Pretty Pink Plea: The Rap Video

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Laurie rappin Pretty Pink Plea: The Rap Video

Hey all you Dreamer’s,

Sometimes you just have to go for your dream.

I’ve finally got my rap videos going.

This week’s rap is “Pretty Pink Plea” featuring myself, and my girlfriend Toni –

“Pretty Please Pink Plea”
By : White Chocolate (me)

Hey there Pink
Here’s the thing
I think I can rap
And I know you can sing
Pretty please Pink
Collaborate with me
I wanna realize a dream
I want girl’s to see
The value of divine femininity
I love your style
You tell it like it is
You’ve got what it takes
To thrive in the biz
You have soul
And you have heart
And I’m a little crazy
That’s a good start
You’ve already inspired
Women young and old
But it’s much much more than that
The truth be told?
You’ve mastered the art
Of being femininely bold
Pretty please Pink
Collaborate with me
On a power rap to
Set girl’s free
Let’s write something seriously fun
Something wild that’ll get the job done
A warrior beat
An ode to the moon
Can’t wait to meet you
So call me . . . soon.

I’m sure we will be hearing from Pink as soon as she sees this video.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

We sure had a fun time doing it. My girlfriend – the So Yo girl in the video, is always up for some fun and I so appreciate her support. It can only get better.

Tune in for my next video shout out – An Ode To Oprah.

One more thing. I went to a meditation, healing, chanting thing last night in San Francisco with my daughter and my hubby. Totally cleared my head . . . and that leaves some space for dreaming.

So three deep breaths and a couple of OMS can’t hurt.

Namaste’ and have a GROOVY week!

Big Love,


Laurie has several amazing dreams going on in her life at this time. She left 8 Women Dream in November of 2010 to work on Club B and her NIA business.

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  • Alice

    Love this.

  • Wendy

    Not bad! I’ll give it two thumbs up.

  • Mariska Smith

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!!! Too cute!! You both are hilarious!! I hope Pink hears you calling and I can’t wait to see your next one!!! M

  • p.s. to Pink – CALL US! :)

  • OK that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! simply awesome. awesome awesome awesome. awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome…

    there are no other words :) You just ROCK! :)

    Love you!!!

  • That really was fun, can’t wait to hear from Pink!
    Maybe she will go with us when we get invited to do the OPRAH show….I mean why not, we have all the chick power we need right here on 8 women dream, writers, rappers, movers and shakers, crazy chicks…..dream makers.
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    Love you all, White Chocolate

  • Toni Schram

    Have you thought of what you’re going to say when
    PINK calls? How can she resist?

    It was a gas doing the rap. But that’s how we roll…!

  • Remy G

    Fan TASTIC!
    I cant wait to meet pink she’s one of my faves.
    You are a very talented woman! Thanks for taking the leap and sharing this with all of us!
    xo Rem

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Well my 15 year old son just loved this and laughed, but then, he loves Pink. I don’t think I should worry about her yet . . .;-)

    You are both such an inspiration to put your dreams out there on the line and challenge everyone to do the same.

    Pretty Pink Plea – lol – love it.

    I am so looking forward to watching your rap videos over time.



  • Veronica

    Damn girlfriends! I love Pink and I love you!