How To Juggle Priorities When Working A Dream

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I spent the day teaching in my studio and then came home to spend the evening helping my fifteen year old son with his French video assignment. This week I got a reality check on just how unorganized I can be.

Some of those moments included: teaching an extra free hour of painting because I forgot to change my studio clock for daylight savings, having to go twice to the Board of Equalization to get my sales permit because of forgotten paperwork, and almost missing an art deadline because I thought I had another week.

Sometimes I feel like I am juggling too much and get overwhelmed if I allow myself to think of all the different components of my life. Getting organized is going to have to be moved up to the top of my goal list if I am to achieve my dream.

On a positive note, I have been working further on my definition of what a successful international artist is. I know that some of the steps to get there will have to include: creative marketing, good work habits, travel (Yippee) and contact with other artists who have already achieved my dream. I recently purchased a book titled Art Marketing 101 and am working through the first chapter.

Thanks to my mother (my biggest most supportive fan), my son and I will be having the opportunity to travel to Puerto Vallarta this summer. This will give me the chance to visit some of their galleries and make contacts. I also realized today that I have two distant family friends that fall in the “International Artists Category” and I plan to contact them.  My homework assignment this week is to create an art calendar that lists all the shows that I apply to during the year with deadlines so that I can refer to it in the future and to continue working on chapter one of Art Marketing 101.

Well it is almost midnight and my brain have moved into slow gear making me reread all my sentences but barely registering their meanings.  I teach art at a private school and every week I give my students an art related quote.  This is one of my favorites “The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”. Eden Phillpotts

I wonder … who is your favorite international artist?


(Wendy’s dream is still to become a influential international artist, but she left 8 Women Dream in March of 2010 to complete grad school.  She is still a strong supporter of 8 Women Dream and you will see her in the comments on the blog.)

  • Veronica

    I searched and searched, M. G. Bergnoise is very good just not as good as this other up and coming artist that I am becoming familiar with.
    Great job I really enjoyed reading your post this week.

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    I have a solution that I thought of that will help with this issue. It came to me after a meditation and I think it will be a fun way to set a plan in motion without stressing us out at the same time. I’ll be bringing this little project to the next meeting, and you will take a little gift home from me. It is my job to think of ways for this dream bus to take flight. I need to test ideas on all of you to see what works and doesn’t work. I think this little idea might work.

  • WOW! You seem to have a plan – congratulations!! How did you do that? Come up with a plan I mean. Do you find that you can stick to a plan once you make it? I am very curious. I know for me (and I think I may have seen this with some others here) it seems I make a plan, maybe accomplish one of the items, although it is more likely that I just start to look at one of the items, and then I just seem to get in my own way to move any further down the list. I would love to hear how you motivate yourself!!

  • Catherine, the writer and motivator

    Look at you go girl! Gee do you really need us? Have you seen this site: ?