7 Important Ideas To Reinvent Your Dreams Like Elizabeth Gilbert

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There is a huge rush of excitement this week with the movie opening of Elizabeth Gilberts’ book Eat, Pray, Love — A story about a woman on a mission to reinvent herself.

Although most of us couldn’t afford to take the time to do what she did — travel the world for a year — I will make the argument that we’ve all been at “that place” in our lives.

Oh yea, “that place” where life has kicked us down, thrown us off balance, swallowed us up — and we’ve had to find a way to remake, rebuild — and as hard as it may seem – possibly just start over.

So in honor of Ms Gilberts’ commitment to perseverance and reinvention..

Here are 7 important ideas to grab on to when something pushes you off your dream:

1. Look inside, not outside, for the answers.

Take a deep breath.  Contemplate what happened. Forgive yourself if you have made mistakes and forgive others if they have done you wrong. Listen to the little  and sometimes annoying voices within you – trying to give you the directions to  pull through the tough times. You absolutely know and believe, at every basic level, that nothing will ever get in the way of you and your dreams.  Right?

What is your little voice saying to you?

2. Commit to Starting Fresh.

Wasn’t it Einstein who said something like, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” — So don’t repeat the past – start fresh.  Write down your new or updated goals; start planning the strategies and seek out decisions that will produce results immediately for motivation.  Also see the big picture, and honor what has worked for you— and also identify which habits or attitudes that you must drop.  And drop them NOW.

What will you drop first?

3. Take control over your thoughts.

The things you say to yourself and the images playing in your mind affect your ability to dream. Your feelings influence your behavior. You behavior affects your attitude and determines how you will bounce back and keep dreaming.  Recognize that you are at least partly responsible for whatever happened to throw you off track — own that – and then you just have to get over it.

Have any attitudes that need re-adjusting?

4.  Get support from others.

If you are down, others will see it.  Don’t pretend like you have it all figured out.  Suck it up and be vulnerable.  Keep your mind open to feedback and different ideas. Talk to others for encouragement, advice and support. Ask questions on what to do to get past this crappy time and genuinely listen to the answers.

What do you need the most from those around you?

5. Take action and persist.

Take a step-even if it’s a small step. Get in to a mindset of progress. You must keep doing things each day to rebuild your goals. You don’t have to know all the steps, just the next step you have to take.  Move forward – Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams.  Ever.

So, what is your next step?

6. Smile and laugh as soon as possible.

Laughter puts you in a more resourceful state and helps you think and feel better. Try to evoke good feeling because it will help with your creativity. Having a hard time laughing?  Try and old, but effective trick — stare at yourself in the mirror. Smile, and the laughter follows.  

What thoughts make you smile?

7.  Trust the universe and keep the faith.

It may sound corny, but everything does happen for a reason. Have faith that there is an answer and a solution to every problem; you may just have to be really patient and look for it.  My personal mantra lately has been “Just keep saying yes to the things that feel right”.  If I ground myself in that thought – I  know I’ll be OK.

What is your success mantra?

Until next photo,


Remy’s dream is creating opportunities for photography showings and public displays of her work

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  • Toni Schram

    Are you sure you weren’t a shaman or a guru in a past life? You give the most sage advice.

    I’m so grateful to have you on the 8womendream team!

    Love ya-

    • Remy G

      I’m not sure Toni. But I know its not my first time here lol thanks for your comments and I love having you in the group too! Rem

  • Brenda

    Great post and absolutely do-able. I especially love #7, since I’ve personally spent futile years trying to MAKE things happen (and feeling quite exhausted and defeated in the process) it’s wonderful to be able to just let go and trust. It’s amazing how we each get something different from what’s being said here. Bravo Remy :-)

    • Remy G

      I hear you Brenda…years of energy spent making things happen! Exhausting! Thank you for your comments. Remy

  • Heather, CEO and serial entrepreneur

    Rem – great post! I love the reminder to take control of my thoughts.

    • Remy G

      Ah, glad I could help. :)
      xo Rem

  • Remy, are you sure your calling is as a photographer? Looks like you are creating some wonderful “word pictures” at the moment. Thanks for an inspiring message that even us guys can understand.


    • Remy G

      Thanks Shallie! I’m glad it was something you could relate to…:) rem

  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I love this –

    “Contemplate what happened. Forgive yourself if you have made mistakes and forgive others if they have done you wrong.”

    If you do this one step alone it can free up so much energy to get on with your life.

    I would add something my friend Daniel Brenton discusses with me and that is getting rid of the energy vampires too – those people whose dramas suck the life out of you or have nothing positive to say about anything.

    Nice post Remy!


    • Remy, photographer/consultant

      Thanks Cath I call those drama people the charlie brown teacher people. “whahwhah whahwha”
      Thanks for your help. Rem

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  • Dana

    Rem – thank you for this post. One of your best ever. “Suck it up and be vulnerable” is my new mantra for today! Thank you for showing me that dreaming can be reality.

    • Remy, photographer/consultant

      Hey thanks Dane. I really was thinking “suck it up buttercup” but wasn’t sure how that would land…hehe. What are your dreams?? Lets get to! xo rem