How To Live Your Own Eat Pray Love Story

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This week the wildly popular Eat, Pray, Love story premiers on the big screen. You may have noticed that we dreamers have been connecting our posts with both the movie and the book, since its readers are our demographic: Women who want to change their lives.

Naturally being a woman also in this particular demographic, I had to stop and ask myself, can Eat Pray Love help those of us involved in the dating scene – especially if we are in our 50s?

After all, dating after 50 is kind of an Eat, Pray, Love life-changing event isn’t it?

The book is about relationships – having better relationships with the people around us and ourselves. So how do we apply the book to dating?

Eat – Falling in Love Through Food.

eat for the love of chocolate

In the book, Gilbert talks about eating a lot of pizza while in Italy. She confesses it is an expression of her search for pleasure, as she feeds herself back to life thoroughly enjoying the art of eating. It’s almost as if food becomes her new relationship.

Unlike her love of pasta, I say we fall in love over dessert. Stepping out of the norm, might I suggest a luscious walk to the historical theater district of downtown Petaluma, CA, where you can find the famous Powell’s Sweet Shoppe?

As you step inside Powell’s, maybe there will be a man looking for something sweet. Hey! It could be me! Considering the surroundings, it should be an easy place to bring a smile to a mans lips. Something absolutely fabulous is located on the counter, by the register. It is “Bert’s Deserts” – the most fabulous award winning chocolates known to Petaluma, CA.

One might say,

Do my eyes look bluer next to this chocolate?”

Moving outside, we’d will find a bistro table and chairs. If no men, I could purchase a quantity of Bert’s chocolates, place us at one of these tables and talk to men. I could ask them to taste the chocolates and complete a survey. These men could taste the chocolate and simply answer a few harmless questions presented by the woman (me) holding the chocolates.

Does this chocolate make my butt look cute?”

Pray – How About Falling in Love While Praying.

Elizabeth Gilbert had the opportunity to meet an Indian Guru, Richard From Texas and an elderly medicine man from Indonesia. She received much wise advice from well-meaning strangers. She even wrote a petition to God beginning with “Dear God” and ending with “Respectfully, Elizabeth M. Gilbert” and it does seem like her God answered her prayers.

Hello – she had one of the best-selling books of all time and she fell in love and remarried.

If that isn’t a God answering then I don’t know what is. But I don’t think it’s necessary to write a letter to God about successful dating . . . yet. Besides, everyone looks at religion differently. Prayer doesn’t have to be in a church, or included in any formal religion.

Some people pray on their knees, some people pray in church, while others think prayer is riding a bike or hiking in nature. Hiking as a form of prayer sounds great to me.

Lets see if we can create an opportunity where a regular hiking practice could open the door to meeting someone, which might lead to love, or at least a shared water bottle. Now if we want to fall in love, wouldn’t it be nice to have that person live nearby?

Here in Petaluma, there’s Shollenberger Park, a 165 acre park located on the southern side of the city. Hundreds of people visit the hiking path on a daily basis – no doubt there are at least 2 single men at any given moment who might enjoy meeting a friendly, enthusiastic, woman such as myself.

Excuse me, does this path make my hair look . . . ?”

There is a two mile circular trail, and because of the flow of traffic, it is clear the majority of hikers move in a counter-clockwise direction. If we were to go in the opposite direction, we would be facing the flow of traffic.

The chances of meeting a eligible man face to face would then be very high. Now I ask, what to do? This is also a no-brain-er – I could play the role of the dumb blond. Which I do quite naturally and ask,

Am I going in the wrong direction? . . . and does this trail make my butt look big?”

Okay kidding. But laughter is an important part of this.

When the cute stranger lets me know I am moving in the wrong direction (and my butt looks marvelous) then I could just reverse my direction, moving with the guy I just met – and pray to God he’s been waiting all day to meet a blond who hikes.

Dear God, See this guy . . .? . . . Respectfully, Veronica . . .”

LOVE – How to fall In Love With Love

While Elizabeth Gilbert is in Bali, she is having a conversation with Felipe who asks, Do you think there’s any way humans can love each other without complication?

Does he not know women?

This is the section of the book I like the best because Elizabeth Gilbert has actually fallen in love with herself – in a good way. She enjoys her own company and has spent almost a year celibate. She has taken the necessary time to grieve her romances and present herself as a whole, complete human being.

Isn’t it just like God to send you a perfect man just when you are falling in love with being by yourself? But this is where the book makes its greatest point and I agree – fall in love with yourself and your life first – before you fall in love with someone else.

Fall in love with romance – throw rose petals on your bed and sleep on them; take yourself out to dinner; buy yourself your favorite piece of jewelry; enjoy erotic art and most of all – look in the mirror every day and say “I love you.”

Because you are worth it.

Having a healthy self-image and a life you enjoy on your own is the first step to successful dating. Think of some ways you can fall in love with the single life you are living this week.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here eating chocolate, hiking trials backwards and enjoying my own company.

Sort of an Eat, Pray, Love meets dairy country.

And you?


Veronica rotated off 8 Women Dream in December of 2010 after successfully completing 2 dreams.

  • Toni Schram

    I post everyone’s blog on the Club Bitch FB page and this was a response to yours by my screenwriting mentor, Anne Jordan:

    Let me tell you about a friend of mine whose husband left her after 30 years of marriage. She didn’t let grass grow under her feet. She invited all of her friends and asked them to invite 3 men that were good relationship prospects. She ended up meeting 30 men (Kinda like the Bachelorette show?) and got married just a few months later. She was 57.

    Another woman I know, got dumped by her husband after 36 years of marriage and 4 kids – for a much younger woman. She thought she would never get married or ever date again. She was 60. Two years later, a friend introduced her to a widower and behold, a year later she married him – he’s a really great guy – a kind, funny, affectionate and very rich man. Everybody adores him.

    Are these woman just “lucky?” Maybe. But I also think they were open to the possibility of having a second chance at love. And they didn’t let being over 50 hold them back.

    Life is what you make it. I say go for it!!!

  • Toni Schram

    You’ve mentioned all this great advice about finding a man! You haven’t clued us in, if this advice has garnered any interest from men.

    Or maybe, you’re keeping this a secret. Inquiring minds
    (women) want to know.

    Spill, if you got any news! LOL

    We’re all pulling for you!


    Best of luck

  • Heather, CEO and serial entrepreneur

    Veronica – great idea with the chocolate. Powell’s is one of my favorite places. Dating there sounds like a good plan!

    Hugs – Heather

  • merial

    Can I just state the obvious here. Two big films this year about women and aimed at women and both were directed by men and both didn’t live up to the hype.

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    Cute post.

    I can see you asking men about the chocolate, or hiking the wrong way.

    You are right about loving who you are and loving where your life is when you are single. It took me years to get to that place and to love being alone.

    But I think having a dream – a purpose takes you away from any interest in a relationship and ten suddenly there’s offers all around you. I think its like that saying by Thoreau

    “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder”


  • Remy G

    Ah Veronica. You manage to help women at any age – thru laughter and great advice. Does this trail make my ass look big? classic!

    I will be spending a night at the ocean by myself next week….listening to waves and foghorns, eating fish and chips on the dock, taking photos of sunrises and sunsets, and possibly eating my weight in salt water taffy – because I CAN.

    thanks for the great reminder of self love.

    xo Rem

  • Remy G

    Ah Veronica. You manage to give great ideas and great advice to women at any age, and still create hope and promise thru humor! Does this trail make my ass look big? Nice.

    I am headed out next week to spend a night by myself at the ocean. I will be taking photos, reading, listening to the water and the fog horns, having fish and chips on the dock and possibly eating my weight in salt water taffy – because I CAN….great reminder to love yourself first, before loving others…

    xo Rem

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