3 Strategies For Dating In Your 50’s

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Finding the right relationship is something you can’t afford to leave to luck if your dream is to fall in love this year. You need to market yourself as a product. You need to have a dating marketing plan.  You need a strategy.

The 1st Strategy in this plan is to expand your social world.

Where in our existing life can we increase our chances of meeting men?

For example, I am a member of Club One and 24 Hour Fitness. I could step out of my comfort zone and ask that cute man next to me exactly what muscles he is working on a particular exercise. Or perhaps doing a spin class and chatting before and/or after class will give the opportunity to meet some eligible men.

You can also get to know your hometown businesses.

For example, I enjoy visiting many different places in my historical hometown of Petaluma, CA. Creating a list of local places to go and engage in conversation with the owners and patrons gives me the opportunity to meet locals, and who knows, maybe Mr. Wonderful lives right here in my town.

The 2nd Strategy in this plan is to put ourselves into situations we enjoy.

When we are participating in something we love doing, we open ourselves up to the opportunity to share an activity with men who share our interests. Plus there’s the added benefit of a life filled with activities we enjoy. It’s important to list as many ideas for activities as possible, not necessarily singles-oriented activities, but things that we might find enjoyable, in and of themselves.

We don’t have to do all of these things – we just need a lot to choose from.

For me hiking (hikersdating.com), biking (Santa Rosa Cycling Club), kayaking (Bay Area Foodie Kayakers), are some of my favorite things to do. Super lite backpacking is something I would absolutely love to learn.

Scotland sound good to you? How about Costa Rica, Alaska or Australia? Single travel events or clubs? Obviously the men on these trips love to travel, so having this in common is a good start for a healthy relationship. There’s Singlestravelcompany.com and Allsinglestravel.com.

The 3rd Strategy – Networking Friendships

Not everyone we meet in our lives will be single. The odds are, there will be some couples, and some attached men and women. I think it is important to strike up a rapport with new people and make new friends. By widening your social circle, and letting people know what kind of person you are looking for, we open ourselves up to being introduced to someone.

Do any of you out there happen to know anyone who’s in their fifty’s or sixty’s and that is available for a cute blond who writes for 8 Women Dream?

See how easy that was?

If you are out there doing this too, let me know what is and isn’t working and we can help you too!

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  • Alex Locklin

    I think dating at any age is scary. Good luck out there!

  • My sister found the most awesome man in the want ads…I know it sounds weird but it is also an excellent way to cut to the chase. You can ask for what you want in a man and state what you don’t. You line up coffee dates, no long nights on first dates. That way if there is no chemistry, you move on without struggling through a hard evening of small talk. My girlfriends and I used to go to the coffee shop where Sis was meeting a guy and spy on them. It was super fun and now she’s been with Rich for 10 years. It is an excellent option along with all the things you are doing. Putting energy into it is the main thing. Good luck and I’ll keep my eye out for ya.
    Happy Hunting, Laurie

  • Remy G

    Hey there…I like the hardware store, and a few weeks ago when I went to the zoo it was crazy full of dads and granddads with their little ones – I would also go to a place that you love to go – the ocean the art galleries, the wherever….cause if you have a passion for those things, meeting someone with like passions would be great! I admire your strength!

  • Veronica

    Cath it was great seeing you tonight.
    I am off for Home Depot in the morning. Where better to find Mr. Perfect then Sunday morning at Home Depot.

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  • Catherine, Site Admin

    I love the hardware store and I always meet men in there every time I go, and since I am raising Bam Bam, it seems every time I turn around he’s broken something.

    “Mom? This doorknob just come off in my hand . . .”

    Just stand staring at an area looking lost and at least three men will stop and offer help. Hell, they even help me in the garden department.

    But I am incredibly comfortable in a hardware store. It takes me back to times spent helping my dad. he could fix anything and I was always his little helper, so probably I look happy and content when I’m wandering around the isles. So you are right about being out doing something you love.

    I’m so weird I even check out all the power tools and lawn mowers in hardware stores. Men look at those things like they’re porn. They will spend quite a long time advising you on power tools. . . just start by holding one and every guy in the isle will turn and look at you . . .

    Which reminds me … I was going to paint the ceilings this summer . . .

    All my men friends are married. But I recommend Toastmasters – there are men there too.

    Good luck brave woman