double check for wedding band.

Here’s a good pointer, listen up, married people, if he or she tells you their married, take it at face value that you won’t be receiving an engagement ring soon. Keep in mind seniorpeoplemeet.com has an added feature of audio content of your intended beau. If he sounds like he needs his adenoids removed, you might have a hard time taking him seriously.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, you are in a buyers market, don’t settle for discounted, damaged, or after market goods. Sometimes its what they don’t say that can give them away.

The bottom line here is for $35.00 at enrollment, I get three months of piecing together the man of my dreams, while at the same time rooting out anyone who will just be wasting your time.


Veronica rotated off 8 Women Dream in December of 2010 after successfully completing 2 dreams.

  • Heather Montgomery, CEO & serial entrepreneur

    I am always on the lookout for single men… I am surrounded by single women to look for! It’s always easy to approach men when it’s not for you – wonder why that is?

    Thanks for the hilarious photo and FYI… lots of married men don’t wear wedding rings… but I’m checking AND asking for you :)

    Keep on going girl! – H

  • Goodness girlfriend you are SOOOO beautiful and amazing – it is good you have these guidelines – please promise me you will never settle for less than you deserve! You are MARVELOUS, a Goddess! <3

    Wishing you luck in the dating world… Don't they always say it happens when and how you least expect it? :) So keep your eyes open as you walk through the world day by day as well…

    Love you! <3

  • Rod

    Interesting points and information here, not just for the ladies but for us single guys too. May I be so bold to make a few comments from a guy’s (or at least my) point of view:

    Section 1 Safety Guidelines –
    Tell a friend where you are going and if possible who you are meeting. (sorry over protective dad/investigator thing)

    Section 3 Photos –
    Whew – I like rule 3!

    Further points –
    I like your adenoids comment. I have that covered, so I’m told.

    Question: Why do women say “I look younger than my age or my friends say i look younger than my age.” You either do or you don’t, your photographs are going to be the judge of that statement. It need not be said, and really isn’t it a flag of something else? This is where the guy delete button is pushed (at least mine is).

    Comment: The power of the delete button is great, but what about those you have had some interaction. Is there “protocol” of how much interaction before you “just” hit delete? How much interaction warrants a thanks but no thanks email, call, something? I struggle with this on how do you say…ya know this is just not working for me. Or on the reverse side…Where did she go…she just disappeared? I’ll wonder now if I have been deleted and more importantly, to me, a man constantly evolving ~ why.

    Veronica, as always I enjoyed your writing, thanks again.

    Oh and I need to say this: Remy – You are a quality beautiful person ~ not damaged discounted goods! Keep the faith my friend.

    Good day ladies,

    Spell check on…good :>)

    • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

      Rod, I always assume boys have it different. How could they struggle like women do with things like photos, the vortex of “i wonder why he just deleted me” and “geez at least he could have said no thanks and not just simply disappear.”

      So what is that protocol? Online dating sites are great if you are in the drivers seat then, and we would just have to learn not to take it personally…just that the guy is moving on to someone else?

      I think Veronica is Brave! and she’ll be the trailblazer for all of us.

      and thank you Rod, for what you said – you are a TQG!

  • Remy, Photographer & CEO of Cornerstone Creative

    Veronica, I like your approach! I haven’t heard alot about the fish dating one, you’ll have to let us know how that works. lol

    I wonder if I would be perceived as damaged or discounted goods? As my son so gently reminds me, “Mom you are 0-2” – and that gets me ‘small’ really fast sometimes! But I will keep the faith, and hope that maybe you will find the man of our dreams. then YOU can marry him and I’ll buy you a toaster. Do people bring gifts to weddings any more? Ooh, I think I just planted a blog post idea for you. lol

    Great post, V- xox Rem

  • Nina

    Very cute and witty Mom. I know you wont settle for anything but perfect for you. You deserve more than happiness.

  • You are the very bestest friend in the whole wide world and you deserve to be as happy as I am. You go girl.
    Your bestest friend.

  • Catherine Hughes, Editor & Chief

    Love it – love the photo. I think you are doing great at this – so brave!